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VLSM and ACL – Assessment Task 1
The following task will assess your ability to apply the skills and concepts of:
 Classless routing protocols
 Route summarisation
This task will provide marks and will be included as part of the weighted assessment (Custom
Score) for Semester 3 Cisco. It will also provide background for Assessment task 1 (25) – for the
VET assessment.
The Problem
Word of your awesome VLSM expertise has spread and you have just received a fax from Richco
offering you a $50,000 bonus if you can correctly subnet their network.
The central office has 60 hosts (this includes a number of servers, one of which is used to store data
from the accounting department on Router4). They have 4 remote sites, 3 of which run a single
subnet with 10, 20 and 27 hosts respectively while the 4th site has 50 hosts, divided amongst 3
Ethernet networks as follows: Sales – 30 hosts, Accounting – 10 hosts and servers – 5 hosts.
(Servers are mail server, data server, payroll server and application server).
Each remote site connects to the central office with a T1 leased line running at 1.544 mbps and PPP
(Point to point protocol) as the serial connections.
Internet access for all remote sites is through the central office.
Security requirements
Develop ACL’s for:
1. No internet traffic to access the payroll server on Router4
2. No hosts in the sales network on Router4 can access the payroll server on Router4
3. No hosts in either sales or accounting can telnet to the central office router
4. Only the accounting dept can use FTP files to the server at the central office
The IP address assigned to the company is
1. Draw a table that details all the requirements of the problem
Location / Area
WAN connections
Central Office
Router1 LAN
No# of hosts
2. Draw a logical diagram of the network, labelling all devices and ports. Include for every
network two hosts – the first host and the last hosts. Use this drawing to assist in the
construction of the logical diagram in Configmaker.
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3. Devise your VLSM addressing scheme. Summarise the IP addresses and subnet masks in a
Subnet #
Location / Area
No# of hosts
Central office
Router1 LAN
IP address
Subnet mask
and /bit mask
4. Label all ports with the relevant IP address and subnet mask in the following table.
Central Office LAN
Fast Ethernet 0/0
Serial 0
IP Address
Subnet Mask
5. Create your Configmaker logical diagram. You will need to use a Cisco 4700 router for the
central office router. (Work out how many serial connections you need and insert the
appropriate modules into the router). Look at the requirements of each router to determine
what model router to use.
a. PRINT your configmaker diagram.
b. Save it as Logical_YourID. And email it to me.
6. Design your ACLs. On the printout of the logical diagram, work out where to place the
ACLS – which interface, what direction (in / out). Write out the ACLs’ on paper. Hand in
the logical diagram with ACL’s marked on it.
7. Incorporate the ACL code into the configuration on each appropriate router.
In Configmaker, double click on a router and select the IOS Configuration tab.
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Highlight all, Copy the configuration and paste into a notepad file.
Type the command that
will attach the ACL to the
appropriate interface
Type in the
Save each notepad file with the name of the router.
Eg Router1ACL.txt
Print and hand in all configuration files for Routers 1 ,2, 3, 4, central office and internet
8. Create the network on Packet Tracer.
In simulation mode, create a scenario and send a packet from Router 3 to Router 1 and a
packet from router2 to the central office
NB: You cannot test your ACLs in Packet Tracer
Save your packet tracer file as Tracer_YourID and email it to me.
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Assessment: Weighted Assessment – Custom grade
Table outlining requirements
Logical diagram on paper
VLSM addressing scheme on paper
VLSM addressing tables
Configmaker logical diagram (emailed)
Configmaker logical diagram – printed with
Notepad configurations
Packet tracer network diagram and packet
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