Frankenstein Unit Plan

Mueller ENGLISH 9H FRANKENSTEIN -­-­ UNIT SCHEDULE English 9H Essential Ideas/Themes: The “good” education Order vs. chaos Nature and the human soul Archetypes – the Creation, the fall Setting as character and symbol The perils of knowledge Our responsibility to the other Vocabulary: Romantic, Gothic, epistolary novel, verisimilitude, frame story, allusion Assessments: Quizzes, Frankenstein test, Frankenstein essay Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8 Introduction to 9 Mary Shelly’s World 10 Frankenstein – 11 Reading Day 12 Locke, Rousseau, Romanticism discussion Circle 1. Theme: and the “ideal Due: Paradise Lost Due: Pre-­Reading Study Foreshadowing and education.” study guide Guide Romanticism Due: Relative Clauses Due: Study Guide for Exercises “Letters” 15 16 Frankenstein – 17 18 Frankenstein – 19 Field Trip – Art Circle 2. Theme: Due: Quiz, Letters and Circle 3. Theme: The Frankenstein – Circle Institute Education Part 1 Wages of Sin is Death 4. Theme: Nature Due: Study Guide for Reading Day Due: Study Guide for Due: Study Guide for Vol. 1 Ch. 1-­4 Vol. 1 Ch. 5-­8 Vol. II, Ch. 1-­4 Due: Participles Exercises Mueller Monday Tuesday 22 Frankenstein – Circle 5. Theme: What it means to be human. Due: Study Guide for Vol. ii, Ch. 5-­9 23 Quiz, Part II Reading Day 29 Socratic Seminar Prep Day 30 Socratic Seminar: What it means to be human Wednesday 24 Frankenstein – Circle 6. Theme: Responsibility and Betrayal Due: Study Guide for Vol. 111, Ch. 1-­3 1 Review Day English 9H Thursday 25 Frankenstein – Circle 7. Free Will… Due: Study Guide for Vol. iii, Ch. 4-­7 (inc. letters) Friday 26 Essay Work Day Due at beginning of class: Thesis/plan for essay Due: Appositive and Absolutes exercises 2 Frankenstein Test 3 Work day/conferencing, essay First Draft Due Work day on Essay: Friday, April 26 and Friday, May 3 First draft due: Friday, May 3 or Monday, May 6 (due on date of conference, by appointment Final draft: Date TBA – one week after return of first drafts. 
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