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Since 1842, Villanova University’s
Augustinian Catholic intellectual
tradition has been the cornerstone
of an academic community in which
students learn to think critically, act
compassionately and succeed while
serving others. There are more than
10,000 undergraduate, graduate and
law students in the University’s five
colleges—the College of Liberal Arts
and Sciences, the Villanova School of
Business, the College of Engineering,
the College of Nursing and the
Villanova University School of Law. As
students grow intellectually, Villanova
prepares them to become ethical
leaders who create positive change
everywhere life takes them. U.S. News
& World Report has ranked Villanova
as the #1 Regional University in the
North for more than 20 years.
Villanova offers a variety of online
certificate programs in today’s most
in-demand disciplines: Business
Process Management, Project
Management, Business and Law of
Sports, Lean Six Sigma, Contract
Management, IS Security, Business
Analysis, Software Testing, IT
Service Management/ITIL®, Business
Intelligence, Human Resources, ROI
Methodology, Leadership, and Finance
and Accounting for the Non-Financial
Manager. The University also offers
online graduate degrees including the
Master of Public Administration and
Master of Science in Human Resource
Development, allowing professionals
worldwide to earn the same degree as
campus-based students.
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Develop the Skills to Improve Quality and
Profitability – 100% Online!
Discover the Six Sigma techniques that have helped organizations of all types operate more
efficiently, reduce waste and improve their bottom line. Six Sigma is an overall enterprise
improvement methodology structured to reduce product or service failure rates to near
perfection. Utilizing a disciplined, data-driven approach, Six Sigma practitioners use data to
monitor, control, and improve operational performance by eliminating and preventing defects
in products and associated processes, including management, service delivery, design,
production and customer satisfaction.
With Villanova’s Master Certificates in Six Sigma you can conveniently earn the skills and
credentials that can position you to become a sought-after professional in any department or
industry. Villanova has specially designed four Six Sigma programs – three that demonstrate
how the methodology can be applied in healthcare, financial services and information
technology settings, plus a general program with examples and case studies from a number
of other industries. Each master certificate program features a panel of seasoned experts
who guide you through a specialized Green Belt course as well as Lean Six Sigma and Lean
Black Belt courses. With Villanova’s Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma, you can
gain the skills to become a Lean Master Black Belt and maximize success throughout your
Villanova’s unique online programs reveal the unprecedented results of Six Sigma
implementation by organizations of all sizes. Motorola claimed savings of over $15 billion
during its first 15 years of Six Sigma implementation. American Express experienced savings
of over $1 billion annually during its first three years of implementation. And numerous
healthcare facilities throughout the United States have documented increased efficiency that
can be directly attributed to Six Sigma.
Villanova University is widely recognized as the expert in Six Sigma education, with thousands
of online enrollments that include professionals from numerous Fortune 500 companies. Each
Six Sigma course is taught by Villanova University’s superior online faculty, which includes
best-selling Six Sigma author and consultant George Eckes, financial services expert Adam
Bowden, information technology veteran Don Ainsworth and healthcare executive Susan
“Six Sigma is a management philosophy that has transformed
organizations, helping them become more effective and efficient.”
George Eckes, Villanova Online Faculty Member,
Former GE Consultant and Best-Selling Author
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Now you can earn industry-recognized certifications through the worldwide leader in Six
Sigma online education – Villanova University! You can enjoy instant recognition, credibility
and respect for your new credentials, which are the only Six Sigma certifications offered
online. Plus you’ll get immediate pass/fail results after the exam.
Our online classroom is second to
none! It’s dynamic, interactive and
multimedia-driven. Instant messaging
and shared virtual whiteboards allow
you to interact with classmates and
faculty in real time. And two-way voice
over IP is a great personal touch for
students who prefer to communicate
via voice to ask questions or discuss
weekly assignments.
Earning your Green Belt, Lean Sensei, Lean Black Belt and Lean Master Black Belt
certifications can validate your commitment to quality, increase your earning potential
and give you a competitive advantage in the workplace. No other credential does a better
job of showing employers that your contributions can significantly impact the bottom line.
According to an iSixSigma article entitled “What Is Six Sigma?” (accessed September
2010), professionals with Black Belt certification save companies approximately $230,000
per project and can complete four to six projects per year. That’s more than $1 million in
potential annual savings per Black Belt!
Certification from Villanova University can also help you:
• Earn prestige and recognition from colleagues
• Become part of a community of certified professionals
• Gain greater confidence
• Be entrusted with greater responsibility
Communicating with professors
during virtual office hours and viewing
leading industry experts via streaming
video make learning faster than in the
traditional classroom setting. You’ll do
everything online in your own time, so
you can work full time while continuing
your education.
