Description of Work

Job Code: 385ABE
Bargaining Unit: Pipefitters
Effective: 6/23/2015
Description of Work
General Statement of Duties
Supervises, assigns, and performs the pipefitting work involved in the installation, maintenance,
and repair of heating and cooling piping, fixtures, apparatus, and accessories or for refrigeration
or HVAC control.
Supervision Received
Works under the general supervision of the General Lead Pipefitter, Maintenance Supervisor or
Assistant Director, Facilities.
Supervision Exercised
Exercises within a unit moderate and technical supervision over assigned Pipefitter; Pipefitter
Controls Specialist; Refrigeration, Gas and Oil Service Worker and Lead Pipefitter staff.
The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following fundamental duties:
Obtain annual maintenance and new installation permits from the City of Saint Paul Department
of Safety and Inspection.
Supervises, assigns, and performs the work involved in the installation of steam and hot water
heating plants; the repair of steam lines, the packing of valves, the cutting and threading of
pipes; the installation and repair of steam and hot water radiators, the covering of pipes, and the
installation, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration systems or HVAC control devices.
Estimates quantities of materials needed.
Prepares reports and makes recommendations.
Maintains records of materials, supplies, employees, and work performed.
Coordinates work of other trades working on projects.
Ensures that employees perform all work in accordance with established safety practices and
Contributes to the District's Strong Schools, Strong Communities efforts by partnering with other
staff to contribute to student achievement and the alignment and sustainability of resources.
Performs other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Considerable knowledge of the standard tools, materials, methods, and safe work practices of
the pipefitter trade.
Possess basic computer & mobile device skills, including proficiency in a corrective and
preventive work order system, word processing and data manipulation.
Considerable ability to supervise the installation and repair of pipes, fixtures, and apparatus for
heating, refrigeration and temperature control devices.
Considerable ability to estimate materials and labor needed to complete projects.
Considerable ability to evaluate existing conditions and to prioritize work.
Considerable ability to understand and follow drawings, blueprints and instructions.
Considerable ability to supervise, train and provide work direction to employees.
Considerable ability to coordinate work with other trades involved in the work.
Considerable ability to perform work of a journey-level pipefitter.
Ability to compile, manage, and report performance data and assist the supervisor in conducting
consistent, fair, and equitable performance evaluations.
Ability to listen, speak and interact effectively with all customers.
Ability to assist in identifying and responding to the needs of all customers.
Ability to complete required departmental forms, records, and daily reports in a thorough and
timely manner.
Ability to frequently perform fine motor skills and grasp objects.
Ability to frequently withstand repetitive motion of the neck and trunk.
Ability to frequently lift up to 15 pounds.
Ability to occasionally lift up to 50 pounds and maneuver around obstacles under adverse
Ability to occasionally push and pull various tools.
Ability to frequently work in areas with limited space.
Ability to kneel, crouch, squat, reach to shoulder height and above for up to 30 minutes at a
given time.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (continued)
Ability to occasionally climb ladders.
Ability to operate a lift.
Minimum Qualifications
High school graduation or GED certificate.
Possession of a certificate evidencing the completion of training as an Apprentice
Pipefitter and four years of experience as a Journeyman Pipefitter.
Must have Competency Cards issued by the City of Saint Paul Department of Safety and
Inspections or authority having jurisdiction as follows:
o Master Oil Burner Installer - Class A (unlimited capacity).
o Master Gas Installer - Class A (unlimited capacity).
o Master Refrigeration Installer - Class A (unlimited capacity).
o Master Low Pressure Steam/Hot Water - Steam 15 PSI or less, or hot water 30
PSI or less, and 250 degree Fahrenheit.
o Universal Chloral Floral Carbon.
Successful completion of the Principles of Supervision course offered by the University
of Minnesota College of Continuing Education or successfully complete the course within
one year of appointment.
Must possess a certificate showing completion of training in PRO 10 through the union
or successfully complete the training within six months of appointment.
Must possess and maintain a valid Minnesota Class D driver's license, or equivalent outof-state license, with no revocations or suspensions including for the two year period
prior to the date of employment. Please note that a candidate’s driving record will be
reviewed prior to an offer of employment.
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