Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Match

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Match
Match each vocabulary term to the statements that describe it. Each term will be used
A.) subduction
B.) plate tectonics C.) sea-floor spreading
D.) continental drift
E.) convergent boundary F.) transform boundary
G.) divergent boundary
H.) convection
_____ 1.) This makes the ocean wider.
_____ 2.) All continents were once one land mass.
_____ 3.) theory that Earth’s surface is broken into jigsaw like pieces
_____ 4.)boundary where tectonic plates move apart
_____ 5) boundary where tectonic plates move together
_____ 6) process of one tectonic plate moving under another
_____ 7.) where tectonic plates divide and separate
_____ 8.) the process that moves the tectonic plates
_____ 9.) This happens at an oceanic-oceanic divergent boundary.
_____ 10.) This happens to oceanic plates at convergent boundaries.
_____ 11.) theory of how tectonic plates move and change shape
_____ 12.) boundary where earthquakes are common
_____ 13.) where tectonic plates collide
_____ 14.) Hot liquids rise. Cool liquids sink.
_____ 15.) Alfred Wegner’s hypothesis
_____ 16.) where tectonic plates “slide” past one another
Match each vocabulary term to the statements that describe it. Each term will be used
A.) lithosphere
F.) asthenosphere
B.) mantle
C.) core
D.) tectonic plates
E.) crust
G.) mesosphere
H.) inner core
I.) outer core
_____ 1.) the Earth’s solid center
_____ 2.) the layer between crust and core
_____ 3.) plastic like layer the tectonic plates float on
_____ 4.) Earth’s liquid layer
_____ 5.) shell is to egg as this is to Earth
_____ 6.) Earth’s center-most physical layer
_____ 7.) Earth’s fourth physical layer from the surface
_____ 8.) blocks of lithosphere
_____ 9.) outer-most layer, made of crust and upper mantle
_____ 10.) There is an inner and outer part of this layer.
_____ 11.) thin, outer-most layer
_____ 12.) most of the mantle
_____ 13.) Convection starts here.
_____ 14.) jigsaw like pieces that make up Earth’s surface
_____ 15.) soft layer of the mantle
_____ 16.) Earth’s center, part liquid, part solid
_____ 17.) strong, lower part of the mantle
_____ 18.) Tectonic plates are blocks of this.
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