Anthropology 300 Summer 2007 Exam I Review

Exam number one will be given on Thursday June 28 th

. You will need a pen or pencil and a REGULAR calculator (no graphing calculators and no cell phones). You can expect to see the following types of questions and the following topics on this exam:

Question types

Multiple choice (approximately 40 questions)

Short answer (10 to 15 questions)


Influences on Darwin

 Darwin’s four postulates for evolution by natural selection

3 types of selection (directional, stabilizing, and disruptive)

Structure of DNA

DNA replication

Protein synthesis

Sickle-cell anemia

3 types of mutations (point, addition, and deletion)

Chromosomes – autosomal and sex

Cells – somatic and sex



Genes and alleles

Dominance, recessiveness, and codominance

Genotypes and phenotypes

Patterns of inheritance and Punnet squares

Sex linked traits


Hardy-Weinberg equation

Blood types – ABO and Rh

Mitochondrial DNA

Molecular clock

Race concept and inter- vs. intra- population variation

Taxonomic levels

Taxonomic characteristics (derived, primitive, homoplasy)

Taxonomy of modern humans

Primate characteristics

Dental formula

Prosimii characteristics

4 types of prosimians


Anthropoidea characteristics

Platyrrhini characteristics

Catarrhini characteristics

Cercopithecoidea characteristics

Anthropology 300 Summer 2007 Exam I Review

Hominoidea characteristics

Family Hylobatidae

Family Pongidae

Family Hominidae

African vs. Asian apes

Primate video