INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (IB) Credit for IB course work is granted for students with an IB diploma, on a course by course basis. Students with an IB Diploma and a score of thirty (30) or better will be awarded one year (thirty‐two [32] semester hours) of credit. Students without the Diploma, or with the Diploma and a score of less than thirty (30), will be awarded eight (8) semester hours for each higher‐level score of five (5) or better and four (4) semester hours for each score of four (4) or better (on a higher or subsidiary level), to a maximum of twenty‐four (24) semester hours. General education credit will be awarded as appropriate, to be determined by suitable bodies. Advanced placement will be awarded for major courses, subject to departmental approval. Students who present both IB and AP work in the same subject area will not be awarded double credit. IB Subject LEVEL rFLA Notes Art Design HL/SL Elective credit only Visual Arts HL/SL Elective credit only Anthropology HL Exempts ANT 200 Cultural Anthropology Biology HL Exempts BIO 120 & BIO 121; major Biology SL Exempts BIO 120 & BIO 121; major Business & Org HL/SL Elective credit only Chemistry HL Approval of Dept Chair Only; major Chemistry SL Elective credit only Computer Science HL/SL Approval of Dept Chair Only Economics HL/SL Elective credit only English A HL/SL WCMP Fulfills Writing Requirement English B HL/SL Elective credit only Environment HL/SL Elective credit only Foreign Language HL/SL FCMP Fulfills Foreign Language Requirement; score of 6 or 7 Foreign Language HL/SL Elective credit only; score less than 6 Geography HL Exempts majors ENV 130 Geography SL Elective credit only History HL/SL Elective credit only ITGS HL/SL Elective credit only Math Studies HL/SL MCMP Fulfills Math Requirement Adv Math HL/SL MCMP MAT 111 (Calculus I) Music HL/SL Elective credit only Philosophy HL Exempts majors PHI 103 Philosophy SL Elective credit only Psychology HL Exempts majors PSY 101 Intro to Psychology Theater Arts HL/SL Elective credit only HL=High Level ∙ SL=Standard Level ∙ Score must be 4 or better August 2015 
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