Promotional Strategy Review Sheet

Promotional Strategy Review Sheet
Exam 1
Understand terminology, theories, and how to apply them including:
What is it? Why is it of value? How does it differ from the traditional
Approach to advertising?
Promotional mix elements (advertising, public relations/publicity, sales promotion,
Direct marketing)
Marketing objectives and sales objectives vs communications objectives
Market segmentation
What is it? Why is it important to consider how a market is segmented?
Segmentation strategies and how they are applied (demographics,
Psychographics, benefit segmentation, product usage, behavioral
Positioning strategy
What is positioning?
What are the criteria for effective positioning?
Positioning strategies and how they are applied
Steps in positioning a product
Perceptual mapping
Consumer Decision-Making process
Multi-attribute attitude model (MAAM)
Evaluative criteria, evoked set, attitudes (what is an attitude and how do you
Change an attitude?)
Behavioral learning theories
Classical conditioning, operant conditioning, shaping
Consumer problem solving
Schram’s Model of Communication
Response models – AIDA, hierarchy of effects, standard learning hierarchy,
Dissonance/attribution model, low involvement hierarchy
FCB Planning model
ELM model, central vs peripheral routes to persuasion
Message structure factors (primacy, recency, etc.), message appeal factors (humor,
Fear, etc.)
Marginal Analysis
Sales response models (concave downward, s-shaped response function)
Methods of allocating advertising funds (% of sales, objective and task, etc.)