Position Yourself to Become a Six Sigma Expert – Earn a Master Certificate!
Enterprises rely on highly trained performance improvement leaders to help them align Six
Sigma and Lean with an organization’s goals to create positive change, and to apply Six
Sigma and Lean across all aspects of the business, including human resources, financial,
legal, customer relations, information technology, operations, engineering and the supply
chain. Villanova University’s online master certificates help you gain the critical Six Sigma
skills needed to lead remarkable improvements in any industry.
Take three Six Sigma courses and earn a Master Certificate in Six Sigma, a Master Certificate
in Six Sigma – Healthcare, a Master Certificate in Six Sigma – Financial Services, or a Master
Certificate in Six Sigma – Information Technology. Each program features Lean Six Sigma and
Black Belt courses, plus a specialized Green Belt course with industry-specific examples and
case studies. Earning a master certificate demonstrates thorough Six Sigma knowledge and
understanding, as well as a solid commitment to continuing education.
Take Your Career Higher With an Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma!
Build upon the expertise you’ve developed as a Black Belt and earn prestigious, careerbuilding Lean Master Black Belt certification. Expand your Lean Six Sigma proficiency across
your entire operation, leading other Black Belts with your superior knowledge and skills. You
can earn this certification and Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma by completing
this 3-course track and certification exam.
• Virtual classroom provides two-way
voice over IP with instant messaging
and shared whiteboard features
• Professor-led classes through online
streaming video
• Lectures also available on CD-ROM
and as downloadable MP3 and
MP4 files
• Chat rooms and discussion boards
for rich, real-time interaction with
professors and students alike
• Ability to study anytime, anywhere
• No required login times –
24/7 access
• Multimedia access – not a
book-in-a-box, go-it-alone program
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Nothing helps you stand out in the business crowd like the unique ability to reduce money-draining waste and inefficiency. But to tackle it,
you must first identify it. That’s where the data-driven methodology of Villanova’s online Six Sigma master certificate program can help.
Combining the valuable techniques of Six Sigma and Lean into one
comprehensive program, the online Master Certificate in Six Sigma
helps professionals like you produce extraordinary results for your
organization. Available as part of this master certificate program or
as individual certificates, courses including Six Sigma Green Belt,
Lean Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt empower you with
valuable skills and credentials you can apply immediately on the job.
Program Benefits
Your master certificate prepares you for certification exams –
Green Belt, Lean Sensei and Lean Black Belt – offered by Villanova
University. Choose your path based on the following chart.
Green Belt Certificate
Green Belt Certificate
With Specialization
General Emphasis
ÎÎ Financial Service
ÎÎ Information Technology
Lean Six Sigma Certificate
Lean Six Sigma Certificate
With Specialization
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
With Specialization
• Use proven Six Sigma problem-solving methods and
statistical tools
• Discover processes for collecting and analyzing data
• Learn to lead and execute process-level improvement projects
• Lower costs to provide products and services
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Increase productivity from fewer resources
• Lead and coach quality improvement initiatives
Who Should Register?
Professionals at all levels can benefit by learning how to use the
core concepts of Six Sigma to make better business decisions, and
how to apply advanced tools and methodologies to solve critical
business process problems.
“Not only did I learn a lot but I started a
job last week courtesy of this program.
I am the new production planner and
quality trainer for Service Wire Co. My
boss told me that the Villanova program
is what really put me above the other
Darrell Ashworth, Service Wire Co.,
Huntington, West Virginia
Tailor Your Six Sigma Program!
With Specialization
ÎÎ Financial Services
ÎÎ Information Technology
Looking for an alternative to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt? Choose the
new Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions, which offers a
variety of electives. Call for details!
The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938
Villanova University does more than simply teach you the principles of Six Sigma. Our experts show you how to apply powerful practices
in your specific business environment. Whatever program you choose, you can quickly benefit from customized examples and case studies
carefully designed to maximize your success.
Who Should Register?
Through specific healthcare examples and case studies, this master
certificate program teaches you how the unique problems in the
healthcare industry can be solved using Six Sigma techniques. This
proven methodology eliminates non value-added steps and reduces
defects and variation, resulting in more efficient processes, better
patient care and a stronger bottom line. Learn how healthcare
organizations of all sizes – from small, rural clinics to large
metropolitan hospital systems – are using Six Sigma practices to
improve every aspect of their business.
Financial professionals at all levels can benefit by learning how
to use the core concepts of Six Sigma to make better business
decisions, and how to apply advanced tools and methodologies to
solve critical business process problems.
