Chapter 3 Study Guide

Chapter 3 Study Guide
Protists and Fungi
Quiz/Test (Quest) will be given on Friday, March 8, 2013
Be able to answer the following questions
1. Define a protist
2. List the three categories that protists are grouped into.
3. Why are protists called the “odds and ends kingdom?”
4. Compare and contrast animal-like, plant-like and fungus-like protists with the kingdoms of
animals, plants, and fungi.
5. What is another name for animal-like protist?
6. Identify pictures of paramecium, amoeba, and euglena and describe how each moves and
7. Be able to identify the main parts of paramecium, amoeba, and euglena.
8. Estimate the size of a protist when given the diameter of the field of view.
9. Calculate the diameter of the high power field of view.
10. What characteristics do most fungi share?
11. Be able to label the parts of a mushroom (cap, gills, spores, stalk, and hyphae, and
underground hyphae).
12. Describe how fungi obtain their food.
13. How do fungi reproduce?
14. Describe the characteristics of the five main Phyla of fungi.
Handouts and notes that may be helpful as you prepare for this Quest (Quiz/Test):
-Mr. Anderson video notes for both Protists and Fungi
-Your notes from the readings on Protists
-Venn-Diagram and concept maps of Protists
-Protist coloring/labeling sheets
-Labeling sheet on mushroom structure
-Protist/Fungi crossword puzzle (will be given out in class on Wed. or Thurs.)