This is a very important document about what

This is a very important document about what Dictatorial plans the United Nations has for the
That One World Government will then be able to control the usage of all resourced of our nation.
All oil, mining, cutting of wood, any resource would belong to the One World Government.
That government will now own your property and decide what is the best use age of your
How can I live in a 5 bedroom home by my self, when others have no home at all?
How can I afford to have a swimming pool when others have no home at all?
The movement of all peoples all over the world to reduce poverty, so all of us live in sub prime
conditions, which of course in that old saying, WE are all equal, but some of us are more equal,
comes to mind. Do you for a minute think the very rich are going to bring the poor from Ethiopia
in to their homes, of course not, only the unwashed will be redistributed, and controlled.
We will have a Gestapo that would put Germany to shame, our children would be proud as
citizens to tell on what ever you say or do at home, they will be citizens of the New World Order,
and pawns of that new government plan.
Oh yes we will be equal, "all" poor.
We will work where the government sends up to work, shop for what the government believes
we need.
Seems to me that was Russia until recently, community farms, communism deluxe.
Right now the United States government is planning to GIVE Mexico 100 to 200 Billion dollars
to help them increase the living standards of Mexicans.
What Mexicans do you think will get the increased living standards? Not Jose, or Maria.
We have been forced to submit our taxes to support various foreign governments to help the poor
people in many nations.
We just forgave a debt of 89 billion American dollars, that African Nations can't pay us back, so
just forget the debt. Boy if I owe our government 5 cents, they'd sure collect from me.
We could see ourselves living on an average of $3000/yr, so all the world would be equal. Sorry
that is not in my plans and the United Nations can go f--- it's self.
I'm for protecting the sovereignty of our nation; protecting every square inch of our soil for
America, stop all foreign control of our resources, and NO NEW WORLD ORDER.