Additional Healthcare Benefits
• Decrease patient mortality rates
• Shorten the length of hospital stays
• Increase cost savings
• Improve compliance requirements
• Increase throughput and generate incremental revenue
• Reduce the number of inpatient transfers
Who Should Register?
From directors of nursing and floor supervisors to risk managers
and CEOs, all healthcare leaders interested in reducing waste and
inefficiencies can benefit from this master certificate program.
This master certificate program is ideal for professionals in
financial institutions who want to enhance risk management,
investment income and overall efficiencies using proven Six Sigma
methodologies. You’ll learn how financial organizations like Bank
of America use Six Sigma to improve their operations areas, which
have traditionally been considered the best candidates for Six Sigma
With information technology impacting all industries, this master
certificate program is a great choice for technology professionals
who want to maximize their corporate value by implementing
Six Sigma strategies that measure attributes like network speed,
network reliability and relevant business processes. Discover how
Six Sigma has evolved from an improvement framework for the
manufacturing sector to one that can be applied across all levels of
an enterprise, including software and systems development.
Additional IT Benefits
• Improve software quality
• Lower cycle time
• Reduce defects in products and services
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Improve systems reliability and performance
Who Should Register?
This master certificate program equips software programmers,
developers and other technology professionals with the skills to
apply Six Sigma tools and methodologies to address key business
process issues.
Additional Financial Services Benefits
• Lower costs by reducing transaction errors
• Improve the customer experience
• Grow revenue through efficiency and capacity enhancement
• Develop future leaders
• Change the culture to make decisions based on facts and data
Tailor Your Six Sigma Program!
Looking for an alternative to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt? Choose the
new Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions, which offers a
variety of electives. Call for details!
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Once you’ve mastered Six Sigma and demonstrated your ability to implement the methodology, discover how to expand your influence
and organizational impact by earning both an Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma and Lean Master Black Belt certification. By
completing the 3-course program and certification exam, these in-demand credentials can empower you with the skills and techniques to
manage, mentor and inspire all Six Sigma Black Belts in your organization.
Complete just one required course, two electives and certification
exam to earn your Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma
and Lean Master Black Belt Certification from Villanova.
Lean Six Sigma
Required Course:
ÎÎ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
ÎÎ Certification exam – required for master certificate and
Choose Two Electives:
ÎÎ Strategic Organizational Leadership
ÎÎ Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
ÎÎ Essentials of Project Management
ÎÎ Project Management for IS/IT
ÎÎ Maximizing Team Effectiveness
ÎÎ Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness
ÎÎ Essentials of Business Analysis
ÎÎ Essentials of Commercial Contract Management
ÎÎ Essentials of Government Contract Management
ÎÎ Mastering Business Skills
ÎÎ Essentials of IS Security
ÎÎ Essentials of Software Testing
In addition to enabling Black Belts to achieve Lean Six Sigma
Master Black Belt certification, this program examines business
processes from a holistic perspective, empowering you to implement
Six Sigma strategies that will create a positive impact across your
entire enterprise.
Featuring the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course, the
comprehensive program helps you develop skills that are essential
to building your career as an in-house coach on Six Sigma. Earning
your advanced master certificate and Lean Six Sigma Master Black
Belt certification demonstrates your expertise, proficiency and
superior knowledge, and can boost your professional value to any
Program Benefits
• Achieve Master Black Belt certification with completion of track
and certification exam
• Learn proven leadership and management skills
• Take a holistic approach to your company’s Lean Six Sigma
• Gain knowledge of advanced statistical tools to optimize
enterprise efficiency
Who Should Register?
All individuals with Black Belt training who are looking to cement
their leadership and Lean Six Sigma skills, and who wish to create
a positive impact on their organization and their own careers. Those
who need to meet re-certification requirements for Villanova’s Green
Belt, Lean Sensei or Lean Black Belt certifications should also
The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938
Six Sigma Green Belt
Six Sigma Green Belt – Healthcare
Six Sigma Green Belt – Financial Services
Six Sigma Green Belt – Information Technology
Featuring specialized content for professionals in key business settings, these four courses
are for individuals with little or no prior experience with Six Sigma methodologies. They’re an
ideal way to learn to understand, interpret and use the core concepts of Six Sigma to make
better business decisions. Each course is taught by Villanova University’s superior online
faculty, which includes seasoned experts in a variety of industries. In addition to the topics
listed below, each course spotlights case studies and examples from healthcare, financial
services, information technology and other fields. Managers responsible for top line growth
will gain skills to implement cost reductions and improved organizational capability and
capacity. There are no prerequisites.
