Progress Report No. 2
/ 10
Course Code:________________
Section No.:_________________
Group No.________
Topic (Revised, if any):________________________________________________________
Content (Revised, if any)
1. Introduction
(It consists of about 1-2 pages discussing the motivation, purpose and structure of your
paper. )
2. …..
3. …..
(There are about 3-4 sections in the body of your paper. You can also divide each section
into several subsections.)
6. Conclusion
(The final section is “Conclusion” concluding your arguments and/or summarizing the
important points of your paper. It shouldn’t be too long (about 1-2 pages).)
References:(Revised, if any) (Refer to the Harvard Style of Referencing or APA Style)
Please check clearly whether the first word of the reference is the “surname of the author” or
“name of the organization” if there is no particular author. In addition, the list of references
should be the same style and arranged alphabetically.
It is about time to submit the Progress Report 2 (PR2). There are two parts of the
PR2. Pay attention to the following points:
 The first part of the PR2 is an updated version of PR1 with the revision of
topic, content and references, if any. I need to grade the progress and keep
 The second part of the PR2 is the draft, which should be prepared separately.
I would like to have a look at your draft of the paper (about half of
the content of the paper or about 2,000 words). To prepare the draft,
handwriting and/or printing with recycle paper are allowed.
 You are required to collect the data and prepare charts, figures and/or tables
and I will collect them together with the PR2. I want to remind you that,
for your term paper, higher marks will be scored for providing evidence by
showing updated statistical data, charts, figures, tables and so on. You are
required to write down the Source of the materials as detail as possible
below the data, charts, figures, tables and so on. Attached is file for your
 If you simply copy the data, charts, figures and tables from other sources
and paste them into your term paper, you need to use the phrase “Adapted
from” and write down the details of the sources. However, you are
encouraged to update the data yourselves.
For example:
Figure 1 Interest Rates on Selected Bonds, 1950–2011
Sources: Federal Reserve Bulletin;
Adapted from “The Economics of Money, Banking and Finance” by Frederic S. Mishkin,
2013, p.45, Figure 1.