2012 - 2013 ANNUAL REPORT
Since 1994, we have dedicated ourselves to the Susan
G. Komen promise to save lives and end breast cancer
forever. This year, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of
the Cleveland Race for the Cure and the 2nd annual Akron
Race for the Cure, we remain as passionate as ever about
that promise.
For nearly two decades, Komen Northeast Ohio has been
ensuring that women and men in our local service area
have access to the education, screening, treatment, and
support that they need. From urban centers to rural
communities, Komen Northeast Ohio works to close gaps in
the health care system.
Grants awarded to local organizations address unmet
breast health needs so that everyone—regardless of
income, language, culture, or geography—has access to
quality care. Throughout our history, we have provided
over $13 million in grants to more than 50 organizations
throughout Northeast Ohio. In 2013, we will provide over
$900,000 to organizations that serve all 22 counties in our
service area.
Funding research is vital to our promise to end breast
cancer forever. In addition to local grants, we have invested
more than $5 million in the Susan G. Komen National
Research and Scientific Awards Program over the years. We
will invest nearly $300,000 this year alone.
When Susan G. Komen was founded, the 5-year survival
rate for breast cancer diagnosed in the early stages was
74%. Today, it is 99%. Additionally, as a result of earlier
detection and improved treatment options, we have seen a
steady decrease in the overall breast cancer mortality rate.
Because of you, Susan G. Komen has touched every one of
these advances.
We thank all of you—survivors, donors, sponsors,
volunteers, and advocates—for your investment in Komen
Northeast Ohio. Your support is leading to real, lasting
change in our community and around the world, change
that we should all be proud of. Together, we look forward
to the day when we realize our vision of a world without
breast cancer.
Warm Regards,
Michael Gall
Sean W. Shacklett
Executive Director
Since 1994, Komen Northeast Ohio has provided
more than $13 million in grants to 50 local
organizations and more than $5 million to the
Komen National Research Grants program.
Today there are nearly
1 in 8 women will be
diagnosed with breast
cancer in her lifetime
Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds,
biopsies, consultations and advanced
Education on breast health, breast cancer,
early detection, sources of care, and the
screening process
Patient Navigation Services
Case management and support for those
obtaining breast services
Clinical breast exams andmammograms
breast cancer survivors in the
United States, making them
the largest group of cancer
survivors in the nation.
Time between
each new breast
cancer diagnosis
in the United
Support Services
Includes services such as psychological
support, financial assistance,
transportation, and prescription services
Total Services Provided
Through education, targeted outreach
efforts and direct services
Patient Navigation
Total Services Provided
Center for Appalachia Research in Cancer Education // $100,690
Mercy Medical Center // $83,800
CARE provides community-led screening and education
programs in Ashland, Ashtabula, Geauga, Holmes, Medina,
Richland and Wayne counties. CARE hopes to reach 650 Amish
and Mennonite women living in some of the most resourcestarved settlements in Ohio.
Mercy’s program provides access to screening and diagnostic
services for women without insurance. The program includes
breast health navigation to optimize resources, education
on early detection, screening information, and best practice
survivorship methodologies to further ensure quality of life for
breast cancer patients and their families.
Columbiana County Health Department // $33,800
MetroHealth Foundation // $130,434
Columbiana County Health Department provides breast
health services to socio-economically disadvantaged women
residing in this Appalachian county. Services include breast
health education, clinical breast exams, free or reduced-fee
mammograms, mobile mammography, follow up diagnostic
services, annual recall and reminders services, and patient
navigation services.
Cuyahoga County Board of Health // $124,000
The Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) provides breast
and cervical screening and diagnostic services to uninsured
women 40 years and older with low income. The BCCP provides
case management for clients through the screening and
diagnosis process.
Karen P. Nakon Breast Cancer Foundation // $50,000
The Karen P. Nakon Foundation offers financial assistance
to those burdened with costs of breast cancer treatment.
Nakon offers support to breast cancer patients by providing
critical payments, such as mortgage/rent, utility expenses,
transportation costs, medical insurance, deductibles, COBRA,
and medication costs.