What You’ll Learn:
• The Origins and History of Six Sigma
• DMAIC Methodology Overview
• Data Collection Plans
• The Project Scope of a Team
• Determining Customer Requirements
• Process Mapping and SIPOC
• Calculating the Baseline Sigma
• Types of Data
• Root Cause Analysis
• Hypothesis Testing
• Measures of Central Tendency
• Measures of Dispersion
• Control Charts (X-bar & R, XmR)
• Attribute Charts
• Process Capability FMEA
• Design of Experiments
• Prioritization Matrix
• Affinity Diagram
• Activity Network Diagram
• Process Decision Program Chart
• Interrelationship Diagram
• Tree Diagram
• Matrix Diagram
• Failure Modes & Effects Analysis
• Determining Project Solutions
• House of Quality
• Team Dynamics Diagram
“Six Sigma’s structured approach
provides more than a checklist. It
shows you what’s coming next, lets you
look at data from different views, and
gives you a big picture of your practices
for making decisions.”
– Lynn Penn, Director of Quality
Systems and Process Management
Lockheed Martin
“By implementing Six Sigma practices,
we showed that a quality improvement
project can lead to many benefits, not
only patients in decreased mortality,
but also to physicians and nurses by
making it easier for them to provide the
best evidence-based, guideline-directed
care possible, and to the hospital itself
with decreased lengths of stay and
decreased costs.”
– Karen Gamerdinger, RN, MSN
Mercy Medical Center
Des Moines, IA
“The goal is not only to give the
company’s future business leaders Six
Sigma expertise, but also to ensure
the Six Sigma program develops better
business leaders.”
– Patricia Collins, Senior Deployment Champion
Merrill Lynch’s Enterprise-wide Six Sigma Program
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Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma – Healthcare
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Healthcare
This eight-week certificate course helps managers and professionals
gain valuable skills that can be used immediately to analyze
performance. Lean is a vital part of today’s business environment.
The dimension of Lean Six Sigma attacks inefficiencies – wastes
caused by defects, non value-added flow of information or
materials, data storage, stacks of inventory, overproduction, and
extra processing. Lean Six Sigma techniques can help professionals
lead successfully in both service and manufacturing industries.
There are no prerequisites.
This 16-week certificate course is designed for experienced Six
Sigma practitioners with Green Belt training or equivalent work
experience. Students learn how to lead quality projects, preparing
to coach and mentor Green Belts on their Six Sigma projects and
execute Six Sigma techniques and strategies at the Black Belt level.
What You’ll Learn:
• The Project Charter
• Lean is Not Only for Manufacturing
• Value Add and Waste
• Waste Walks
• Spaghetti Diagrams
• Project Management
• Projects – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling, Closing
• Visualizing and Improving the Process
• Value Stream Mapping
• Kaizen Events
• 5-S
• Lean Accounting
• Theory of Constraints
• Barriers to Implementation
• Lean Projects
• Lean Tools
• Planning and Deployment for Lean Implementation
• Quality Function Deployment
• Cellular Flow
• Pull Systems
• Organization Assessment
• Prominent Figures of Lean
• Hoshin Planning
• Total Productive Maintenance
• DMAIC Methodology Overview
• Determining Customers and Their Needs
• Process Mapping and SIPOC
• 7M Tools
• International Diagrams
• Quick Response Manufacturing
What You’ll Learn:
• Needs vs. Requirements
• Criteria for Collecting Data
• Data Collection Plan
• Determining Baseline Sigma
• Sub-Process Mapping
• Histograms
• Chi Square
• Barriers to Lean Implementation
• Reliability and Design for Six Sigma
• Taguchi Design
• QxA=E
• Control Charts
• Moving Average and S Chart
• Evaluating the Measurement Systems
• Change Agent
• Top 10 Questions Regarding Six Sigma
• Benchmarking
• Financial Measures
• Scales and Probability
• Normal Distribution
• Normal Probability Plot
• Total Productive Maintenance
• Lean Six Sigma in Supply Chain Management
• Porter’s Five Forces
• Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
• Pugh Analysis
• Multi-Vari Study
• Implementation
• Risk Analysis
• Measurement Systems in the Enterprise
• Process Control for Non-Normal Data
• Balanced Scorecards
• Cp, Cpk, Ppk
• Process Characterization
• Critical Success Factors
• Strategy of Six Sigma
The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
This 12-week course – a foundational part of the Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma program – can take you to the pinnacle of
Six Sigma expertise. Through case studies, a course project and expert instruction, you can master the skills needed to motivate, manage and
mentor Black Belt leaders. The course is an ideal way to increase cost savings and improve performance, drive crucial organizational change
and implement an enterprise-wide approach to Lean Six Sigma.
