Ferris State University Athletic Pep Band September 2011

Ferris State University Athletic Pep Band
Conductor’s Note
Well hey everybody, I hope that everyone is having a great
season so far. I know that I am. We had a great first two
football games with a lot of new band members, which is
awesome. Sadly, this is my last season with the Pep Band as
I will graduate in May 2012, but I am really excited to spend
it with all of you. After all I am a true band geek and I just
can’t seem to get enough of band. I love the sound that we
have thus far this year and I am excited to hear what we are
going to sound like for the rest of the season. Instead of boring
you with the rules, which I know you have all already read, I
will reveal a few FSU Athletic Pep Band definitions (adapted
from The Official Band Dictionary, by Ben White and David
Southwick). I hope you like them.
Student Conductor: The person in the front who waves his
arms and dances wildly to the music. Often distracting, but yet
funny to watch or just ignore.
Faculty Director: The person who claims to be in charge
when things are good (DS) and blames things that are bad on
the Student Conductors (Namely Greg).
Associate/Assistant Student Conductors: Takes over for the
Student Conductor when he throws his arm out conducting
Zoot Suit Riot.
Air: The driving force behind brass instruments, but generally
lacking in woodwinds, therefore causing squeaks.
Band Geek: Someone who is very enthusiastic and highly
involved in band. They are willing to give up all free time in
sake of the band especially on the dreaded Hell Weeks.
Pep Band: An ensemble that goes to football, basketball,
volleyball, and hockey games with the sole purpose of embarrassing themselves or Greg or just watching Greg embarrass
Forte: The lowest dynamic marking a brass instrument can
Echo: What a band geek should hear after a good cut-off. I’m
not sure what it sounds like, though, but it should be cool.
Pep Band Jacket: A lovely red jacket that if worn around
campus shows how much of a Band Geek you are.
Pep Band Shirt: An article of clothing that is washed once a
year unless covered in Nacho Cheese and Salsa. A key part of
the pep band uniform. Supposedly melts when it burns.
Heavy Rain: Natures way of telling the woodwinds to put
their horns away, while the brass get to play and “spray” Mu-
September 2011
sic for the rest of the game.
Flute: An un-tuned device for people who want to be in the
band who have weak arms and don’t wish to be heard. Great
odds for guys, especially Greg.
Clarinet: A black stick of death that tends to play too soft.
Alto Saxophone: A musical instrument that either plays very
loud or not at all between squeaks.
Tenor and Bari Saxophones: Instruments for saxophone
players who want to play like a tuba or trombone.
Mellophone: A tunable version of a marching French horn (Is
there such a thing?) used by drum corps and many schools.
Based on a trumpet design and you can’t see over the bell.
Trumpet: An instrument that is designed to make a band
sound better. The idea is that if the trumpets play loud enough,
you can’t hear the rest of the band, so only the trumpet mistakes are heard, not everyone else’s. Often the instrument that
gets the fun melodies. Tends to lose their chops as well.
Trombone: A device with the same pitch as a baritone, except
that it uses a slide instead of valves. Can make many obnoxious noises.
Baritone: A device that doubles with the trombones except
using the right notes. Also used for playing during silence.
Student Conductor Greg Beers: 3 ½ years on the Student Conductor Staff)
Sousaphone: An instrument that adds bass to the band. Can
play any note as long as it’s a low G. It is the star when it
comes to Radar Love.
Percussion: The group of instruments hit by sticks or mallets
that keeps some type of beat whether with Greg or not. They
love to play loud especially before rehearsal.
Faculty Director Note
And here is one for all of you Marching Band Geeks at heart.
Dr. Beat: A form of cruel and unusual punishment (A violation of the 8th Amendment perhaps?) that is bestowed over a
loudspeaker when working on already-learned music.
2. A great litter of new band (Bulldog pups) members,
I hope that you all enjoyed these and let’s keep working hard.
4. A nicely balanced band which is yielding some ‘better than
ever’ remarks from myself and returning band members, and
Greg “Psycho Conductor” Beers, Student Conductor
5. The FSU Bulldog Spirit is still running high even though
we graduated a lot of band members in May 2011.
