Grant Form Faculty

FACULTY: Starting a Grant Proposal? Please fill out the top part of this form and Norma
will help you get started.
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Phone numbers _______________
Application due date __________
Anticipated start date and length of project ___________
Grant name and website (if available) _______________________________________
Passwords and username for Fastlane or other grant online submission systems
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Circle the appropriate choice below:
Paid Directly To Faculty Member
Paid Through UC Irvine
Please consult the list on the reverse side of this form if you are unsure which to choose.
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International travel
Domestic travel
Salary support (if so, please complete Proposal Budget Questionnaire)
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Office Use Only
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Paid directly to individual
Intramural grants:
Center for Asian Studies, UC Irvine; Newkirk Center, UC Irvine; CGPACS, UC Irvine
any School of Social Sciences grant or award competition
Extramural grants
Wenner Gren; Social Science Research Council (SSRC); Horowitz Foundation; DAAD;
Association for Women in Science (AWIS); Korea Foundation
Paid through University
UC grants
Pacific Rim
UC-Mexus Program
California Program on Access to Care (CPAC)
US Institutes of Peace (USIP)
Foundations and other institutions
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Haynes Foundation
Associates in Rural Development
MacArthur Foundation Research and Writing Grants
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Russell Sage Foundation
Bancroft Library Studies Awards Program, UC Berkeley
Smith-Richardson Foundation
Orange County Children and Families Commission
Ford Foundation
World Bank
Guggenheim Foundation