February 2, 1848 after the Mexican

February 2, 1848 after the Mexican-American war California achieved statehood. Nine days later gold
was found in California. November 1849 California was ratified, and October 1850 congress recognized
California as a state. Even though heinous crimes, such as serial murders, did exist they were not
really heard of. Serial murders, however, have been around just as long as regular murders. Even tho
ugh serial killers have been around forever the name "serial killer" has only been around since 1970
. Before this, serial killers were known as "stranger killers". The name "serial killer" came from
the word "series", since this is the way that a serial killer kills, in series' (Schetor 15). Serial
killers have only been acknowledged for about 125 years. The acknowledgment came with Jack The Ripp
er. Serial killers tend to be white, heterosexual, males. They tend to be between the ages of 20 and
30 years old. Serial killers are dysfunctional and usually have very low self-esteem (Schetor 28).
They will also usually keep some sort of trophy from their victims. A serial killer is identified th
rough seven characteristics. First; killings are separate. There are usually cooling off periods bet
ween murders. Killings last for months or years and will often last until the killer is caught or un
til the killer dies. Usually at least five victims will be killed by a serial killer. Second; killin
gs will be performed one on one. Killings will occasionally be two on one. Third; victims are rarely
known by the killer. Likewise, killers are rarely known by their victims. They hardly ever have any
previous relationships with their victims. Fourth; although there is usually a pattern, motives are
not clear, visible, or rational. Fifth; killers will often commit new murders before the previous v
ictim has even been found. This characteristic has obviously been around only since the invention of
convenient travel mechanisms. Sixth; serial killers will often over-kill their victims. Even after
the victim is dead they will perform sexual acts, or continue to beat or torture their victim's body
. Seventh; the weapons of choice for serial killers will be a rope or knife. A serial killer will us
ually kill their victim very slowly and painfully. They will not usually be killed right away (Birne
s 87). Serial killers will usually have very high IQ scores. They are usually average looking white
males. The killers will usually have a clean background, and nice family history. They will be livin
g in urban areas with well paying jobs. The terrible triad are three characteristics of children tha
t almost every serial killer will have when they are young. 60% of all children will wet the bed aft
er the age of 12 years old. They will almost always be fascinated with fire. Serial killers will als
o enjoy killing small animals as children (London 56). There are six types of serial killers. First;
there are visionary motive killers. These killers claim to hear voices or to see images that make t
hem kill. They are psychotic killers. Second; mission orientated killers display no signs of psychos
is. These are the family men appearing to have the perfect past. Mission orientated killers feel a n
eed to rid the world of whatever they see as immoral. These are the types of serial killers that wil
l target gays, minorities, and prostitutes. Third; thrill orientated killers kill for the fun of it.
They enjoy the excitement they get from killing and torturing their victims. Fourth; lust killers w
ill kill for sexual pleasure. The more these killers torture their victims the more they will get se
xually excited. Fifth; gain killers will kill a person for personal gain. They will often steal thei
r victims money, wallet, and personal belongings. This type of killer will also kill for personal ga
in besides wealth. For example they will kill for popularity, or to get ahead at work. Sixth; power
seekers will kill for power. They enjoy the control that they have over their victims. They want to
be feared by others (Birnes 53). Along with this, there are stable and transient killers. Once seria
l killers are broken down into the seven groups above, they are broken down into stable or transient
killers. Both types of characteristics have six characteristics each. A stable killer is identified
by first; living in one area for a long period of time. Second; stable killers will hunt and kill f
rom the same local area. Third; bodies will be disposed of in the same or similar areas. Fourth; the
disposal site is collected for concealment of the killer and body. Fifth; stable killers are known
to return to the scene of the crime. Sixth; stable killers will seldom travel. Transient killers are
the other type of serial killers. They are classified by first; seldom staying in one place for a l
ong period of time. They usually do not stay put for longer than a few weeks. Second; crimes will be
committed throughout a large area. Third; transient killers dispose of the bodies in random areas.
Fourth; the disposal sites of the bodies are determined by convenience for the killer. Fifth; the ki
ller will seldom return to the scene of the crime. Sixth; transient killers will travel a lot. They
enjoy traveling for fun and for business (Birnes 72). Something that helps classify a serial killer
is the crime scene. The crime scene is split into four different types. First; organized crimes are
75% of all serial crimes. Organized crime scenes show planning, and an individual who knows what he
is doing. Organized crimes are always planned out. The body will be moved from the actual crime scen
e and hidden. The killer demands submissive victims. The victims are also usually strangers. The kil
ler will personalize his victims. The crime scene shows control of the killer over the victim. Aggre
ssive acts are usually preformed on the victim before death. Restraint kits are often brought and us
ed, however evidence will never be left behind. Second; disorganized crime scenes are more hurried.
The killer uses materials at hand. Offense is spontaneous, and body is left at the death scene. The
killer will depersonalize his victims. Evidence and body of the victim will be left in plain sight.
