- Sir Winston Churchill Public School

49 Mulvagh Avenue
Nepean, Ontario, K2E 6M7
Absence Line: 613-224-2336 (Leave
a message between 4:30 p.m. and
8:30 a.m.)
Fax: 613-224-2544
School Board Website:
SWC Website:
School Hours: 9:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year at Sir Winston Churchill Public School.
Sir Winston Churchill is a K-8 school located in the heart of Nepean.
We are a dual track school offering Early French Immersion and English programs.
The staff at Sir Winston Churchill is committed to excellence in a safe and caring learning environment.
We look forward to learning with you this year!
Principal: Aisling O’Donnell
Vice-Principal: Jennifer Borrel-Benoit
Our school motto is:
This handbook belongs to/Cet agenda appartient à:
Class/ Classe: ___________
Teacher/ Professeur: _______________________
Sir Winston Churchill Public School, Nepean's first senior elementary school, was opened in 1966, the
year following the death of Sir Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill (1874 -1965) was Prime Minister
of Great Britain and a world leader during the Second World War. He has been described as a warm,
strong, loyal, caring, and determined friend who was thirsty for knowledge. These are values that Sir
Winston Churchill School purposefully promotes.
For September 2013, Sir Winston Churchill P.S. will be home to over 500 students and 55 staff.
CODE OF BEHAVIOUR – Character Counts!
The philosophy of conduct at Sir Winston Churchill Public School (SWC) is simply to follow the Golden
Rule: "Treat others as you would like to be treated.”
All students are expected to:
Demonstrate respect for themselves and others
Respect all school staff, bus drivers and other adults with whom they interact
Respect other people’s feelings, differences and belongings
Respect the rights of others to learn
Treat one another with respect and kindness
Be on time
Come to class prepared to work and with all the required materials
Complete and return homework assignments on time
Keep notebooks up to date
Take responsibility
Sir Winston Churchill is a safe and welcoming school with a commitment to all students’ learning. For
our school to be great, each student must respect self, others and the property of others. It is expected
that every student will accept this responsibility so that our school will be a positive place to learn.
At all times, students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner. With this
in mind:
Bullying and harassment, whether verbal or physical, are strictly forbidden. The Ottawa-Carleton
District School Board definition of bullying is as follows: “Bullying is interpreted to mean a form of
repeated, persistent, and aggressive behaviour directed at an individual or individuals that is intended
to cause (or should be known to cause) fear and distress and/or harm to another person’s body,
feelings, self-esteem, or reputation. Bullying occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived
power imbalance.” POLICY P.032.SCO).
Dress code is adhered to at all times, including during field trips
Students enter and exit SWC through designated doors, quietly, keeping to the right of the halls
as they walk
Bicycles, inline skates, wheelies, scooters and skateboards are not to be used on school
All valuables should remain at home. This includes, and is not limited to, cameras, radios or
MP3 players, CD players, cell phones and other personal electronic devices. They should not
be brought to school.
If a cell phone is brought to school, it must be kept in the student's locker during the entire
time the student is on school property. Under no circumstances may a cell phone be used
to take photographs or videos on school property.
Gum chewing is prohibited on school property (in the building, on the grounds and on school
Students leave school and school property promptly at dismissal
The use of profane language will not be tolerated
Smoking, drugs and alcohol are not allowed on school premises
The OCDSB Weapons Policy will be strictly followed. Any replicas of weapons and laser
pointers are prohibited at school
All are welcome to join our School Council! Our school council is an advisory group consisting of
elected and non-elected parents, teachers and appointed community members. The School Council
meets the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. The first meeting will take place on Tuesday,
September 17th. All are welcome!
9:15 - 10:05
10:05 - 10:55
Period 1
Period 2
10:55 - 11:20
11:20 - 11:40
11:40 - 12:30
12:30 - 1:20
Period 3
Period 4
1:20 - 1:45
1:45 - 2:05
2:05 - 2:55
2:55 - 3:45
Period 5
Period 6
First Day of School for Elementary Students: Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Last Day of School for Elementary Students: Friday, June 27, 2014
Holidays (students do not attend school):
Labour Day – Monday, September 2, 2013
Thanksgiving – Monday, October 14, 2013
Winter Break – December 23, 2013 - January 3, 2014
Family Day – Monday, February 17, 2014
March Break – March 10 - March 14, 2014
Good Friday – Friday, April 18, 2014
Easter Monday – Monday, April 21, 2014
Victoria Day – Monday, May 19, 2014
PA Days (students do not attend school
October 11, 2013
November 15, 2013
December 20, 2013
January 17, 2014
June 6, 2014
The OCDSB provides yellow bus service for students in JK/SK who live more than 0.8 km from the
school. Students in Gr. 1– 8 who live beyond a 1.6 km radius are also provided with yellow bus
service. All students who wish to participate in activities before and after school must arrange their own
While on OCDSB buses, students are expected to adhere to all bus safety rules. This includes
remaining quietly seated, keeping windows closed unless permission from the driver has been granted,
refraining from eating or drinking on the bus, and obeying the bus driver at all times. Infractions will be
dealt with according to 0CDSB transportation policy and procedure, and can lead to suspension of
bussing privileges as well as possible suspension from school.