What You’ll Learn:
Planning and Deployment
• How to develop and deploy quality plans
• Competitive Intelligence
• Stakeholder and Customer input
• Hoshin Planning
• Organizational Assessment and Measures of Excellence
• Gap Analysis, Inspection, and Prevention
Enterprise-wide Deployment
• Link Projects to Strategies
• Project Tools and Project Definition
• Project identification, prioritization, and qualification
• Integrating quality initiatives
• Analyzing stakeholders
• Maximizing your influence
Tactics for Successful Projects:
• Advanced presentation skills
• Manage and develop project teams
• Lean basics, Value Stream Mapping, and Kaizen
• Project Solutions and analysis
• Concepts of reliability
• Reliability metrics and models
• Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action (FRACAS)
• FMEA and Design review to manage risk
• DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) Models
• House of Quality
• Supplier Relationships and selection strategies
• Supplier Quality Assurance
Analytical Tools – Useful Data and Financial Measures:
• Measurement Systems Analysis
• Gage R&R using Minitab
• Data Collection and Training
• Gage Study and Kappa Statistic
• Sampling strategies
• Financial measures to analyze performance
• Cost of quality
• Measuring quality costs
Analytical Tools – Inferential Statistics:
• Confidence Intervals and point interval estimates
• Hypothesis Testing
• One Sample Proportion testing
• One way ANOVA
• Estimating Sample sizes for statistical inference
• Statistical normality tests
• Mann-Whitney Test
• Levene’s Test
• Mood’s Median Test
• Friedman’s Test
Analytical Tools – Measuring and Modeling:
• Regression Modeling
• Simple and multiple regression
• Method of Least Squares
• Designed Experiments
• Nested Designs and change variables
• Mixture Designs
• Main Effect plots and interaction plots
• Fold-over design
Analytical Tools – Statistical Process Control:
• Variable and Attribute data
• Central Limit Theorem
• Time-weighted and Multivariate control charts
• Change and development
• Organizational leadership
• Organizational readiness for Lean Six Sigma
Interpersonal Skills and Professional Development
• Communication strategies and productive meetings
• Negotiation and managing conflict
• Learning and motivation
• Assess Training needs and developing strategies
• Facilitating feedback
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Villanova University online faculty and staff bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to instructional development and delivery.
Don Ainsworth, GEBB
Ron Crabtree, CPIM, CIRM
Mr. Ainsworth is an associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, where
he provides consulting services related to business process
reengineering, organizational change management and strategic
planning. An expert in deploying Lean Six Sigma methodologies to
IT departments, he has mentored more than 75 Green Belts and
Black Belts.
Mr. Crabtree is an internationally recognized expert in business
process improvement methodologies. He has 30 years of experience
in a variety of business settings, from small privately held
manufacturers to Fortune 100 corporations, and leading global
management consulting firms.
Gary Ball
Mr. Ball is a Lean manufacturing training and implementation
professional who developed his expertise in Lean methodologies
working with the Kaizen Institute of America. He has 10 years of
experience leading training sessions and facilitating kaizen events
for small and large manufacturing and service companies.
Adam Bowden, BA, BSc
Mr. Bowden is President of Wizegy Consulting and Training. His
10 years of Six Sigma deployment as a Master Black Belt, along
with 20 years as a Lean Master, have involved a multitude of
corporations on several continents. He has a BSc in Mechanical
Engineering and Management from The Open University, UK.
Wayne Brantley, MS Ed, PMP
Patrick Davidson, MA, CSSBB
Mr. Davidson is the Value Stream Manager for PTM Corporation.
A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Mr. Davidson earned a BS in
Mathematics from Xavier University and an MA in Educational
Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.
George Eckes, BA, MS
Mr. Eckes is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of
Colorado-based consulting group Eckes & Associates. His consulting
firm helped clients such as HP, Cisco and others save more than
$50 million in the last year alone. He earned a BA in Psychology
from the University of Notre Dame before completing his Master of
Science from Eastern Michigan University.
Douglas Evans, BSEE, MS
Mr. Brantley has taught and consulted project management around
the world to Fortune 500 companies. He has over 23 years of
experience as a Project Manager for AF Technology Training and
Curriculum Development in the United States Air Force.
Mr. Evans has been working in Six Sigma since 1994, when he
was the lead Quality Engineer for the U.S. Air Force working with
Texas Instruments. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from
University of Maryland in 1988 and an MS in Applied Statistics
from University of West Florida in 1997.
