High School Reading Elective

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High School Reading Elective
Students may register for Reading Elective up to 4 semesters during their high school career. Each semester is worth 1/2
credit. This is an elective course, it does not take the place of an English credit. The course is self-paced.
The high school Reading Elective course is designed to give students an opportunity to read books of their choice in an
independent format. The student's goal is to expand their thinking and insight, and maintain reading speed and
comprehension while promoting an enjoyment of reading.
Students will be tested on their knowledge of the book through Accelerated Reader-- 'book tests'. Tests may be
taken from Mrs. VanDoorn, Mrs. Meddaugh or Mrs. Lebal; check available times at each location.
Books are to be selected within the student’s reading range, or 5.0 grade level and above; in all cases your
final grade level average must be above a 5.0.
You may not take tests or receive points for books that were assigned reading in other classes.
Grades for quarter and semester will be granted based on point totals, see list below. Students will be mailed a
mid-quarter report of their progress and will receive quarter and semester grades. Points will not be posted in
Skyward Family Access. It is the student's responsibility to know their standing in the course.
Failing quarter grades will affect eligibility in sports and activities.
Students are expected to read one book from the Expanded Reading List per semester in order to receive an 'A'
in the course; the list may be found on the “Reading Elective” page of the school web site and on the back of this
sheet. For students who choose not to read from the expanded list, the highest grade they can receive is a 'B+"
regardless of the points earned.
Refer to the book-test listing for eligible books and their point value on the school website (Go to “Class Pages”,
and click “AR Tests”).
Point totals
40+ = A+
39-40 = A
38 = A37 = B+
36 = B
35 = B34 = C+
33 = C
32= C31 = D+
30 = D
29 = D0-28 = F
B. VanDoorn, 9/2014
80+ = A+
78-80 = A
76-77 = A74-75 = B+
72-73 = B
70-71 = B68-69 = C+
66-67 = C
64-65 = C62-63 = D+
60-61 = D
58-59 = D0-57 = F
Reading Elective's
Reading List
A Farewell to Arms
Angela's Ashes
The Bell Jar
Black Like Me
The Book Thief
Briar Rose
The Call of the Wild
Catch 22
Catcher and the Rye
The Chosen
The Color Purple
Cold Mountain
Diary of a Young Girl
Ender's Game
Farewell to Manzanar
Flags of Our Fathers
Flowers for Algernon
The Good Earth
Grapes of Wrath
Great Expectations
House on Mango Street
I know why the Cage Bird Sings
In Country
The Invisible Man
Jane Eyre
A Lesson Before Dying
Kite Runner
Little Women
Murder on the Orient Express
My Forbidden Face
B. VanDoorn, 9/2014
The Outsiders
Ox-Bow Incident
A Prayer for Owen Meany
Pride and Prejudice
Red Badge of Courage
Schindler's List
Secret Life of Bees
Shizuko's Daughter
Slaughterhouse Five
Snow Falling on Cedars
Their Eyes Were Watching God
The Things They Carried
Tuesdays with Morrie
Wuthering Heights
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