At no time may a student go home on another student’s bus.
When dropping off or picking up students, parents are asked to use the lane along Meadowlands Drive
by the soccer field. This has a three-hour parking zone. This is to avoid congestion at the front of the
school, especially during peak hours. Parents are asked to avoid parking/stopping on Mulvagh and
Walgate Ave. to accommodate our community residents. As well, for safety reasons please avoid the
school parking lot. Students are not allowed in the parking lot at any time. All students must use the
cross walks when crossing Meadowlands Drive.
Regular school attendance and punctuality are essential if satisfactory academic progress is to be
Sir Winston Churchill has a telephone answering service which operates each school day from 4:30
p.m. until the office staff is on duty the next morning. Parents are requested to phone the school (613224-2336) or visit the website to email us with your child’s absence or if they will be late for school.
Please leave the student's name, homeroom teacher, the date, time and reason for the absence.
If a student is going to be away and it is known in advance, parents must notify the school either by a
telephone call to the office or a note signed by the parent or guardian. Notes are required for absences
of 5 days or more.
Whenever a student is required to leave school during the day, they must be accompanied by a
parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must sign the students in and out of the office.
If a student arrives late to class, an admission slip must be obtained from the office before going to
class. In an attempt to cut down on lost instructional time and class disruptions, SWC has implemented
the following late policy for unexcused lates: For students who display problematic and persistent late
or absent trends, we will initially make contact to parent/guardian via phone, letters or report cards to
highlight the problem. If an issue persists and after discussion, a referral to our social worker may be
required in order to help students with strategies to improve attendance.
Each intermediate student will be allocated a locker. Lockers are expected to be kept neat, organized
and must be secured by a combination lock. Combinations to locks must be given to the homeroom
teacher before they are placed on the locker and must be kept confidential. It is to be understood that
all lockers are the property of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and as such are open to
inspection by school personnel at any time. It is recommended that students supply shelves for the
bottom of the lockers. Plans for the shelves may be obtained from the homeroom teacher. The school
is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Valuables should be left at home.
At Sir Winston Churchill, there are a number of students with life-threatening peanut allergies. We
ask that students not bring peanut products to school.
We strongly suggest that students remain at school for lunch. If a GRADE 8 student normally stays for
lunch and wishes to leave the school property on a given day, written parental permission will be
required. Students are expected to return to school on time. Students who leave the property during
the lunch hour are not supervised by the SWC staff until they return to school property. Please be
aware that due to the balanced day schedule, break times are a maximum of 45 minutes. Upon
dismissal by the teacher on duty, all students go outside immediately or report directly to a staffsupervised activity.
Students will bring home permission forms related to special school activities. These forms are
designed to obtain parental permission for their child's participation in extra-curricular activities or class
excursions, both of which are considered an integral part of the school program.
These forms must be signed and returned to the teacher in charge prior to the activity taking place.
Any student who does not return the signed form will remain in the school. Your co-operation in
returning these forms to the school as promptly as possible would be greatly appreciated. Phone calls
and or notes written by parents will not be accepted in place of the permission form.
During the course of the school year, it may be necessary to dismiss students earlier than the usual
dismissal time. In order to ensure that no child is left unattended, we request that all parents make
arrangements for their children should such dismissals be necessary. These occasions usually happen
only when severe snow storms occur or when a situation arises within the building which could
endanger the safety or health of the students.
During the winter months, if it becomes necessary to cancel bus transportation or close schools due to
severe storms, an announcement regarding cancellations or closings will be made on local radio
stations. If buses are cancelled and parents choose to drive students to school, they must also pick
them up at the 3:45 dismissal.
We will use your child’s emergency contact information to notify you in the event of an emergency
dismissal. Intermediate students have the option, with parental permission, to walk/bus home. Please
complete EMERGENCY CLOSING PROCEDURES form in this package/agenda.