MetroHealth provides 300 mammograms and 240 clinical
breast exams to women in need. Agency partners provide other
screenings such as blood pressure, glucose and pap exams.
Bilingual patient navigators arrange comprehensive follow-up
services, assisting 1,400 patients. 2,500 Latina women are also
educated on breast self awareness and screening guidelines via
the volunteer Amigas Unidas Program.
NorthEast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services // $73,476
NEON provides outreach, education, screening, and patient
navigation services with an emphasis on African American
women in Cleveland. The project focuses outreach specifically to
hair salons and churches that act as health awareness hubs for
women. Patient navigation services assure support for women
who need diagnostic or treatment services.
Summa Health System // $63,856
Summa Screens provides mammography, breast ultrasounds
and breast health navigation services along the continuum of
care at Summa Health System, an organized health care delivery
system in Northeast Ohio. The target population includes lowincome, uninsured, underinsured and underserved women with
an emphasis on outreach to African American women.
Trinity Health System // $92,499
Trinity provides clinical breast exams, pelvic exams, pap smears,
and mammograms for women 40 and over in 9 southeastern
counties that are home to Amish, Mennonite and Appalachian
women. The project includes an update on breast health
guidelines for providers, a targeted education program for the
general public, and the reduction of barriers to screening and
diagnostic services for 500 women.
University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center // $60,400
The breast health program provides clinical breast examinations;
screening mammography services; educational programs;
navigation services; and shuttle transportation to uninsured
women ages 40 – 64 with income levels that are at or below
200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Diagnostic referrals
and continuation of care is fostered through collaboration and
University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center // $104,004
Save Our Sisters (S.O.S.) includes breast health classes for
African-American women ages 18-40; access to a health
advocate from St. Vincent Charity Medical Center to ensure
women secure screening visits; screening mammography both
inside the UH Seidman Cancer Center and in greater Cleveland
via mobile units; and training for doctors within Northeast Ohio
Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.’s network.
Funds raised by Komen Northeast Ohio in FY13 (4/1/123/31/13) fund these grant programs.
Fiscal Year Ending 3/31/13
Board of Directors
Michael Gall
Mission Investment
Race for the Cure
Jennifer Boland
Vice President
Eileen Korey
Vice President
Najeebah Shine
Vice President
Lee Giller
Kelly Linson, CPA
Susan Berny
Greg Boone, MD
Adam Chafe
Jennifer Deutsch
John Ertz
Brad Gorman
Race for the Cure
Other Revenue
(Contributions and other events)
Screening and Treatment Grants
Education Grants
Internal Programs
Research Grants and Awards
Total Mission Service and Grant Expenses
Denise Grcevich
Matt Gurbach
Stephanie Harrington
Cheryl Johnson, MD
Lolita McDavid, MD
Christine Polisena
Sue Kurzweil, CPA
Board Member Emeritus
Pamela Mascio
Administrative/Other Events
Race for the Cure
Total Supporting Service Expenses
Change in Net Assets
Net Assets, Beginning of Year
*Without In Kind Contributions of $37,755
Board Member Emeritus
Preliminary unaudited financial statement. Results subject to change.
