Golgi- Packages and transports proteins outside the cell

Monocots vs. Dicots answer key
From learning how plants are classified, we now know that flowering plants are the most successful of all
of the plant groups. But, do you think that all flowering plants are the same? Are grasses and trees in the same
group? In fact there are two main divisions of flowering plants know as Angiosperms; flowering plants are either
classified as monocots or dicots.
In this exercise you will be given a topic, Monocots or Dicots. Your responsibility is to become an expert
on the topic. At the end of the activity, you will team up with someone who has a different topic than yours and
share information to complete the notes and use the cards to complete the Venn diagram.
Students take notes from text above
Students take notes from text above
about Monocots
about Dicots
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Monocot vs. Dicot Jigsaw answer key
For each statement listed below, decide if it best describes Monocots (M), Dicots (D),
or both (B).
1. __D_____ Flowers are arranged in groups of four or five.
2. __M____ Tend to have fibrous root system.
3. __D_____ Leaves are characterized as having branching veins.
4. __B______ Have flowers.
5. __M_____ Seeds have one cotyledon.
6. __D_____ Vascular tissue is arranged in a circular pattern within the stem.
7. __M_____ Vascular tissue is sporadically arranged within the stem.
8. __M______ Leaves are characterized as having parallel veins.
9. __D______ Seeds have two cotyledons.
10.__M_____ Flowers are arranged in groups of three.
11.__D______ Have one main root called a taproot.
12.__B______ Classified as angiosperms.