We expect our students to dress for school with appropriate clothing that demonstrates,
(a) respect for learning; (b) decency; (c) cleanliness; (d) respect for the rights and dignity of others;
(e) safety of persons and property; and (f) promotion of a drug and alcohol-free environment
Inappropriate attire includes beach attire and sleep wear such as flannel pants, but also includes:
Bare midriffs/back/cleavage
Muscle tops
Tank tops (less than 5 cm wide)/spaghetti-strapped tops/racer back tops
Transparent clothing
Visible undergarments
Skirts, dresses, shorts and tops must be finger-tipped length
The OCDSB P.032.SCO, 104.SCO and PR.628.SCO outline the Dress Code for OCDSB schools.
Students who do not meet the described standard will be asked to change into appropriate clothing. If a
student is a repeat offender of dress code violations, a phone call home and/or student-teacher-parent
conference may be held and/or the child will be sent home for a change of clothing.
Revised May 2013- approved by SWC School Council
Homework is the reinforcement of skills taught in school and for this reason, integral to the educational
growth of the student. Teachers will be responsible for assigning the homework, the length to be
determined by the age/grade of the child. Parents may support their child’s education by providing a
suitable work place and encouraging students to discuss areas of difficulty with their teachers.
Homework is an important tool to help your child(ren) develop personal responsibility.
We believe that students perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education.
Parents therefore have an important role to play in supporting their child's learning. Participating in
parent-teacher conferences, working on the school council and providing encouragement at home for
completing assignments are just three of the many ways parents can express their interest. A great
deal of communication will take place through the student’s agenda. Parents should ensure that they
check their child’s agenda/web-site/classroom blog/communication book on a daily basis.
Report cards will be sent home at the end of each school term. Parent and teacher interview days will
be scheduled throughout the year. Parents and teachers may request an interview whenever required.
Newsletters/emails/blogs/web-site will inform parents and students about programs, special events, and
related activities in the school and the community. The staff of Sir Winston Churchill hopes that the
student agenda will become a very important tool in assisting parents, staff and students to
communicate effectively on a daily basis.
Good organization is the key to success. Through the use of your agenda, you can become a very
efficient time planner. Get your school year off to a good start! Read over the introductory pages of the
booklet and become familiar with the contents of the agenda. Paste in your school timetable and
transfer the important events on your school calendar to the appropriate date in your day calendar. For
handy reference, write down some of your friends' phone numbers in the phone directory. Carry your
agenda with you to each class, take it home for reference, and bring it back to school each day. It will
become your daily organizer. Find a friend or study buddy who will write down any assignments that
were missed because of your absence from school. Make sure you have his/her phone number.
At SWC, we are proud to offer a quality Physical and Health education programme for all students. We
understand the importance of regular activity as exercise relaxes the mind, releases body tension and
recharges energy. It is expected that all students come prepared for daily physical education. Further,
it is important that each student has a proper gym outfit (i.e. a change of top and bottom, roll-on
deodorant for grade 7/8) as well as clean running shoes, suitable for indoor or outdoor activities.
Valuables should not be brought to the gym. SWC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Students are encouraged to participate in the variety of extracurricular sports offered throughout the
school year. It is healthy, fun and invites new friendships. The more involved the student body, the
better our school. Noon intramurals, competitive teams, clubs and open gym activities offer something
for everyone. Get involved!
Add the following URL address of the webpage to your favourites:
Follow us on Twitter @ocdsbswcps
_____ I give permission for my child to use Google Apps for Education. By doing so, I agree to enforce
acceptable use when my child is off District Property.
Parent Signature
The Ottawa Carleton District School Board will provide elementary students with Google Apps for Education
accounts. Google Apps for Education includes free, web-based programs like email, document creation tools,
shared calendars, and collaboration tools. In order to offer a safe online learning environment for our elementary
students, certain restrictions have been implemented depending on the students’ grade.
Primary students(Kindergarten to grade 3) will not have access to an email account.
Junior students(grades 4 to 6) will be able to email only within the OCDSB Google Apps domain (only to other
students within our school board).
Senior students(grades 7-8) will be permitted to email outside of the OCDSB Apps domain.
Google Apps for Education runs on an Internet domain purchased and owned by the school district and is
intended for educational use. Your child’s teachers will have the opportunity to use Google Apps for lessons,
assignments, and communication.
Google Apps for Education is also available at home, the library, or anywhere with Internet access. The Ottawa
Carleton District School Board will monitor student use of Apps when students are at school. Parents are
responsible for monitoring their child’s use of Apps when accessing programs from home. Students are
responsible for their own behavior at all times in accordance with the OCDSB Appropriate Use of Technology
Policy Document. Student safety is our highest priority.
