International Center

 International Center Application Instructions for Post-Completion
Optional Practical Training
Before you begin the OPT application process
Read the “OPT Information” page on the OPT website at
Apply for graduation evaluation at the records office
Satisfy your Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR).
Make an appointment to meet with Judy Mitchell to apply for OPT.
What to Bring to the International Center Office
1. The date you want your OPT to start (cannot be later than 60 days past your graduation date.)
2. Undergraduate students provide an e-mail from your Academic Advisor. The e-mail must state
the date your degree requirements will be met. You may want to provide your advisor with a copy
of the sample e-mail. Graduate students whom have not yet submitted a Graduate Degree
Progress Form, should complete this form and bring it with you to your meeting with Judy
3. Two passport-style photos – refer to:
Place the photos in an envelope marked "PHOTOS." Write name and I-94 admission number on
the back of each photo, lightly, in pencil; ink can ruin photograph.
4. A personal check for $380.00 payable to "U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”
5. If you were approved for change of status to F-1 and do not have an F-1 visa stamp, bring a
photocopy of your F-1 approval notice.
6. Photocopies of pages 1 and 3 (back to back) of all previous Cal Poly I-20s
7. Photocopies of your passport including the photo and expiration pages, your F-1 visa stamp, and
latest US entry stamp.
8. Print out of I-94 from
9. A photocopy of any previous EAD cards
10. Download and complete the G-1145 form at to receive
electronic notification that your application has been received.
11. Completed and Signed OPT Reporting Requirement (page 3 of this packet.)
Revised 12.04.2014
12. Download Form I-765 at
 Save it so you can fill it in on your computer. This is preferable to completing it by hand.
 If filling out by hand, be sure to use black ink.
 Leave unsigned until your OPT appointment. Signature must fit within a very small space and
we have a template to use.
 Check the box indicating that you are applying for permission to accept employment, and
complete items 1-16.
 The address on line 3 should be a permanent residence where you want the EAD mailed.
Keep in mind it will be mailed in 3-5 months. If you want it to be mailed outside California be
sure to mention this at your OPT appointment as this determines the application mailing
 On line 16, fill in (c) (3) (B)
 If you have any questions when filling out the form we can assist you at your appointment
Mailing Instructions
You are responsible to mail your OPT application and will be given an envelope with the
appropriate mailing address. You will need to go to a post office to pay for postage and
certified mail if you want proof of delivery. If you use certified mail, keep your receipt and the
green postcard you will receive in the mail showing proof of delivery.
Regulations require that the application be mailed within 30 days from the date your OPT I-20
is issued and received by DHS no later than 60 days after the revised completion date on
your new OPT I-20.
Application Process
A Receipt Notice will be sent within a few weeks after your application is received.
You can follow-up on the status of your application after you receive your receipt notice. The
receipt notice has a case number. Check the web site for status:
If you receive a Request for Evidence notify the International Center immediately for
The Employment Authorization Document (EAD) will be mailed to the address on your I-765.
You need to receive the EAD before you can begin employment.
International Center Health Insurance Advisory
After you have completed your degree at Cal Poly, you are no longer bound by the International Student Health
Insurance Requirements. Although having health insurance is an option, you are strongly advised to maintain your
health insurance due to the high cost of health care in the United States. Wells Fargo Student Insurance will allow
their clients to continue their coverage at the student rate throughout the term of their student visa status and they
will also accept new clients who have graduated.
By signing below, I certify that I have been advised to continue my health insurance coverage.
Last Name _______________________ First Name ___________________ Middle _______________
Student Signature
International Center OPT Reporting Requirements
Immigration regulations require students to provide address and employer updates to the international
office during their period of authorized OPT.
Initial each item below to indicate that you understand your responsibilities to notify the International
______ of any residence address changes within 10 days
______ of any changes to phone number and e-mail address
______ of the employer name and address, employment start and end date
______ of any changes in employment, including any periods of non-employment
______ if you get close to the 90 day limit of unemployment allowed
______ if you change your visa type. Send a scanned copy of your change of status notice
to Judy Mitchell:
Report changes to:
Susan Tripp by e-mail to: and copy Judy Mitchell:
By initialing the items listed above and by signing below, I certify that I have been advised of my
responsibility to report the above information to the International Center.
Last Name _______________________ First Name _____________________ MI _________
Phone number_______________________ Non-CP E-mail____________________________
OPT Applicant Signature