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Literature & Links
Advanced level
Basic literature
Hemer, Oscar & Thomas Tufte (red) (2005) Media and Glocal Change. Rethinking communication
for development. Buenos Aires : Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO) :
NORDICOM (the introduction + chapters 4-6 + two more chapters of your own choice, approx. 75
p), available at
Cottle, Simon (2008) Global Crisis Reporting. Journalism in the Global Age, Maidenhead, Berkshire:
Open University Press (199 p)
Goodman, Amy & David (2004) The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War
Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them, London: Arrow (329 p)
Herman, Edward S. & Noam Chomsky (2008) Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the
Mass Media, New York: Pantheon Books (412 p)
Kierulf Anine & Ronning ed (2009) Freedom of Speech Abridged? Cultural, Legal and Philosophical
Challenges, Göteborg: Nordicom (available at the Department of Global Studies at SEK 200)
Nederveen Pieterse, Jan (2007) Ethnicities and Global Multiculture. Pants for an octopus. Rowman
& Littlefield (241 p)
+ Compendium (will be available at the course start at cost price)
+ an additional 1400 pages of individual choice from a recommended list
Kierulf´s & Roonings book and the compendium can be bought at the office of Lila Gustavsson,
room E-302b, KK2 building, Department of Global Studies.
Literature by choice/possible literature for final paper
Abu-Lughod, Lila (2004) Dramas of Nationhood. The Politics of Television in Egypt, University of
Chicago Press
Askew, Kelly and Richard Wilk (eds.). 2002. The Anthropology of Media: A Reader. Blackwell.
Cottle, Simon (2006) Mediatized conflict. developments in media and conflict studies. Open
university Press (217 p)
Durham & Kellner (2006) Media and cultural studies: Keyworks, Blackwell
A preview of parts of the book can be accessed at:
Ginsburg, D. Faye, Lila Abu-Lughod and Brian Larkin (eds.). 2002.
Media Worlds: Anthropology on New Terrain. University of California Press.
Ulf Hannerz (2004) Foreign News. Exploring the World of Foreign Correspondents, Chicago and
London: The University of Chicago Press
Hemer, Oscar & Thomas Tufte (red) (2005) Media and Glocal Change. Rethinking communication
for development. Buenos Aires : Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO),
NORDICOM, available at
Lowe, Gregory Ferell and Per Jauert (eds.). 2005. Cultural Dilemmas in Public Service Broadcasting.
[email protected] Nordicom.
Lundby, Knut and Raimo Salokangas and Johanna Sumaila-Seppänen. 2006. Implications of the
Sacred in (Post)Modern Media. Nordicom.
Mowlana, Hamid (1997) Global Information and World Communication: London, Sage.
A preview of parts of the book can be accessed at:
Nohrstedt, Stig A and Rune Ottosen (eds.). 2005. Global War – Local Views. Media Images of the
Iraq War. Nordicom.
Romano, Angela and Michael Bromley (eds.). 2005. Journalism and Democracy in Asia. London:
Rothenbuhler Eric W & Mihai Coman eds (2005) Media Anthropology, Thousand Oaks, London,
New Dehli: Sage Publications
Bertrand, Jean-Claude (ed) 2003, An arsenal for democracy: Media accountability system Hampton
press (13 s)
Thomson, John B (1995) The Media and Modernity A Social Theory of the Media Stanford
University press (15 p)
Hallin, Daniel & Paulo Mancini (2004) Comparing Media Systems Cambridge University Press
McCombs, Maxwell (2204) Setting the agenda: the mass media and the public opinion. Oxford
Polity Press
Inda, Jonathan Xavier & Renato Rosaldo (2008) The anthropology of globalization: a reader,
Oxford: Blackwell
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland (2007) Globalization: the key concepts, Oxford, UK; New York, NY: Berg
Ribeiro, Gustavo Lins & Arturo Escobar ed. (2006) World anthropologists: disciplinary
transformations within systems of power, Oxford, New York: Berg
Edelman, Marc & Angelique Haugerud ed. (2005) The anthropology of development and
globalization: from classical political economy to contemporary neoliberalism, Malden, MA:
Blackwell Pub. (also available as e-book at the university library)
Eide, Elisabeth, Risto Kunelius & Angela Philips (eds.) (2008) Transnational Media Events. The
Mohamed Cartoons and the Imagined Clash of Civilizations, Nordicom
Lewellen, Ted (2002) The anthropology of globalization: cultural anthropology enters the 21st
century, Westport, Conn.: Bergin & Garvey (also available as e-book at the university library)
Eriksen, Thomas Hylland (2003) Globalization studies in anthropology, London; Sterling, Va.: Pluto
Press (e-book available at the university library)
Pecora, Norma, Enyonam Osei-Hwere & Ulla Carlsson (eds.) (2008) African media, African children,
Peterson, Marc Allen (2003) Anthropology and Mass Communication, New York: Berghahn Books
Terzis, Georgios (2008) European Media Governance : National and Regional Dimensions.
[Elektronisk resurs] Bristol: Intellect
Tufte Thomas, Florencia Enghel (ed.) (2009) Yearbook 2009. Youth Engaging With the World.
Media, Communication and Social Change. Göteborg, Nordicom
Von Krogh, Torbjörn (ed.) (2008) Media Accountability Today…and Tomorrow. Updating the
Concept in Theory and Practice, Nordicom
Martin-Barbero, Jésus (1992) Communication, culture and hegemony; from media to mediations.
London, Sage.
The Propaganda Model: An Overview, David Cromwell, Excerpted from Private Planet, 2002:
General introduction to Chomsky/Hermans “Propaganda Model”
Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership
Washington Posts/ Newsweeks “Global Power Barometer”:
Hall, Stuart (ed) (1997) Representation and signifying practices. London, Sage
Woodward, Kathryn (ed) (1997) Identity and difference. London, Sage.
Miller Daniel & Don Slater (2002 Relationships, in The Anthropology of media
Ferrell Lowe, Gregory (ed.); Jo Bardoel (ed.) (2008) From Public Service Broadcasting to Public
Service Media : [email protected] / Nordicom
Nohrstedt, Stig A. (ed.); Rune Ottosen (ed.) (2005) Global War - Local Views : Media Images of the
Iraq War / Nordicom
Nohrstedt, Stig A. (ed.); Rune Ottosen (ed.) (2004) U.S. and the Others : Global Media Images on
“The War on Terror” / Nordicom
Ekström Karin M. & Birgitte Tufte (ed.) (2007) Children, Media and Consumption : On the Front
Edge / Nordicom
Carlsson, Ulla (ed.) (2006) Regulation, Awareness, Empowerment : Young People and Harmful
Media Content in the Digital Age /
Jacobson, Maria (2005) Young People and Gendered Media Messages / Nordicom
Gernber, George (2002) Against the mainstream, The selected works of George Gerbner
New York, Lang
Lynch Jake & Annabel McGoldrick (2005) Peace journalism, Stroud: Hawthorn
Positive Discourse Analysis: Contesting Dominant Discourses by Reframing the Issues
Internet sources by choice/possible sources for news article, theme papers and
final paper
Project Censored – the News that didn´t make the News
Centre for Research on Globalisation
(see sections on Environment, Treeorism and Media Disinformation)
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Independent Media Center
Free Press
Women in Development Europe (WIDE)
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