Ancient Rome – Revision Questions


Ancient Rome – Revision Questions









Name the brothers who, legend has it, founded the city of Rome. What was the main language of Ancient Rome? Before Rome became an Empire, whay kind of government did it have? What is the difference between plebeians and patricians? Where did slaves come from? Where did plebeians live? Describe their dwellings. Where did patricians live? Describe their dwellings. Give 3 examples of food and drink enjoyed by Romans. 9.

Name the two large stadiums in Ancient Rome and the main sport(s) associated with each. 10.

What was a Roman soldier known as? 11.

What was the forum? Name two buildings you would find there. 12.

Why did Romans visit the baths? Name two rooms you would find there. 13.

Give two examples of Roman Gods and what they were worshipped for. 14.

What name did Romans give to their household gods? 15.

Who was the emperor who brought Christianity to Rome? 16.

What clothes did Roman men and women wear? 17.

What did Roman schoolchildren use for writing? 18.

What did Romans learn about at school? 19.

Who attended school in ancient Rome? 20.

Name the volcano that erupted in 79AD and the city it destroyed. 21.

What structures brought water to ancient Roman cities? 22.

Explain 4 ways the Romans have influenced the modern world.

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