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Congregation Si mchat HaLev
Jericho Jewish Center
Congregation L' Dor V' Dor
Manetto Hill Jewish Center
Midwal Jewish Center
North Shore Synagogue
Plainview Jewish Center
Temple Chaverim
Temple Or Elohim
Woodbury Jewish Center
Temple Beth Torah
PROGRAM 2015 - 2016
Fall Session: Woodbury Jewish Genter, 200 South Woods Road, Woodbury 496-9100
Opening Lecture: Monday October 12,2015 at 9 PM. No classes scheduled that day.
Classes run October 19 through December 7,7:45 to 8:45 PM preceding each lecture.
Retreshments following lectures donated by ShopBite of Plainview
October 12
Nancy Traeger
Jewish Tradition in the Art of Marc Chagall
October 19
Prof. Edward S. Shapiro
October 26
Elizabeth Ropers
November 2
Rabbi Dr. Edward
November 9
Prof. Joseph Benatov
The Great Watershed: The lmpact of World War ll
on American Jewry
The Boats of Cherbourg:The Day the French
Learned about lsraeli Chutzpah
Jewish Medical Ethics Update: From Richard lllto Womb
Transplants to Artificial Hearts
How 50,000 Bulgarian Jews Survived the Holocaust
November 16
Prof. Benjamin Nelson
November 23
James Coll
November 30
Rabbi David Kalb
December 7
Lois Morton
Afthur Miller: Through a Jewish Lens
Death of a Salesman
Religion and the Constitution
It's a Bird, lt's a Plane-No, lt's a Kreplach:The Story
of Jews and Comics
An Evening of Song
Winter Session
The lrrepressible Gadfly: A Philip Roth Retrospective
by Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg
Manetto HillJewish Center, 244 Manetto Hill Road, Plainview, 935-5454
Programs at 8 PM Mondays, Janu-ary 4,11, 18 and 25
No additional charge for those registered for the Fall Session.
lf not registered for the Fall Session: Elch lecture $5, or $15 for allfour.
Philip Roth is one of America's most highly acclaimed and controversial writers. His signature wit, irreverence,
literary style, and provocative critique of American Jewish identity will be the focus of this series.
January 4
The Short Stories
January 11
January 18
January 25
Goodbye, Columbus
Portnoy's Complaint
American Pastoral
Fall Session Lectures
October 12 - Nancy Traeger
Jewish Tradition in the Art of Marc Chagall
including American Jewish Literature, lsraeli Literature, Literature of the
Holocaust, and Ethnic Literature in America. Prof. Nelson is the author of
Nancy Traeger developed Art in the City, aprivate art tour program and leads
small group visits to galleries, museums, auction previews and artist studios.
Mrs. Traeger is a docent at the Nassau County Museum of Art and has previously serued as docent co-coordinator and docent trainer. She has presented art lectures at libraries, temples and at Hadassah and Brandeis
University Women events. Mrs. Traeger has an extensive history of teaching
and service in the New York City community. She taught romance languages
and seryed as a bilingual guidance counselor at Forest Hills HS. She also
served as a field consultant and clinical supervisor for graduate programs at
CUNY. She studied art history, studio art and performance art at the University of Madrid, the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education and CW
Post. She holds an MA in Liberal Arts and an MS in School Counselino.
critical biographies of two leading American dramatists: Tennessee Williams:
The Man & His Work and Arthur Miller: Portrait of a Playwight. He has also
October 19 - Professor Edward S. Shapiro
The Great Watershed: The lmpact of World War ll on American Jewry
Edward S. Shapiro is Professor Emeritus of History at Seton Hall University. He received his Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and his
PhD from Harvard University. His books include A Time for Healing: American Jewry since World War ll; Crown Heights: Blacks, Jews, and the 1991
Brooklyn Rrbt and We Are Many: Reflections On Ameican Jewish History
and ldentity.
October 26 - Elizabeth Ropers
The Boats of Cherbourg: The Day the French Learned about lsraeli
Elizabeth Ropers is a former teacher in the Lawrence School District. For
the past 12 years, she has been a children's and adults' literature consultant
conducting in-service courses for teachers, leading book discussion groups
and presenting book reviews at various libraries. Liz also lectures on topics
of Jewish interest to groups on Long lsland including synagogues, JCCs and
the Jewish War Veterans. She currently serves as president of the Board of
Directors of Five Towns Early Learning Center in Inwood.
