List of Internet Material for Spoken English: Communication Strategies by Susanne Jørgensen
English Dialects across the World (electronic copy with live links of pp. 35-36)
Full-text(?), glossary, interpretation questions, task based activities, and links to:
Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address, 1863
Barack Obama, Yes We Can, Chicago, Nov. 2009
Martin Luther King, I have a Dream, 1963
Peter Wästberg, Nobel Price Award Speech for Harold Pinter, 2005
Steve Jobs, You’ve Got Find What You Love Stanford U. Commencement Address, 2005
Group work strategies:
politeness strategies
group roles
Rachel Newman, My Turn: The Day the World Changed, I Did, Too Newsweek, Oct. 21,
2001 http://www.newsweek.com/id/75515 May 15, 2008
Group work strategies: glossary
Linking words and phrases that help structure what is said (electronic copy of p. 108)
Problem-solution organization (electronic copy of chart on p. 116)
Speech analysis worksheet (electronic copy of chart on pp. 142-143)
Speech delivery, advice on:
body language
dealing with nervousness
correcting oneself
leading into discussion topics
dealing with questions
Speech delivery, advice on: glossary
Suggestions for further reading
Voice exercises:
shoulder, neck, and jaw
lip stretches
tongue stretches
tongue twisters
Voice exercises: glossary