Band Bits
For our new band members: What is a Band Bit? A Band Bit is
one of those unusual and particularly embarrassing occurrences
(often life threatening) that propel an unfortunate band member into
the FSU Athletic Pep Band Archive of Shame.
Recent Band Bits: Robert banged his sousaphone bell on the low
The new school year has begun and the 2011-12 Ferris State
University Athletic Pep Band already has two football performances ‘under our belt’. At this point many positive things
have occurred:
1. A dedicated group of returning band members,
3. Some terrific sponsorship with the annual Tailgate Party for
the first football game with our Delta Omega colony of Kappa
Kappa Psi and Eric’s parents, Bonnie & Michael Walach,
Last year we received much praise from sports fans, athletes,
coaches and the FSU Bulldog Athletics Staff. Their comments
made our large time commitment especially worthwhile. We
are looking forward to our involvement at all FSU sporting
events with great music performances and Bulldog pride!
Dr. Dale Skornia
2010-11 Band Awards
Perfect Attendance
Greg Beers (2 years)
Casey Benson (2 years)
Logan May (2 years)
Jason Dunk
Zack Harmon
David Leestma
Kyle Maneke
Robert Reed
Sarah Steinke
Michelle Stenger
Eric Watson
Sarah Jo Wolters
Katherine Wyman
Annual Meet the New Band Members Night
ceiling leaving the band room. Although he was not likely the first
to do so, only the first to get caught. Honorary Conductor Brutus
the Bulldog fell in the bleachers. Daniel claimed to have broken his
back playing football prior to a performance. Jessica declared that
when DS kissed Greg’s feet that it was at least done creatively. So
far band members have been careful or at least sneaky about not
getting caught in unflattering moments.
Since the list is short, here are two memorable Band Bits from last
year as a clue for what to look for: Brutus the Bulldog in an epic
battle gunned down Preston “Yip-Yip” Taylor with a pogo stick.
The lid to a large bass drum case slid from the top of the bleachers
onto the basketball court. Fortunately, no one was bowled over as
basketball play had not begun. No one has accepted blame for this
largely unnoticed epic slide. Keep your eyes and ears open. Band
Bits are better than Candid Camera scenes.
Annual Meet the New Band Members Night
Most Spirited Section
Low Brass & Low Woodwinds
Most Improved Section
Flute & Piccolo
Best Band Catch Phrase
You can do it! All night Long!! (a band cheer)
Most Improved Band Member
Sarah Jelsone
Best Memorable Moments (top 3)
131 Showdown: singing on the bus
Brutus stole Valoree’s teddy bear and got cheerleader germs
all over it
Best Mentor
Sarah Thompson
Best Band Blooper
Nate falling on the floor.
Favorite Tune
Zoot Suite Riot
Favorite Tune to Get Rid Of:
Most Likely to Grow Up and Be Like DS
Greg Beers
Most Social Female and Male Band Member
Casey Benson & Kyle Bieth
September 17 Football Game
2011-2012 Athletic Pep Band Staff
Dr. Dale E. Skornia, Faculty Director
Office: Music Center 107
Phone: 231-591-2537
Email: [email protected]
Greg Beers, Student Conductor
Steve Wetter, Associate Student Conductor
Sarah Jelsone, Assistant Student Conductor
Casey Benson, Personnel Manager
Sarah Thompson, Music Librarian
Sarah Jo Wolters, Co-Music Librarian
Sarah Thompson, Social Manager
James Joesten, Bulldog Bark editor
Allyson Wetter, New Band Member Representative
Section Leaders
Casey Benson, Piccolo/Flute
Megan Gabenstetter, Clarinet
Sarah Thompson, Alto Sax/Mellophone
Steve Wetter, Trumpet
Andy VanGessel, Low Brass & Woodwinds
Greg Beers, Percussion
Andrew Singles, Co-Percussion
Floyd Reinhard, Percussion Technician
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