Appendix B - Planning Meeting Scope Template

Appendix B:
Planning Meeting Scope Template
The planning meeting scope template provides guidance for conducting an event analysis planning
meeting. The meeting participants (for example, NERC, the Regional Entities and the registered
entities involved in the Event) will confirm the event category. If EA process timelines and
expectations for that particular event category need to be changed, then there should be clear
understanding of any divergence from the EA process by all participants. This is particularly important
for large events that involve multiple entities, multiple regions, or both.
The Planning Meeting Scope Template can be applied to all Events.
Summary of Event or
Planning Meeting Scope Template
Describe what happened
Retrieve information from
preliminary/initial reports, OE 417,
EOP 004, RCIS, email, telephone
calls, etc.
List names and titles of participants
Event Analysis Project 1. Does the incident or event fit
Steps to Address
NERC’s Event Categories?
2. Discuss Data Hold Retention
Notice requirements and
confidentiality needs.
3. What type of analytical work
needs to be done?
4. If needed, confirm EA team
members (gather accurate
contact information)?
5. What is the schedule for
completing work (e.g. studies,
draft reports, final reports, etc.)?
6. Other?