Jeffrey Capano, CSSBB
Dan Feliciano, BA
Mr. Capano is the President and CEO of Capano & Associates
Quality Management Systems Training and Coaching, where he
has coached process improvement methodologies worldwide to
companies such as Bell Engineering, Hitachi, GM and Delphi.
A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Mr. Feliciano has led strategic
performance improvement initiatives yielding millions of dollars in
benefits for organizations including GE Anti-Submarine Warfare
Systems, Virginia Power and Aetna. He earned a BA in Production/
Operations Management from Virginia Commonwealth University.
John Cipriani, PMP, MSA
Mr. Cipriani has consulted 25 years in the financial services and
manufacturing sectors. He has provided results-based solutions
for companies such as Metropolitan Life, Eaton, GM,
AT&T/Lucent, and Sears.
Diane Johnson, MBA, MA, CSSBB, PMP
Ms. Johnson is an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a
certified Project Management Professional through PMI. She has
an MBA from the University of Iowa, an MA from the University of
Denver and a BA from Bethel College.
The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938
Aleshia Clarissa Kelley, MBA
Norma Simons-White, MS, CSSBB, CQE
Ms. Kelley is Senior Manager of Quality and Process Improvement
at Western Union Financial Services, where she co-partnered full
deployment of Six Sigma and kaizen philosophies in corporate
and local offices in Missouri. She earned a Master’s degree in
Management and an MBA from Fontbonne University, as well as a
BBA in Finance from Howard University.
Ms. Simons-White is President of Simons-White & Associates, Inc.,
a consulting and training organization that specializes in providing
customized business and quality management solutions. She has an
MS in Industrial Engineering/Operations Research from Wayne State
University in Detroit.
Robert Lidtke, CSSBB, MSA
Mr. Lidtke developed his Six Sigma/Lean knowledge working in
diverse manufacturing environments. He earned his Bachelor’s
in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University
and an MS in Administration from Central Michigan University. He
received Six Sigma Black Belt certification from ASQ and a Lean
Manufacturing Certificate from the University of Michigan.
Susan McGann, RN, BSN, MBA
The President and CEO of Pivotal Healthcare Solutions, Ms.
McGann was among the nation’s first healthcare Six Sigma Master
Black Belts. She has worked in all levels of the healthcare industry,
successfully leading Six Sigma deployments and curriculum
development. Ms. McGann earned a BS in Nursing from the
University of Delaware and an MBA from Drexel University.
Christina A. Stevenson, PT
Ms. Stevenson is the Corporate Data Quality Manager for the
University of Maryland Medical System, where she consults with
system hospitals to identify areas for improvement in quality. A
licensed physical therapist, she earned her Master’s degree in
Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland.
Bill Stieber, PhD
Mr. Stieber started his involvement with quality and process
improvement as a quality circles facilitator and consultant with the
Deming Method Consulting Group. He later implemented Black Belt
and Master Black Belt training in large Fortune 500 companies. He
holds a BS from Pennsylvania State University, MBA from LaSalle
University and a PhD from Temple University.
Karen J. Weed, BA
A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Mr. Mikula has worked
in marketing, sales, operations, eCommerce and project
management with Ford Motor Credit, Bank of America and
PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has a BA in Finance/Marketing from
the University of Colorado.
A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Ms. Weed is the Upstream
Marketing Manager at GE Healthcare/IDX Systems Corporation,
where she manages the upfront work associated with describing,
scoping and defining success criteria for product introduction
projects. The recipient of Black Belt certifications from General
Electric and the American Society for Quality, she earned a BA in
Psychology from Johnson State College.
Dan Munson, CSSBB, CQE (ASQ)
Gary Wickett, BSIE, MBA
Mr. Munson’s background includes over 20 years at Honeywell
and Storage Technology. He has consulted process improvement
methodologies worldwide to the likes of 3M, Alcoa, Philips and
Siemens. Mr. Munson is a double-certified Six Sigma Black Belt
(ASQ certified and company certified) and an ASQ Certified Quality
Mr. Wickett has considerable experience with Lean and JIT
implementations, value stream mapping, continuous improvement,
kaizen, 5-S, offsite product transfers and capacity planning. He has
worked with the supplier base to implement Lean and has taught
Lean concepts in the U.S. and China.
Todd Mikula, BA, CSSBB
Amalia (Molly) Punzo, MD
A Six Sigma Green Belt, Ms. Punzo is Medical Director for Quality
at Shore Health Systems in Easton, Maryland. She earned her MD
from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.
