Teen Homework Helper Application

Teen Homework Helper Application
Park Forest Public Library | Serving the communities of Park Forest and Olympia Fields
Homework helpers will commit to a schedule of 1-3 hours a week of
covering a “homework help” desk in the Kids’ Zone of the Park Forest
Public Library. These hours will qualify for any community service
obligations you may have, and look great on resumes and college
To apply, please fill out and submit this form at the patron services desk, or email a completed copy to
[email protected] We will contact you shortly to set up a brief interview. Please note this is
only open to teens residing in Park Forest or Olympia Fields.
Email address: _________________________________________________________
Phone #:
Grade level:
Are you academically in good standing and currently passing all of your courses? ___________
Volunteer Waiver: I, ________________________________, state that I have volunteered my services
to the Park Forest Public Library and do hereby waive any right of claim now or in the future for any
injury to my person or property that may occur directly or indirectly in the performance of such services
or other services related thereto that I am requested to perform. I understand that by signing this
waiver, I am assuming all liability for my person and property during the time I am performing volunteer
Applicant’s signature: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________
If you are under 18, parent signature required for above waiver and following awareness statement: I
am aware of the commitment for which my son/daughter is applying.
Parent/guardian’s signature: _______________________________________ Date:_________________
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