We would like to tell the community about the many positive things taking place in our
school. However, we want to strike the right balance between getting our message out
and respecting the wishes of parents/guardians who do not want their children
photographed or videotaped or their child's name, work or photo displayed on the
District’s or school’s web site.
Photos, videos, interviews or student work and names will only be displayed with the
principal’s or vice-principal’s permission and will not be used for commercial gain.
videotaped, or interviewed and their
name and image used in school or district publications and media coverage of
school related events.
I consent to my child's
on the school web site.
NOT consent to my child being photographed, videotaped, or interviewed.
NOT consent to my child's work, name or photo/image/video image being used
on the school web site.
Student name _________________________________ Grade _____________
Signature of
The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Education Act and
will only be used for the purpose of allowing work, names or photo/image/video image to be
placed on the school web site. Please contact your principal if you wish to discuss this form.
Please complete one form per student and return it to the classroom teacher
Child's Name:
If school closes early because of severe weather or other emergency:
I understand that I am responsible for pre-arranging appropriate care for my child should it be necessary to close
the school early due to emergency circumstances. In this regard, my child is to:
They are to wait at the school or emergency evacuation site and will be picked up by me.
To proceed as normal by walking or by taking his/her regular bus and getting off at their regular stop.
They are to proceed (by walking only) to the home of:
They are to wait at the school or emergency evacuation site and will be picked up by:
I understand that it is essential that the school office be notified immediately if the above arrangement changes.
Home Phone #
Parent's/Guardian's Signature
Work Phone #
I have read and understand the rules, rights and responsibilities outlined in this agenda
Student Name:____________________________ Home Room Class: ______
I/We have reviewed these pages with our son/daughter/child in our care and will encourage him/her to
follow these procedures described herein.
Signature of Parent/Guardian:______________________
Please sign and return to your homeroom teacher.
Appropriate use of computers at SWC is expected and is outlined in the Ottawa-Carleton District School
Board Acceptable Use Policy. Refer to the Board’s website: http://www.ocdsb.ca. All students and
parents will be required to sign and submit the agreement in September. Consequences will be strictly
enforced for any breach of contract.
(References: OCDSB Policy P.100.IT Appropriate Use of Technology and
Procedure PR.622.IT Appropriate Use of Technology)
The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) recognizes the benefits that technology can bring to
support student learning, staff development, communication with stakeholders, and other administrative and
operational activities aligned with the core business functions of the OCDSB.
The OCDSB supports and encourages responsible use of technology through the following nine principles of
Digital Citizenship: Digital Access, Digital Commerce, Digital Communication, Digital Literacy, Digital Etiquette,
Digital Law, Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Digital Health and Wellness, and Digital Security. Users who are
given access to the District’s technology, its electronic devices, or who use their own technology or personal
electronic devices in the District’s learning or work environment, whether connected to the District or non-District
networks, are required to know and abide by the Policy P.100.IT Appropriate Use of Technology in order to ensure
that all technology is being used in a safe, legal, and responsible manner.
Technology refers to electronic content, data, communication, and equipment.
I Agree That:
I will keep my personal information or the personal information of others to
myself and not share it through technology. Personal information includes:
name, telephone number, address, passwords, images, videos, credit card
numbers, or bank account numbers.
I will access only my personal files and acknowledge that accessing the files of
others or the OCDSB network is not appropriate.
I will use technology at school for learning and will be responsible for my
behaviour while using technology. I will not harass, insult, or attack others.
Appropriate language must be used over the network at all times.
I understand the security, care and maintenance of my personal device is my
responsibility. I will securely store my device when not in use.
I will not use technology for transmitting or viewing any material in violation of
legislation, regulations, OCDSB policy or procedure including copyrighted,
threatening, or obscene material. Sending or receiving offensive messages or
pictures from any source will result in immediate suspension of privileges.
I will not download or use programs that are not approved for instructional use
such as videos, games or music.
I Agree That:
I will not interfere or vandalize the equipment, which is defined as any attempt
to harm or destroy equipment, data, and / or the operating system or
I understand that my use of technology can be monitored and logged by the
I agree to follow the principles of Digital Citizenship, Community of Character,
School Code of Conduct, OCDSB Policy P.100.IT and Procedure PR.622.IT.
I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe and if I choose not
to follow them school sanctions will be applied.
I acknowledge and agree to follow these rules. I understand that I may not be able to access technology at
school if I do not act responsibly.
Student’s Name
Student’s Signature
Parent/Guardian Permission [if student is under 18 years of age]
I agree to allow my child to use the technology resources of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and/or
to use their personal owned devices in accordance with legislation, OCDSB policies and procedures. I have
discussed appropriate use with her/him.
Parent/Guardian Signature
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