November 2
Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman
Jewish Medical Ethics Update: From Richard lll to Womb Transplants
to Artificial Hearts
Edward Reichman, M.D. is a Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and
Professor in the Division of Education and Bioethics at the Albert Einstein
College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, where he teaches Jewish medical ethics. He received his rabbinic ordination from the Rabbi
lsaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University and writes
and lectures internationally in the field of Jewish medical ethics. He has been
a member of the advisory boards of the Institute for Genetics and Public Policy, the New York Organ Donor Network, the Halakhic Organ Donor Society,
and the Rabbinical Council of America. He has been a mentor in the Student
Medical Ethics Society of Yeshiva University since its inception. His research
is devoted to the interface of medical history and Jewish law.
published articles on theater and film, including an essay on Hollywood's
treatment of the Holocaust. Prof. Nelson has spoken extensively in the trF
state area and was extremely well received as our Winter Session speaker
in 2004,2008 and 2015. Prot. Nelson received his BA and MFA. from Columbia University.
November 23 - James Coll
Religion and the Constitution
James Coll holds a BA in History from Hofstra University and an MA in History
from Hunter College with a minor in Political Science. He is an adjunct professor of American and Constitutional History at Nassau Community College
and Hofstra University. Mr. Coll is the founder of, a not-forprofit organization dedicated to promoting non-partisan civic education and
political reform in our state. He is also an NYPD detective and lives in
November 30
Rabbi David Kalb
It's a Bird, lt's a Plane-No, lt's a Kreplach: The Story of Jews and
Rabbi David Kalb is the Rabbi of Beit Ohr Torah, a new organization that
reaches out to Jews who are disconnected from Judaism and the Jewish
community. Beit Ohr Torah is particularly focused on reaching out to interdating and intermanied couples. Rabbi Kalb is an associate faculty member
at CI-AL, the National Jewish Center lor Learning and Leadership, and is
also a Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Shalom Haftman Institute. He has
taught at the Academy for Jewish Religion, Touro College and Norwalk Community College and has lectured at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical
School. His articles have appeared in the Huffington Post, Jerusalem Posl,
New York Jewish Week, JTA, Jerusalem Report, Long lsland Jewish World
and Babbi Kalb approaches scholarship as a vibrant rellection
of Jewish life, believing that Judaism is a holistic experience that operates
in the real world, not just in the synagogue.
DecemberT- LoisMorton
An Evening of Song
Lois Morton is a performing songwriter who has delighted audiences throughout the New York metropolitan area lor lhe last few years with her abundant
charm and humorous songs ol social commentary. Reinventing herself in retirement, Lois has gone from being an educator and therapist to a singersongwriter with a rapier wit and a surprisingly contemporary approach. Her
show As I See lt highlights Lois's original, often hilarious songs which encourage us to laugh at ourselves, while she also brings to life the legendary
Edith Piaf in a lecture-cabaret program featuring songs and stories. She has
released two CDs of original songs - As I See lt and 20th Century Girl.
Winter Session
November 9 - Professor Joseph Benatov
How 50,000 Bulgarian Jews Survived the Holocaust
Dr. Joseph Benatov holds a PhD in comparative literature from the University
of Pennsylvania, where he teaches Hebrew. He has translated fiction, poetry
and drama, including several plays which were staged to wide acclaim in Bulgaria. Dr. Benatov lectures regularly on the history of Jewish life in the
Balkans and the fate of Bulgarian Jews during the Holocaust. His article on
the topic appears in the anthology Bringing the Dark Past to Light. Every
summer he leads a Sephardic trip to the Balkans.
November 16
Professor Benjamin Nelson
Arlhur Milfer: Through a Jewish Lens-Death of a Salesman (pad 4 of
his Winter 2015 series)
Benjamin Nelson is Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at Fairleigh Dickinson University, from which he received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching. He has taught a vast array of courses,
The lrrepressible Gadfly: A Philip Roth Retrospective
January 4, 11, 18,25 - Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg
Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg is the spiritual leader of Congregation Sons of lsrael in
Woodmere. He has served as President of the Long lsland Board of Rabbis
andasnational Presidentof theUnionforTraditional Judaism. Alifelonglover
of narrative fiction, he holds a Doctorate in Hebrew Literature from the Jewish
Theological Seminary. As the Rabbi of the Bethpage Jewish Community Center from 1979 to 1991 , he always looked forward to teaching short stories and
plays during the fall semester of the Institute for Adult Jewish Studies.