Every Donor Counts
Without you, Komen’s mission would not be possible. Your generosity plays a critical role in Komen’s efforts
toward finding the cures for breast cancer. Every effort has been made to list all donors accurately for the
2012-2013 fiscal year. Please contact the Komen Northeast Ohio office at 216.292.2873 if you notice any
errors or omissions. To see an expanded list of donors, please visit
Jim and Muffy Boland
Ed and Mary Crawford
Pamela Mascio and Peter Herbruck
Robert and Susan Tomsich
Adam and Christy Chafe
Chris and Sara Connor
Jennifer Deutsch and Gregg Goldberg
Michael and Erin Gall
Jeff and Kerry Glueck
Stephen and Denise Grcevich
Chad and Mary Beth Gunerra
Sean and Becky Hennessy
David and Dozie Herbruck
Arthur and Carol Anton
Sonya Bosinger
Jim and Diana Fretwell
Ronald Roseman
Baiju Shah
Tom and Kori Smith
Richard and Emily Smucker
Scott Jared and Jennifer Boland
Gulam Khan and Jill Boland
Eileen Korey and Robert Kaplan
Jerry and Joanne Medinger
Frank and Patty Roddy
Harvey and Michelle Sass
David and Deb Stahler
Deborah Taylor-Lacher
Russell and Cynthia Adams
Maripat Alpuche
Melissa Anderson
Garry and Julie Beltz
Don and Nancy Benincasa
Alice Bissett
Jimmy and Mallie Boland
Toby and Anita Cosgrove
Matthew and Debbie Crawford
Deborah Donley
Renee Dugan
Brooke Emmel
Fred and Marcia Floyd
Lee and Kathy Giller
Brad and Rosetta Gorman
Ian Guthrie
Stephen Hovan
David Hudak
Phil Kendel
Tamara Kravec
Dwight Kumler and Donna
Brad and Sue Kurzweil
Beverly Labuda
Peter Lewis and Betty Powers
Mic and Hallie Lundon Laurie Masters
Kristen Matti
Al and Wendy Mistysyn
Howard and Mary Moore
Helen Moss
Brian Pace
George Reider
Rod Rezaee and Sara Schiavoni
Linda Rocchi
Brad Rossetto
Timothy and Heather Ryan
Barbara Salsbury
Wesley and Najeebah Shine
Jesse Sobol
Pat and Michelle Spicuzza
Sophie Sureau
Deborah Thompson
Kathy Underhill
James Viton and Valerie Pavlik
Julie Walker
John and Kelly Warner
Patty Wasikowski
Matt Weil
Paul and Nancy Wellener
Frederick and Jill Wenham
Nick and Mary Kay Yuhas
Patricia Gockstetter
Chris and Mindy Goodin
Don and Julie Haines
Bob and Julie Handlos
Jacquelyn Hayden
Ellen Herman
David and Edith Herzberg
Rich Hofstra and Nancy Li-Hofstra Jeff and Deborah Jewell
N. Robert Johnson and Patricia Gajda
Andrew and Kathleen Joyce
Jim and Mary Kander
Lori Kingston
Catherine Kroll
David and Suann Kuzma
George and Susan Lashley
Jimmy Lee
Todd and Jen Leombruno
The Lott Family
Connie Mack
Jim MacLean
Kelly Mastromonaco
Thomas Mathis
Bob and Leanne McCormick
Jeff McDaniels
Lolita McDavid, MD and Lee Trotter
Colleen McKenna
Nora Elizabeth Molter
Craig and Corrine Moore
Jerry and MaryAnn Moreno
June Nagel
Crispin and Shawna Napolitano
Carol Neville
Jan Nowac
The Pace Family
Bob and Ginny Perkins
Timothy Piai and Dara Krueger
Debra Reddish
Meg Reider
Brad and Carol Richardson
Brian Richardson
William Ritt
Cheryl Sacerich and Ulli Weinrich
Jennie Satterfield
Melody Scheffield
Dawn Schrenk
Kathy Schwartz
William and Betty Lou Smerglia
Marc and Rhonda Stefanski
Scott Stephens
Alissa Stinson
Raymond and Bonnie Stolarski
Steven and Diana Strongosky
Sandra Szuch
Angela Taylor
Jill Thompson
Raymond Voelker
Marc and Lori Waite
Michael Wiggers
Donald Woodcock
Cynthia Zelis
John and Sue Zemon
Paul and Kelly Brzozowski
Alicia Byrd
Nicholas and Jessica Camburako
Linda Campbell
Debra Canale
Brian Carley
Amy Carlson
Brian and Amy Catney
Jeff Charney
Jouweng Chen
Sharon and Margaret Conway
Timothy Conway
Craig Cooper and
Trina Rauscher-Cooper
Kelly Coury
Anthony Coyne
David and Ann Cundy
LueEsther Cunningham
Carol and Anna Cvitkovich
Pamela Davey
Rebecca Davidson
