Mid-Term Study Guide

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Mid-Term Study Guide
6th grade Social Studies
1. What is a market economy?
2. What is a command economy?
3. What is a traditional economy?
4. What is a mixed economy?
5. What is an entrepreneur?
6. Give an example of an entrepreneur. Explain how you know they are an entrepreneur and not a regular worker.
7. You own the Happy Tuna Company, a company of fishing ships in southern Florida. Florida is a state in the United States, and uses
the dollar as its currency. You make your living selling fish to your customers. Today you have received two orders:
Order # 1
Order # 2
To: Happy Tuna Co.
Miami, FL
To: Happy Tuna Co.
Miami, FL
From: Le Poisson Fish Market
Paris, France
From: Red Lobster
Atlanta, GA USA
100 tons of sea bass
100 tons of sea bass
Note: France is an EU member nation
that uses the euro.
Note: Georgia is a state in the United
States that uses the dollar.
Based on what you see in the two orders above, which of the orders is easier for you to fill and why?
8. How are embargos, quotas, and tariffs similar?
9. How are embargos, quotas, and tariffs different?
10. What do the most of the economies in Europe have in common?
11. What are the 4 major goals of the European Union?
1) _________________________________________________________________________________________________
2) _________________________________________________________________________________________________
3) _________________________________________________________________________________________________
4) _________________________________________________________________________________________________
12. If a country does not invest in human capital, what kind of problems could this cause for that country?
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13. Name 3 examples of a company investing in capital resources?
14. If a country does not invest in capital improvements, then what will happen to that countries factories and businesses?
Use the continuum to answer questions 15 & 16.
17. If everyone in a certain country had a college degree, how might that affect that country’s GDP?
18. If very few people in a country can read and write, what kind of GDP would that country probably have?
19. List four reasons why a country might have a good economy? What would help countries to have good economies?
20. What gives island countries an advantage when they are trying to trade?
21. Why is it sometimes difficult for countries with cold climates to trade?
22. Autocracy
23. Oligarchy
24. Democracy
25. Unitary
26. Confederation
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27. Federal
28. Parliamentary Democracy
29. What are the environmental issues of Europe? (name all 3)
30. What are the major religions in Europe? AND name 3 facts about each.
1) _______________-
2) _______________-
3) _______________-
31. What are the major languages of Europe?
32. What makes Russian different from the other languages of Europe?
33. What is literacy rate?
34. What is a culture?
35. What is standard of living?
36. What are natural resources?
37. What did the Treaty of Versailles do? (name 3 things)
38. What caused the Cold War and who was involved?
39. Explain German Reunification.
40. Why was Prince Henry an important person in Europe’s history?
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41. How do you know which countries were once colonies of England (the United Kingdom)?
42. Why did England colonize Australia? (give three reasons)
43. How did European empire building lead to World War 1?
44. What were the main reasons why the Russian Revolution happened?
45. Name (3) reasons why Europeans colonized and explored other parts of the world?
Reason 1:
Reason 2:
Reason 3:
46. Name (2) impacts of this colonization and exploration (good or bad)?
Impact 1:
Impact 2:
47. KNOW ALL of the locations of the countries and physical features in Europe.
(physical and political maps)