OCR Document - North Saskatchewan River Basin Council

North Saskatchewan River Basin Council
The Annual General Meeting of the NSRBC will be held March 28, 2012
Place: Western Development Museum
Hwys 16 & 40 North Battleford, SK
Time: Registration: 1:00 PM
To: All Members and Supporters of the NSRBC
The North Saskatchewan River Watershed Council continues into its third year of implementation of the
North Saskatchewan River Source Water Protection Plan. The NSRBC continues to access funding to
implement source water protection activities that have a positive impact on the water travelling through
your community!
The NSRBC seeks your involvement to deliver these projects in your community. Next year’s projects
and supporting grants are dependent on your participation. There are many activities to be done!
Please support the NSRBC so we can continue this positive work in our own watershed. Communities
are encouraged to submit any resolutions to be addressed at the AGM.
Municipalities and First Nations within the watershed can support and participate in planning the
activities of the Council by becoming Members. A membership form is included in this package.
Member communities are eligible to send a voting delegate to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
The Meeting is open to everyone involved with issues related to the North Saskatchewan River Basin
from Lloydminster to Prince Albert.
For more information about the NSRBC, or to view the Source Water Protection Plan, please visit our
website at www.nsrbc.ca.
Please plan to attend. Your support will assist the Council in its work of protecting our source water.
John Kindrachuk, Chair for AGM, NSRBC
Date: March 28, 2012
Location: Western Development Museum, Harvest Hall
Registration Time: 1:00 PM
Call To Order : John Kindrachuk, Chair for AGM
By John Kindrachuk 1:30 PM
Approval of the Agenda Moved/seconded
Ron Crush moved the agenda, seconder Darcy Lightle, carried
3. Approval of Scrutineers Moved/seconded
Kendall and Annette, moved Karen, seconder Tom Brown, Carried
Guest Speaker:
Kirk Morrison
General Manager, Municipal Works, City of Lloydminster
"Recycling, Organics Diversion and Wastewater Treatment in Lloydminster"
We all generate waste and we all generate waste water.
trying to better process commercial waste26,000 tonnes or 75% of landfill materials
net producer of water due to surface water run off, dependent on weather
irrigation district takes May - December, last years none taken due to weather.
CCEM - not meeting amonia limits
tertiary treatment on back end of lagoons, SAGR Expansion - pilot study 3 years, very effective at
removing amonia, and other parameters. Rolling out full scale this year.
water samples treated water, raw sewage, aerated lagoons meeting permit requirements, water from
SAGR pilot project, and river water with ice on the surface - lack of usual sediment.
SAGR systems smaller systems using a lagoon tried on a large scale.
SAGR water may be able to be reused in industrial applications
Project Report:
Jeremy Brown
Agrologist, Stewardship Branch, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority
"What's Happening with Agriculture and Environment? - Agri-environmental Group Plans"
Stewardship approach, volunteer approach - education and empowerment.
portable shelters - animals distribute manure as portable structures are moved.
portecting soils-at-risk
AEGPs - education and awareness
Get highlights from Jeremy for EDF funding reporting. - numbers of producers, number of projects, total
amount. $4M of growing forward money into local environments.
Darcy, How can we measure the benefits of the programs? Starting to do our own science.
Chairman's Report:
John Kindrachuk
Past Chair, NSRBC; and Secretary, Saskatchewan Associations of Watersheds
"Geographical Challenges in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed"
"Update on the Provincial Outlook for Watershed Groups in Saskatchewan"
Sources of Funding - Tom Brown; competing at a watershed level vs. advocating through SAW
North Sask and South Sask - large and common issues.
Staff Report:
Heidi Hougham
Interim General Manager, NSRBC
"Annual Review of Source Water Protection in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed"
Annette Smith, North Saskatchewan River AEGP
Kendall Sonmor, Battle River AEGP
Financial Report
Approval of Reports
Coffee Break
Election of the Board of Directors
Motion to destroy ballots (If required)
New Business
Announcement of Winner - 2012 Poster Contest
Adjournment of AGM Moved/seconded
NSRBC Board Meeting