Milan and Rupal Dayalal
Raymond Deemer and Mary Ellen
Rick and Rebecca Degeorge
Amy Delp and Debbie Warman
Kirk Denholm and Kathy Hendricks
Kathleen Dorko
Peter and Zena Elliott
Jeffrey and Patricia Embleton
Bill and Julie Everett
The Fenik Family
James Forney
Frank Foti
John Gannon and Julie Boland
Ryan Giacomarro
Steven and Cynthia Girouard
Scott and Laurie Grabowski
Joseph Gramc
Thomas and Jan Hablitzel
Roger Hamm
John Harbaugh
Scott and Amy Harris
MaryBeth Hedlund
Jill Hicks
Jody and Cynthia Hodson
George and Marysue Hohman
Ralph, Debbie and Kristen Holy
Lok Home
John Hostetler
The Hren Family
The Hudec Family
Michael Hudec
Jill Hungerford
Christian and Araminta Hunter
Mary Husni
Karen Jared
Judith Jenkins
David Jennings
Susan Jones
Carrie Jorgensen
David and Katherine Jorgensen
George and Julianne Keco
Katherine Kennedy
Kathy Kenny
Jill Kimpel
Les Adair
Ken and Toby Alfred
Missy Abel Arbuckle
James Arndt
Lyall and Lauren Barbour
Sheri Basile-Schroek
Mavis Bechtle
Ronald and Mary Benko
Greg and Kim Boone
Cody and Christine Boucher
Margaret Brooks
Whitt and Anne Butler
Paul and Sherry Carleton
Jane Cronin
Donald Daut
Robert and Jennifer Dougherty
Matthew and Debby Downing
Jerry and Donna Doyle
Patricia Fisher
Bob and Rini Garber
Tonia Gillespie
Elaine Allard
Pamela Allegretti
Paul and Cynthia Allen
Anthony Asher
Jamey and Wendy Asher
Merilee Bailey
Doris Beardsley
Jerry Bell
Robert and Kristine Bennett
Lorin Bertakis
Jackie Binkiewicz
Bhavan Bir
Tiffany Bivins
Jean Blackburn
Sadie Blackert
Erik Boland
John Bolton
Karim and Allison Botros
Michael Bowman
Jacqi Brezina
The Brown Family
Chris and Leslie Brown
19 Action News
CBS Radio
University Hospitals Seidman
Cancer Center
Cleveland Clinic
Giant Eagle
Akron General
Akron Racers
Ben Venue Laboratories
Bridgestone Americas
Caribou Coffee
Cleveland Indians
Clifford Norton Studio
JCE Financial Group, LLC
Bridgestone Invitational
Lorain County Community College
Women’s Journal
Northwestern Mutual
Northeast Ohio Group
Ohio Savings Bank
Pat Catan’s Craft Centers
Rubber City Radio Group
Southwest General Health Center
Summa Health System
The Race, Inc.
University Hospitals
Geneva Medical Center
V & M Star
Akron Life
Avon Athletic Booster Club
Babcock & Wilcox
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Boaters for a Cure
Chesapeake Energy
Clear Choice Lasik Eye Centers
& The Cleveland Eye Clinic
Cleveland Magazine
Coit Cleaning and Restoration Services
Elyria Pioneer Club
Green Soccer Association
Hathaway Brown School
Invacare Corporation
Levin Furniture
Medical Mutual
Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream
Northern Ohio Golf Charities
Foundation, Inc.
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Solon Board of Education
The W. W. Williams Company
Weaver Leather
Winston Products
Baker Hostetler
Bowl for the Cure
Caring Individuals Stepping Out
Against Breast Cancer
Case Western Reserve University
Chardon High School
Cloverleaf Local School District
Dino Palmieri Salon
Donald Martens & Sons
Ambulance Service
Dots, LLC
East Liverpool High School
Ernst & Young
Javich, Block & Rathbone
Jewish Community Federation
of Cleveland
Lake Erie Harley Davidson
Master Printing + Mailing
Mayfield Volleyball
Nationwide Insurance
Nestle USA
New Philadelphia High School
Nook Industries
North Royalton City School District
Paysage Interiors
Aseracare Hospice
Bay Village City School District
Berkshire High School
Brunswick City School District
Buckeye High School
Cargill Salt
Carrollton High School
Charles Schwab
City’s Towne and Country
Columbiana County Vocational School
Crestview High School
CVS Caremark
Diebold Inc.