Fa | | SeSS iO n
Each course listed below.(with the exception of #3) meets for 8 weeks from 7:45 to
8:4s on consecutive Monday evenings from october 19
$ffi"'.'ffii:llilYtrf3nutsi:H'l,n* 3#'lS,lg,$B#!f;*i,I"J;H;ff-.t';;il;;t#;dnaitoresisterbymail
Course # 1 . Movies and Midrash ll: Bible Stories on Film
e features of the land of lsrael, the Hebrew
well as the art in the poetry and music. In
'll listen to a song, and study it as if it were a
Beyond the Ten Commandments
Instructor: Rabbi Steven Conn, plainview Jewish Center
With the release of Noah and Exodus: Gods and Kings,film
critics dubbed 2014 "The Year of the Bible." Despite their
groundbreaking special effects, these films continue a long
tradition of portraying Bible stories on screen. In this course,
we will continue our exploration of the Bible on film, turning
our attention to classic films such as Samson
Delilah and David and Bathsheba, as well as newer films
like Exodus: Gods and Kings. By comparing scenes from
the movies to the original Biblical stories, we will examine
how closely these films adhere to their source material. We
will also explore how the movies draw on classic Jewish
commentaries to fill out their plot-lines. And, finally, we will
examine the idea that the films themselves are commen_
taries (midrashim), and considerwhat these films add to our
understanding of the Bible, and what contemporary questions they attempt to address.
Course #2 . Sephardic Jewish History
lnstructor: Rabbi Jonathan Hecht, ph.D.,
Temple Chaverim
Sephardic Jewry originated in Spain and from there spread
throughout the world. lt contributed to all branches of Jewish
cultural endeavor: philosophy, kabbalah, biblical studies, halakhic studies, poetry and Christian - Jewish polemics. This
course willtrace the settlement of Jews in Spain from their
earliest period to the Medieval ,,Golden Age," the decline of
Spanish Jewry the expulsion of Jews in 14g2, and the development of the Sephardic diaspora. Interested in Jewish
history? Interested in the development of Jewish culture?
Want to find out what Sephardic Judaism is all about? Then
Course #5 . When Do I Matter? Looking for the
Answers within and beyonl the Torah
lnstructor: Rabbi Rafi Rank, Midway Jewish Center
This course will follow an examination of text and discussion
rmat. No Hebrew knowledge is necessary,
ess to recognizing the many sources where
d resides and a willingness to integrate those
Course #6 . Judaism Today
lnstructor: Rabbi Neil Schuman,
Manetto Hill Jewish Center
Judaism today is more diverse than ever. Within the orthoChabad,
and Open
e of
well as the
non-Hasidic Renewal movement. What's the difference between all these forms? What are their tenets and what do
they espouse? In this series we will discuss the history and
origins of each group. We will research the founders and
modern leaders
Course #7
. Blessings! Brachot!
lnstructors: Rabbi Jay Weinstein and Rabbi Jenn
Weinstein, Congregation Simchat HaLev
join us!
Course #3 . Hot Topics in Contemporary Jewish Life
(canceled 11/9 and 11/16 during JJC tsrael
participants the wisdom and strength of blessings. Together,
we will unpack the ancient Hebrew words which som6 of us
lnstructor: Rabbi Benjamin Herman, Jericho Jewish Center
Conservative Judaism has much to say about what have
become "hot topics." Join us in exploring traditionalsources
and rabbinic responsa on some of these topics, including
same-sex marriage, patrilineal descent and interfaith mar_
riage. There will be time to share personal stories related
to these topics, but the focus of the course will be on exam-
ining Jewish sources
Course #4 . Songs of Naomi Shemer
lnstructor: Rabbi Michael Katz, Temple Beth Torah of
In a new way.
Course #8 . Conversational Hebrew
lnstructor: Rabbi Yacob Gil,
Hebrew Academy of Nassau County
Requirements are a familiarity with very basic Hebrew
vocabulary an ability to read Hebrew, and a desire to for_
mulate and express ideas in this beautiful language.