Karen Young, BS, MPM, CSSBB, C(ASCP)SC
A graduate of Villanova University’s Six Sigma program and a
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Ms. Young is President and CEO of
Strategic Solutions and Associates, LLC. She has a BS in Biology,
a Master’s in Project Management and a wealth of Six Sigma
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Master Certificates and Advanced Master Certificate in Six Sigma
University Alliance (UA) is a leader
in facilitating the online delivery of
associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s
degrees as well as professional
certificate programs from the nation’s
leading traditional universities and
institutions. Universities powered by
UA’s technology and support services
have surpassed 757,000 individual
enrollments from more than 185,000
students – making UA one of the
largest facilitators of e-learning in the
country. Universities that collaborate
with UA include Villanova University,
the University of Notre Dame’s
Mendoza College of Business, Florida
Institute of Technology, Michigan
State University, University of Florida,
University of South Florida, Valparaiso
University, New England College,
University of St. Thomas, University of
San Francisco, Jacksonville University,
University of Vermont, The University
of Scranton, and Dominican University.
One simple call connects you to a
broad range of benefits. You will be
assigned an enrollment advisor who
serves as your contact for nonacademic
issues – answering questions about
financing options, helping you to enroll
in the next class and more. Technical
support personnel are available 24
hours a day, and other professionals
are also easily accessible every step of
the way.
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Take all three courses and receive your Master Certificate in Six Sigma. Or choose a Six Sigma
program that focuses on healthcare, financial services or information technology. Then learn
to manage Black Belts by earning your Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma.
Six Sigma
Belt – Healthcare
Belt – Financial Services
Belt – Information Technology
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma – Healthcare
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Healthcare
Master Certificate in Six Sigma*
Master Certificate in Six Sigma – Healthcare*
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma*
Includes Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and 2 electives.
*Up to $1,490 savings on a 3-course program. Call for details.
Continuing Education Units (CEUs): Earn 4.5 CEUs for Six Sigma Green Belt courses, 5.0
CEUs for Lean Six Sigma courses, 9.0 CEUs for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses and 7.5
CEUs for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
Professional Development Units (PDUs): Earn 45 PDUs for Six Sigma Green Belt courses,
50 PDUs for Lean Six Sigma courses, 90 PDUs for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses and
75 PDUs for the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
ACE Credit Recommendations: The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends two
undergraduate credit hours for each of the Six Sigma Green Belt courses, three credit hours
for Lean Six Sigma courses, and six credit hours for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses
and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
Tuition Assistance
Your tuition cost may be covered by your company’s tuition assistance program and may also
be tax deductible. Consult your HR department and your tax advisor for more information.
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Smart Option Loan
Sallie Mae offers a flexible, low-cost loan product specifically designed to help working
adults who enroll in an accredited university’s distance learning certificate program. For more
information on the Sallie Mae Smart Option LoanSM, contact a program representative today or
fill out an online application.
Military and Government Savings
Exclusive savings of 15% per course are available for active U.S. military servicemembers.
For more information, call 800-983-6484. In addition, all federal, state and local
government employees are eligible, via our agreement with the National Technical
Information Service (NTIS), to save 10% off individual certificate courses and 5% off master
certificate programs. Call 800-959-6138 and identify yourself as a government employee to
benefit from these savings.
Thousands of successful professionals have experienced the unequaled advantages of Six
Sigma training from Villanova. These are just a few of them:
“Last year I completed the Villanova Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt classes, which were
fantastic! Then I sat for the certification exam, passed it, and became a certified Lean Six
Sigma Black Belt.”
Patrick Valentine, Regional Manager,
Trained Six Sigma experts have helped
transform companies worldwide,
• American Express
• Bank of America
• Ford Motor Company
• GE
• Honeywell
• HP
• Motorola
• Samsung Electronics
• Wells Fargo
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“I enrolled in the Six Sigma program to validate my experience and increase my marketability.
Because I am in a career transition mode and I’m financing the program myself, I would not
take on that level of investment if I did not believe it would benefit me. Even before finishing
the program, I have already received accolades on my pursuit of impressive new credentials
and professional designations. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this training.”
Cecile E. Stephenson, Principal Management Consultant,
Business Management Consulting
“I have enjoyed this [Six Sigma Green Belt] experience in learning and education more
than any I have ever had. For advanced learning, this is far and away the best I have ever
experienced. This should be the wave of the future for all post BS/BA education. I have really
enjoyed this learning experience.”
