omelets country breakfasts griddle harmonized

Served with a homemade muffin, English muffin, bagel or toast. Gluten free toast 1.
South of the Border
Choice - GF
Chili, red peppers, and colby cheese. 9
Spinach, mushrooms, and colby cheese. 9
Potato - GF
Basics - GF
Potatoes, red peppers, green onions, and jack
cheese.  9
Bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and colby
cheese. 9.50
Veggie - GF
Big Cheese - GF
Broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and red
peppers. 9.50
Jack, cheddar and Swiss. 8
Ham and cheese 9
Sausage and cheese 9
Turkey, bacon, red peppers, and tomatoes with
Hollandaise. 9.50
Bacon and cheese 9
American - GF
Ham, red peppers, onions, and American cheese. 9.50
GF = Gluten Free
Served with a homemade muffin, English muffin, bagel or toast. GF toast 1.
Eggs Benedicts are complete as served.
Lighter Side
Steak and Eggs
The simple two egg breakfast. 6.50
Two eggs and a lean five ounce grilled sirloin. 12
With hashbrowns. 7.50
With hashbrowns. 13
Eye Opener
Cajun Chicken Benedict
Two eggs and either bacon, ham, sausage or
Canadian bacon. 8.00
Slices of Cajun chicken breast on an English muffin
with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. Served
with hashbrowns. 11
With hashbrowns. 9.00
Oatmeal - GF
Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs, Canadian bacon and Hollandaise
sauce on an English muffin. Served with
hashbrowns. 11
Oatmeal served with a fried banana, brown sugar
and milk (does not include toast). 6
Scrambled eggs in perfect harmony with your choice of ingredients.
Served with home fries and either a homemade muffin, English muffin, bagel or toast.
Broccoli, mushrooms, cream cheese, water
chestnuts, and Hollandaise sauce. 11
Diced Ham, cream cheese, Hollandaise sauce,
and green onions. 11
Chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, and cheddar
cheese. 11
Buttermilk Pancakes
Short stack. 5
French toast, five pieces. 7.50 Three pieces. 5.50
Full stack. 6
Blueberry Pancakes
Short stack. 6
Full stack. 7
Buckwheat Wild Rice Pancakes
Short stack. 6
Full stack. 7
Gluten Free Pancakes
Short stack. 6
The 222
2 cakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon. 8.50
The 322
3 slices of French toast, 2 eggs, 2 bacon. 8.50
Full stack. 7
Bacon 3
Canadian bacon 3
Sausage patty 3
Home fries 4
Hashbrowns 3
with cheese 4
Homemade muffin 2
Real Maple Syrup 2
Coca Cola soft drinks 2.75
Coffee 3
Hot Tea 3
Hot Chocolate 2.75
Unsweetened Iced Tea 2.75
Lemonade 2.75
Ask you server about private events in our 4-season patio.
Juice 2.75
apple, cranberry,
tomato, pineapple
Fresh squeezed
orange juice
small 4.75
large 5.75
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