Dragon Dream Team
East Palestine High School
East Pee-Wee Booster Club
Edison High School Boosters Club
Eveready Battery Company
Field High School
Fit for Life
Flight Options
Furniture Showcase
Ganley Bedford Imports
Gap Inc.
Gebauer Company
Glazen Creative Studios
H&R Block
Highland Local Schools
Indian Valley High School
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Kent City School District
Lakeview and Liberty Volley for the Cure
Lorain High School
Loudonville-Perrysville School District
Lutheran Community Foundation
Maury Rose
Medina Athletic Booster Club
Midview Athletic Boosters
Nationwide Canton
Nature Stone
Neighborhood Voice
New Image Media
News Herald
Nordonia High School
Norwayne High School
Ocean Reef Club
Ohio State Eagles Charity
Plain Local Schools
Playground World
PPG Industries
Quickchange Operating Company
Riverside High School
RPM International Inc.
Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern
Skylight Financial Group
South Range Local School District
Springfield Local School
Supply Chain Edge
Susan and John Turben Foundation
Tower City Center
Trinchero Family Estates
University of Mount Union
UPS Foundation, Inc
Walter Haverfield
Warren G. Harding High School
Eugene Kmiec
Dale Koblenzer
Teresa Koenig
Bobbie Jo Kolenda
Michael and Kimberly Kosunick
Christine Kloss
Brad and Tami Kowit
Ronald and Margie Kruse
Kevin and Anna Kruszenski
Lynn Kukanza
Don and Alice Lappe
Dalene Layne-Vencl
Diane Lockard
Heather Lutz
Kimberly Magovac
Omar Malik and Wanda Savioli
Barry Marolt
Thomas Marshaus and
Nancy Huda Marshaus
Dennis Martin
The Martin Family
Robert and Dolores Mascio
Bernie and DeAnna McCarrell
Helen McClain
Arlie and Karen McHugh
Bob and Pam Michalski
John Migchelbrink
James Mikolaj
Marjorie Moore
J. Lincoln Morris
Susan and Molly Morris
Linda Mullally
Chris and Amy Nook
Sheldon and Stephanie Ocker
James Oliver
Rick Ortmeyer
Jude Parke
William and Kristin Perkins
Richard and Linda Price
Dennis Reed
Nancy Rich
Steven and Natalie Rini
Sally Rochford
Lisa Rock
Raymond and Sharon Roman
Donna and Hanna Ross
Michael Rubin
Anne Sawyer
Kim and Alexandra Scharf
Marc and Sue Schlessinger
James Schmidt
Darrell Scott
Cheryl Sebjenics
Ronald and Janis Seith
Maureen Setter
Lisa and Roger Sherrard
Justin Simmons and
Corinna Schmidt
Alan and Cindi Sobol
Suzanne Spisak
William Staaf
Rick and Amy Stalker
Huguette Sureau
LuAnn Thomas
Trey and Maribeth Thompson
Bob and Christine Turner
Jack and Sally Turner
Christine Tvaroch
Ronald Veverka
Anthony Visconsi
Patricia Wagoner
Janet Wahl
Edward Walsh
Belinda Ward
Keith Ward
Howard and Virginia
Patrick and Kerri Werrlein
Jeanette Wheeler
Paul Wilson
Thomas and Barbara Wladyka
Douglas and Diane Wofsey
Mary Wohl
Michelle Wood
La Queta Worley
Christopher Wright
Julie Young-Walker
Joseph and Mary Zingale
Perry Girls Volleyball
Perry Public Schools
PGA Tour, Inc.
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Pymatuning Valley Primary PTO
Refractive Eye Physician Support
Strongsville Jazzercize
U.S. Endoscopy
University of Akron
Weathersfield Local School District
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Cleveland, OH
Permit No. 1040
26210 Emery Road, Suite 307
Cleveland, OH 44128
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75 cents of every dollar
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This money provides access
to life-saving education,
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Northeast Ohio help carry
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Komen is now the
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