ISM 4052 – Internet Application Programming Assignment 1 – Web

ISM 4052 – Internet Application Programming
Assignment 1 – Web Page Coding
Design and code a web page or pages on a single topic of your choice. All styles must be coded in
external style sheet(s). Both the stylesheets and the XHTML files should pass validation testing with no
errors. XHTML must satisfy the “strict” variant.
The web pages should include the following elements.
with headings
CSS Elements
Font family
Font size
Font color
Background (color or image)
Positioning (of some element)
A style that applies to all instances of some tag
A style class
The above list of elements is a minimum requirement. The submission can contain any additional items
and multiple items of any kind.
The work must be posted to a public web site where it is viewable. The University provides student web
sites through ANDI. Instructions can be found at
Alternatively, a web search on “free web hosting” will produce a large list of sites offering such services.
Submission: Submit by email the URL at which your assignment can be viewed. If it contains more than
one page, list all of the pages.
Grading: 30 points for overall design and coherent presentation of topic; 10 points for posting to public
site; 5 points for each listed element (60 points total.) Validation errors and violations of external CSS
requirements, -5 points for first error with additional penalties of up to -5 points for each further