The MerlinStandard Promoting Supply Chain Excellence

The Merlin Standard
Promoting Supply Chain
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What is The Merlin Standard?
Developed as a joint exercise between Department for Work
and Pensions (DWP) & the Welfare to Work (W2W) sector
Active involvement from the Cabinet Office, and other
Government Departments
Though produced with the active involvement of W2W, it is
generic by design and applicable to any sector or
organisation managing a supply chain.
The Purpose of The Merlin Standard
The purpose of the Merlin Standard is to provide a
national benchmark which recognises and promotes
sustainable excellence. It is designed to be assessed at 3
Supply Chain Partners
The Structure of the Standard
Supply Chain Design - “Excellent supply chains are innovative, flexible
and creative”
Commitment - “Excellent supply chains are built through excellent
Conduct - “Excellent supply chains are led and managed with integrity,
honesty and transparency and supported by effective processes”
Review - “Excellent supply chains will deliver the best results for
customers and have the most positive impact on the wider community”
The Merlin Elements & Criteria
Principle 1
Supply Chain Design
Scope and variety of supply chain
Public vs. Private to meet holistic needs
Wider networks
The Merlin Elements & Criteria
Principle 2
Collaboration, cooperation &
Developing supply chain partners
Contracting and funding
The Merlin Elements & Criteria
Principle 3
Demonstrating business and commercial integrity
Quality assurance and compliance
Honouring commitments
Promoting diversity and equality
The Merlin Elements & Criteria
Principle 4
Supply chain review
Feedback mechanisms
Wider impact
Evolution and improvement
The Merlin Assessment Process
Allocated Lead Assessor & Booking Form
Agree planning and on-site dates – team allocated
Submit Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
Pre-assessment notes (PAN) are created by the Lead
On-site Assessment and Feedback
Factual Accuracy Check of the report
Key Steps
The benefits of The Merlin Standard
Sustainable Supply Chains
Strengthens relationships
Helps with contracting
Broader awareness of best practice
Impact on performance
Reassurance to customers
Common direction
Does The Merlin Standard have any
Not really but;
It is not for any organisation who dos not truly wish to
improve and be seen as an excellent organisation to
work in partnership with and may require considerable
time and effort to acquire.
It is aimed at organisations for whom supply chains are
vital to bottom-line success.
Does The Merlin Standard have any
Not really but;
You will need to have clear supply chain-focused goals
and key processes in place for delivery of the goals.
Communication is Key. People need to understand the
organisational direction and be supported in achieving it.
Senior management need to actively support the
concepts of The Merlin Standard. Paying lip-service to
get ‘the badge’ will not work.
What does it take to implement The
Merlin Standard successfully?
The Merlin Standard is a very exacting Standard which will not be
achieved unless you can demonstrate that you –
Truly understand your Supply Chain partners – their
behaviour, experiences, beliefs, needs, desires.
Provide services based on an understanding of supply chain
providers individual needs
Can visualise and record how and when your supply chain
providers interact with those who work alongside them.
Can show how community interaction is part of what you do
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