Course #9 .lsraeli Folk Dancing
I nstructor
Using the classic hits of lsrael's most popular songwriter,
we'll examine the history of the modern Jewish stite, the
: Devorah Cohen-Keynan
Everyone is encouraged to register in advance.
To register, comprete the form berow or print
it from our website,, and mair it arong with your ch*r, piv"or"
tolrus to,
Institute for Adult Jewish Studies
151 Sutton Drive, plainview, Ny 11g03
Mail registration shourd be sent no rater than
september 25, 2015.
registration will be held at woodbury Jewish
center on the first
two-Monday evenings, october 12 and o&oo6r
rg, b"t*""n ziib p.m.
8:45 p.m.
The tuition shown berowis per person and covers
the entire 2o1s - 2016
the course of your choice and ail tectures
o"tn-'iriJ Fail and
Winter sessions.
congregations should
IAJS. Non-affiliated par16 or Sharon Kunoff at
Member of Sponsoring Congregation........g30 per person.
Non-member....,............. ........$+O per person.
Students under age 25
....No charge
$5 per p"r.6n
Husband and wife may register on same form.
Last Name
Member of Sponsoring Congregation
LJ t\On-member
Your First Name
Name of Your Sponsoing Congregation
Course #
Classes begin on October 19
lf mailing registration, encrose check with above
Institute for Adult Jewish Studies
151 Sutton Drive, plainview, Ny 11gog
ghts to
to 2nd
NY 11803 ' 935'5454
244 Manetto Hill Road ' Plainview'
arkwaY Exit 37 (M1elo Hill Road)
East' left turn
ftf"n"ito ffiff Road (right turn from NSP
p"tt + tt"ttic lights' tilanetto Hill JC is on the right' just
d Exit 45 (Manetto Hill Road)
the 2nd light'
Arlene Kleinstein, JJC, Director
Steering Committee
Rosemarie Klipper, WJC
Sharon Kunoff. PJC
Elaine Schirmer, TOE
Barry Shorten, MHJC
lrene Abrahams, TBT
Rhonnie Diener, PJC
Tess Garber, MJC
Robert Gottfried. MJC
Dr. Elliot T. Udell
Janet Weinberg, TOE
Anissa Wilensky, TC
Carole Wolfner. NSS
Congregation Simchat Halev
421 Split Rock Road
Rabbi Jay Weinstein
RabbiJenn Weinstein
North Shore Synagogue
83 Muttontown Road
Rabbi Jaimee Shalhavet
Cantor Richard Pilatsky
President: Haruey Weisenberg
Syosset, NY
Syosset, NY
Jericho Jewish Center (JJC)
430 North Broadway
Jericho, NY 11753
Plainview Jewish Center (PJC)
95 Floral Drive
Rabbi Benjamin
Cantor Barry Black
Co-presidents: Diane Charet
Congregation L'Dor
11 Temple Lane,
Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Rabbi Steven Moskowitz
Cantorial Soloist Talya Smilowitz
Co-Presidents: Joe DiMaggio
Lisa Weiner
Manetto HillJewish Center (MHJC)
244 Manetto Hill Road
Plainview, NY 11803
Rabbi NeilSchuman
President: Mark Hirsch
Midway Jewish Center (MJC)
330 South Oyster Bay Road
Syosset, NY 11791
Rabbi Perry Raphael Rank
Associate Rabbi Joel Levenson
Cantor Adam Frei
President: Mason Salit
Plainview, NY 11803
Rabbi Steven Conn
Cantor Morris Wolk
President: Shea Lerner
Temple Beth Torah (TBT)
243 Cantiague Rock Road
Rabbi Michael Katz
Cantor Kalman Fliegelman
President: Marc Balizer
Westbury, NY
Temple Chaverim (TC)
1050 Washington Avenue
Plainview, NY 11803
Rabbi Jonathan Hecht
Assistant Rabbi Debra Bennet
Cantor Bradley Hyman
President: Bruce Steifman
Temple Or Elohim (TOE)
18 Tobie Lane
Jericho, NY 11753
Rabbi Harvey Abramowitz
Cantor David Katz
President: Michael Wilner
Woodbury Jewish Center (WJC)
200 Souths Woods Road
Woodbury, NY 11797
Rabbi NeilTow
Cantor Aaron Cohen
President: Jeffrey Fachler
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