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Managing Your Talent:
The Three Cʼs!
A fun Monday
morning benchmark:
call and tell us what
happened over the
weekend you have to
apologize for.
Choose one of the
callers, then have
them make the
apology on the air to
the other person.
Now that would be
memorable morning
It’s not necessarily
the talent in the
room which gets you
a great performance
each day, it’s the
management of the
people which does.
Whether you’re the
PD or anchor who
works with the cast
members every day,
focusing on the
Three C’s of
m a x i m i z e s
Confidence, and
The Reynolds Group
(919) 821-4700
Issue #1
Nov 23, 2009
The Reynolds Group coaches
morning shows to better connect
with their audience.
them on the demo and challenging
them to develop fun content and
entertaining ideas so more people
want to tune it each day!
Caring. Talent rises
to the challenge
when convinced their
competent in their
own skill set, evoke
and nurture a sense
of confidence
amongst the team
(not to be confused
with cockiness), and
are around others
who care about their
well being. How do
Steve Reynolds
the people managing
your morning show Call Steve today for an analysis
rate in these three
to find out how healthy your
morning brand is!
We’re often asked what
those things are which
will assure long term
success for any morning
show. I work with talent
in markets from New York
City to Indianapolis. They
all face consistent
challenges. They include:
maintaining their sense of
relevancy show after
show, break after break,
knowing what will entertain
listeners (which is by and large
being topical in content
choices), being honest, real,
authentic, and vulnerable so
P1s and new cume get to know
them, staying in touch with the
station core demo (knowing
their likes, dislikes, and
lifestyle so great content
choices can be made), and
developing fun and
entertaining ideas for the
show so it stands out in the
ground clutter of life and
These items
make them memorable in
the marketplace.
If you
have tenured talent, how do
you think they score in
these areas?
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