Helpful Hints From Previous SMC Nursing Students…

Helpful Hints From Previous SMC Nursing Students…
1. Don’t get overwhelmed – you aren’t expected to know everything the first day.
Be serious but have fun!
2. Go ahead and buy two uniforms – it saves time and money on laundry! Also the
lab coats are really handy from N15 onward, since you have to pick your patients
the day before it keeps you from having to wear your uniforms four times a week!
3. Uniforms caveat: follow the dress code to the letter. The faculty is serious
about violations. Even if the instructor isn’t present when you pick your patient,
the staff at the facilities is aware of your attire and will report back to the school.
a. Ladies – watch your nail length, there is nothing nastier than a glove
breaking while you are cleaning up patients! Ditto with hair – if it is long, keep it
out of the way. You don’t want to know what kinds of things we have seen
ponytails brush against. b. Gents – we recommend plastic bands on your
watches so they can be washed or wiped down with alcohol pads at the end of
the day.
4. If you are into saving money, try shopping for textbooks on the Internet. Some
really good websites for books:
a.,,,, b.,
5. More websites that we find useful:
a., – equipment, shoes, etc. b.,
(pharmacopoeias) c. – information on National Student Nurses
6. Read the assigned chapters before lecture – it helps immensely to understand
what the instructor is talking about and you can focus your notes which saves
you time!
7. Stay on top of assignments and care plans – unlike other courses, nursing
classes aren’t conducive to last minute procrastination.
8. Also stay on top of graduation requirements – see nursing counselors every
semester to stay on track!
9. Stick together – make study buddies – nurture and support your classmates, not
only will you be together for the next two years, you may work together after
graduation. Nursing school is a good time to learn and practice getting along
with every type of person out there – you’ll need those skills after graduation to
be sure.
10. Take advantage of the Professional Role Development points – you can earn
points for having fun participating in health fair booths, flu shot clinics, the
American Heart Walk, and more. Refer to your handbook or ask your instructor –
remember, turn in your proposals early so you receive credit for your work!
11. Get active in the Student Nurses Association – it is the way to make your voice
heard. In the past, students have lobbied to have the uniform changes from old
fashioned whites to blue scrubs, lab coasts over nice street wear to pick patients,
and other school policy changes that directly affected students at SMC.
12. Volunteer to be a class representative, make phone trees in the first week, take
pictures and post them on your bulletin board by the office.
13. Practice your skills in the lab – it is there for you. If it isn’t open when you need it,
ask your instructors or Ms. Danzey to arrange for extra hours.
14. Ask the upperclassmen to volunteer as mentors – they can help you will skills,
study plans and general class advice. It is ok to ask for help, just don’t wait until
the last minute!
15. Make of your education and experience what you will – you get out of it what you
put into it. Nurses are desperately needed and you will be great ones if you stick
with what you learn at SMC!
Revised 06/04