Building Consistency Meeting

Building Consistency Meeting
Date 01/04/2012 Recorder and minutes prepared by: Danny Wooten/Lon McSwain
Staff present: On File
Public present: Daniel McBride (Cunnare Group) ; David Reynolds (BFS) ;
Matthew Klapheke (L&M Costruction) Alan McGee (McGee Brothers Co. Inc.);
Kelly Strickland (The Colville Co.); Jeff (Saussy Burbank);Kenneth (Advanced
Framing Group) ;Bob Mckee (Ryan Homes); Mike Gervais ( Intelligent Design
Demo Permit
For a final on a total demo the lot must be left in a safe, clean condition and
graded within the foot print of the building or structure to provide proper
drainage. There is no requirement from the Department to seed and straw the
area just that all debris has been removed to address safety and graded as
needed to prevent standing water or drainage issues on adjacent property.
CO Detectors
Per N.C. GS language CO detectors are only required in dwellings
that have fossil fuel appliances, fire places or attached garages.
Currently we are waiting on the final language from DOI that address
the Rules Review issue and conflict with the general statutes but based
upon verbal discussion with the State an existing all electric home that
has work done is exempt from these provisions. As soon as formal
language is available we will push out to the industry.
Per BCC action taken in the December meeting all codes will become
mandatory on June 1, 2012 except Electrical. (Note; this has since
been changed and the 2012 Residential and 2012 Energy Codes
are mandatory March 1, 2012 by NC State Law). The impact on
not being able to move the mandatory date out to a point that code
books are available and training has been conducted will be discussed
at the February consistency meeting.
By interpretation by DOI all carports larger than 12’ in any dimension
must be permitted and inspected.
Code Dates
Car Ports
Can Lights
Foam insulation must be held back 3” from the fixture even IC rated. The
application of foam around can lights and not allowing heat to dissipate
is the issue and currently no can lights have been tested in this
If there is “B” vent or power vent involved in a roof replacement a
mechanical permit or electrical permit would be required. There
continues to be issues around not getting permits for shingle replacement.
In residential construction you can do like for like replacement up to
$5,000 without a permit over $5,000 you have to have a permit and
R302.1 2012
The requirement for a rated exterior wall in relationship to a lot line has
changed for 3’-0” to 5’-0” in the 2012 code. There is a significant impact
on builders who have lots that are already designed for a certain setbacks,
this information was shared along with the table below that introduces
some new information such as penetrations and % of openings allowed
between 3-5’. Builders will need to look at their sites and consider this
change on units once we go to the 2012 code anything permit under that
code will have to comply with the table listed below.
Approved By ___Lon McSwain_________ Date _____01/27/2012__