Database I, 4th Trigger

Database I, 4th Trigger
To be presented in October 2, 2003
Facilitator: Arrianto Mukti Wibowo, S.Kom., M.Sc.
Do a small case study and research on a library:
Give a detailed description how the miniworld works:
 How are the books catalogued?
 What kind of informations in a book should be recorded to the database, so library members
can search?
 Who are the members? How do they become members?
 How do they request books to be borrowed to home or just to be browsed in the library? What
is the process of borrowing books?
 How do they return the books?
 What happens if they are late? Is there any fee? (optional)
 What information is transferred during bar-code scanning? During borrowing? During
returning? (optional)
 What happens if the book is lost? (optional)
These detailed description will serve as your assumptions. Write also the background of the
research subject (the library): name of the library, location, functions, members, type of library,
interviewee, etc.
A detailed description of the mini world and the underlying assumptions (in Power Point).
You must write the story logically.
E-R diagram (in PowerPoint and in print)
Make at least 4 copies of point 1 & 2 in hard copy, for your friends.