Ken U. Hireme 1234 Wall Street, Orlando FL, 32639 KenUhireme

Ken U. Hireme
1234 Wall Street, Orlando FL, 32639 ● [email protected] ● 407.123.4567
To obtain an internship or co-op position in a finance related field in order to apply strong
analytical, communication and computer skills
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major: Finance
Current GPA: 3.80
Honors/Awards: Dean’s List, Bright Futures
Graduation: Dec 2014
Financial Skills
Black-Scholes and binomial modeling
Financial analysis including research with Dr.Choi, UCF Department of Finance. Research
consists of evaluating undervalued stocks using a 3 stage dividend discount model
Portfolio evaluation using risk management and diversification techniques
Thorough understanding of capital budgeting, and project management
Relevant Coursework
Intermediate Corp. Finance
Investment Analysis
Management of Organizations
Financial Markets
Financial Models
Management of Information Systems
Other Skills
Computer skills:
PowerPoint, word, Excel, SAP, social media, web search, Minitab
Use of CAPM and Fama French Model for estimating returns
Multiple Regression and graphical representation of relationships
Able to fluently speak, read and write English and Spanish
Work History
JC Penney Orlando, FL
Jan 2013-Present
Sales, Telemarketing
 Communicated with customers to ensure renewal of contracts
 Achieved accolade of six- time best sales attainment on the team, over 100% sale
performance for 14 months, with a $2800 daily goal
HHGregg Orlando, FL
Nov 2011-Jan2013
Product Specialist
 Answered questions, handled customer needs, and provided personalized solutions
PF Changs, Orlando, FL
 Insured restaurant and tables were clean for incoming customers
Aug 2010-Oct 2011