Affidavit For Residential/Commercial Building

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Affidavit For Residential/Commercial Building Permit
Property Address ________________________________________________________________
Building Permit #(s) ____________________ Demolition Permit # _______________________
Natural Resources Article Section 5-406(d) provides: A county or municipality may not issue a
building permit to an applicant for any clearing, construction, or development that will result in the
trimming, cutting, removal, or injury of a roadside tree until the applicant first obtains a permit in
accordance with this section.
The building permit for which I am applying involves one of the following (please select ONLY one):
o ALL interior work
o Residential Fence Permit (located in backyard)
I understand that I may not park vehicles or store and/or stage construction materials within the
critical root zone of any roadside tree(s).
(To determine the critical root zone of a tree: Measure the diameter of the tree from 4 1/2 feet from
the ground. Multiply that number by 1.5 and convert to feet. E.g. Tree is 10” x 1.5 = 15”; convert to
FEET. The critical root zone of this tree is 15 FEET)
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