Making a 3-D image of a soda can

Making a 3-D image of a soda can
Brief introduction. List key learning outcomes: • How to insert image into Maya • View and understand the 4 planars in Maya • Inserting image into the object • Making an object 3-­‐D • Understanding basic knowledge in regards to Maya Getting started Ø Since we will be doing an image of a 3-­‐D can, we will need to insert an image to start. First, make sure to switch animation to polygon tab, since we are making an object. Make sure it is in front planar Ø View-­‐> Image-­‐> import image-­‐> and import desired soda can image into the planar Ø Once desired image file is inserted, press ok. It should look something like this (front planar). The first picture was in 3-­‐D planar Next Step: Using UV curve tool to create a layout of object Ø Once image is up, change image center Z to -­‐10 on the right side tab on channel box and alpha gain to .7 to make it more transparent. Press space bar-­‐> front view
Ø Click on create-­‐> CV curve tool-­‐> and then outline the can's right side image after a few click to create a create on top of the image. It should look like this. Press and hold right click onto control vertex to drag it to make the lining more precise to the soda can Next Step: Creating 3-­‐D can object Ø Press space bar and go to 3-­‐D perspective view, then this time, change polygon-­‐> surface option. Go click on surface-­‐> revolve option square, output geometry to polygon, general on tessellation and quads on type. Apply and close This should be the result. Ø Underneath inputs on the right side tab, make sure the V number is 25 and U number is 30. You should get this as a result
Congratz! You have made a 3-­‐d model of a soda can without the extra colorings in it. Next Step: Completing the can Continue in this format for as many steps as you feel are necessary. Ø Change the move tool setting from marquee to drag, exit the screen and highlight the can as shown, also include the second line on the can too
Ø Click on edit mesh-­‐> Delete edge/surface To fill the hole on top, proceed to highlight all the vertex on the top of the can, then go to mesh, fill hole. Repeat this for the bottom side too, and mesh-­‐> fill hole Now to finish it off, proceed to hold down, click on assign new material. There will be a small pop-­‐up, select phong material. Proceed to continue by clicking the checker box next to color-­‐> file, and insert the side of the soda can image in. Press 6 and you should get the result
Click on edit UV-­‐> UV texture editor , press R, UV shell and the setting next to magnet tool and scale it. Now use your knowledge and play around with Maya. This is my final product.
Further Information Mesh and edit mesh-­‐ Used to fill hole or make hole for this purpose UV curve tool-­‐ Creating lines to create a starting ground to make the can Source: Produced by: Thang Truong ULN Internship Program PCL Media Lab Spring, 2015 
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