Stephen Hans,
Kennewick, WA
“I have enjoyed this [Six Sigma Green Belt] course very much. I chose Villanova because of
the accreditation and outstanding reputation it has in the Six Sigma community. I have no
doubt that when it comes to a job interview, the name Villanova will make the difference in
who is selected. Thanks again! ”
Tim Miller,
Scottsville, KY
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Join the growing number of companies
nationwide who have experienced the
University Alliance difference:
• American Mobile Healthcare
• Bank of America
• BASF Corporation
• Boehringer Ingelheim
• Booz | Allen | Hamilton
• Cigna
• Defense Acquisition University
• Deterrent Technology
• EdLink, LLC
• FedEx Corporation
• Genesys Healthcare
• Hallmark Health Systems
• HighMark, Inc.
• Institute of Financial Consultants
• Interactive Advertising Bureau
• Johnson & Johnson
• Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
• National Assoc. of Gov’t. Contractors
• National Technical Information
• Pitney Bowes
• Plexis Healthcare Systems
• Scholarship Management Services
• Smith & Nephew
• STIHL, Inc.
• SunGard Data Systems
• The Boeing Corporation
• Tuition Advisory Services
• U.S. Armed Forces
• U.S. Dept. of Defense
• U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
• U.S. Dept. of Labor
• Wabash National
• Wackenhut Services, Inc.
• Xerox Corporation
Unleash the Power of Your Organization
Establish a corporate training program today and position your organization for positive
results! We can customize the content, delivery and/or branding to your organization’s training
needs – all at special corporate rates that won’t break your budget!
What You’ll Get
A well-educated workforce is the first step toward corporate success. Along with saving your
company valuable time and money, you’ll provide your employees with the opportunity to
learn the necessary skills to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable sales
growth, economic value, customer satisfaction and retention, and employee satisfaction and
motivation. These skills will help increase your bottom line and create a streamlined
work environment.
Start With a Pilot Program!
Register a group of your employees in an online class, and see how their newly acquired
knowledge increases productivity and impacts your bottom line. This pilot program offers the
following services to your organization:
• Special corporate pricing
• A unique, expert-led online session to “kick off” the course
• A survey of employees after class to ensure quality and satisfaction
• An end-of-course review with corporate managers
• All employees will be in the same online class
Extraordinary Results Call for Extraordinary Training
According to an ASQ report called Making the Economic Case for Quality, many organizations
have benefitted significantly from implementing Six Sigma methodology:
• Samsung Electronics claimed cumulative financial benefits of $1.5 billion during its first
two years of Six Sigma implementation.
• Bank of America improved processing for same-day payments by 22% and same-day
deposits by 35%.
• Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, NY reduced test turnaround times in its nuclear medicine
department from 68 hours to an average of 32 hours.
Corporate Rates
Are Available
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Customized Training Solutions: You Define It, We Design It
A Top-Ranked, Accredited University
Leverage the prestige, credibility and academic excellence of Villanova University to deliver
superior corporate education.
Respected Credentials
Empower and motivate your employees with valuable skills and certificates upon completion
of each course.
Flexible Program Content
Choose from today’s most in-demand disciplines. Add, remove, change or replace modules to
suit your needs.
Your Proprietary Training Materials
Seamlessly integrate your existing training materials with flexible course content.
Subject Matter Experts (Yours and/or Ours)
Consolidate the expertise of your organization’s leaders and our faculty for optimal learning
Cutting-Edge Online Learning Technology
Ensure consistent messaging with a state-of-the-art e-learning system that includes streaming
video lectures, archived live sessions, message boards, chat rooms and email.
Corporate-Branded Learning Environment
Choose a learning environment devoted strictly to your team, taught online by an instructor
dedicated to your organization. This private course enables your team to relate your specific
organizational process content to the learning environment. Participants enjoy rich interaction
through weekly, instructor-led “live” virtual classes using two-way voice over Internet and
electronic white board technology, as well as a dedicated message board.
Villanova University can provide
customized corporate training:
• Exclusive online classroom
• Dedicated instructor
• Customized virtual classes
• Customized message board
• 24/7 accessibility
• No mandatory log-in times
• No classroom attendance
• High degree of interaction
• Consistency of training
• Efficient learning process
• No travel
• No lost opportunity cost
• No lost productivity
Corporate Rates
Are Available
Instructional Design & Course Development
Generate excitement and disseminate critical information by bringing your executives into the
virtual classroom. Direct and star in customized modules filmed at our studio or your offices.
Demonstrated Experience, Proven Results
Team up with the University Alliance and tap into today’s most in-demand business topics.
Choose from Six Sigma and Lean, project management, leadership and many other subjects.
Call today and ask how we’re helping some of the world’s most successful organizations
revolutionize their corporate training – and how we can do the same for you.
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