Crime scenes of disorganized killers will be sloppy and messy, also sexual acts will usually be perf
ormed on the victim after death. Third; mixed crime scenes have characteristics of both disorganized
and organized crime scenes. This could mean that there is more than one killer, that the killer was
interrupted, or that the killer is trying to stage the scene. Fourth; atypical crime scenes are cri
me scenes that can not be put into any of the above groups. The bodies are usually decomposed. The k
iller could have his own repetitive patterns, or could be a copycat (mayhem.net). The U.S. makes up
76% of the world's serial killers. California is responsible for most of the United States' serial k
illers. California has had about 35 reported serial killers in its past. These 35 killers have been
responsible for at least 350 deaths in California alone (crime.org). Patrick W. Kearny was responsib
le for 28 deaths between 1975 and 1977. Kearny was a freeway killer. He was an extremely neat and go
od looking homosexual male. He was an army veteran. Kearny would dismember the victims bodies and to
ss them onto the freeway into garbage bags in Redondo Beach. Charles Ng and Leonard Lake are respons
ible for the deaths of 25 between 1982 and 1985. They had a torture chamber and snuff parlor in nort
hern California. They were caught after being arrested for shoplifting at a local supermarket. Jaun
Corona killed 25 men in the early 1970's. Jaun was a farm worker in Yuba City. He would sexually ass
ault other male workers. Then to prevent the males from talking to others he would hack them to piec
es with an ax. Richard Ramirez was responsible for at least 16 murders in the 1980's. Ramirez was kn
own as the "L.A. Night Stalker". He would break into houses rape his victims and then kill them. Aft
er he killed his victims he would party in their house. Ramirez would turn on his AC/DC tape, raid t
he refrigerator, smoke joints, and spray paint all the walls. Randy Kraft was a "Freeway Killer". He
was responsible for at least16 lives. Kraft was finally caught in May 1983. Kraft would pick up you
ng marines in Orange County and kill them. He was sentenced to death September 11, 2000. William Bon
in killed at least 14 people in the 1970's. Bonin was another "Freeway Killer". Bonin was a truck dr
iver in Downey, California. He would pick up teenage boys hitchhiking, and kill them . Bonin was the
first lethal injection in California. William Lester Snuff killed anywhere from 13 to 22 people dur
ing the late 1980's. Snuff was also known as the "Riverside Prostitute Killer". In 1974 William beat
and killed his 2 year old daughter. In 1984 Snuff was let out on parole. A few years later Snuff we
nt on a killing spree. Snuff was finally found guilty in 1995. Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buon also
known as the "Hillside Strangler" murdered at least 10 people in the late 1970's. They would imperso
nate cops in Hollywood. Bianchi and Buon would pick up hookers, kill them, and then put them in prov
ocative positions. Edmund Kemper III murdered 10 in the early 1970's. Kemper hated his mother so muc
h that he first killed his grandparents. He would then find coeds with similar characteristics to hi
s mother and he would kill them. Kemper would then cut off their heads and bury them in his mother's
yard facing her bedroom window. After burring their heads he would have sex with the decapitated bo
dies. David J. Carpenter killed 10 people in the early 1970's. Carpenter was known as the "Trail sid
e Killer" in San Francisco. David would kill women and then dispose of their bodies along the trail
side of a park. Dorothy Puente killed anywhere from 8 to 25 senior citizens in the late 1980's. Puen
te owned a boarding house in Sacramento. She would kill and bury senior citizens that stayed at her
boarding house. Puente would continue to cash in their social security checks. Loren Joseph Herzog a
nd Wesley Howard Shermanter killed at least 6 teens in Stockton in the late 1980's to early 1990's.
Douglas Edward Gretzler and Willie Luther Steelman were another team that killed during the early 19
90's. They were responsible for at least 16 murders. Robert Joseph Silvera was known as the "Boxcar
Murderer". He killed at least 14, and was caught at the Sacramento train station in 1995. Herbert Mu
llin also had a nickname his was the "Mercy Killer" from Santa Cruz. Mullin killed 13 in the early 1
970's. Gerald Parker from Orange County was known as the "Bedroom Basher". Parker killed at least 6
in the late 1970's. Vaughn Greenwood was an African American serial killer. Vaughn killed 11 between
1974 and 1975. Cops found smashed pills in already slashed throats of his victims. Johnnie Malarkey
killed 10 in 1993. Seven of Johnnie's kills were at a club in Fresno. He barged into the club and j
ust opened fire. Malarkey could be considered both a serial killer and a mass murderer. Cleophus Pri
nce Jr. killed 6 women in San Diego in the early 1990's. Morris Solomon killed at least 6 female hit
chhikers in Sacramento in the 1980's. Ricardo Caputo was known as the "Lady Killer". Caputo killed a
t least 4 women in the mid 1990's in the Las Angelas area. Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy were boyfri
end and girlfriend in L.A. They killed at least 6 female prostitutes in the early 1980's. They would
hire prostitutes along sunset strip. Carol would shoot the prostitutes while they were performing o
ral sex on Doug. They would then cut off the heads of the victims and put make-up on their faces. Ri
chard Trenton Chase was responsible for 6 deaths in the late 1970's. Chase was known as the "Vampire
Killer". Chase killed in Sacramento in only a four day long killing spree. Chase would kill his vic
tims, mix their blood and body organs, and then drink them. Jaun Chavez killed 5 L.A. citizens in th
e late 1990's. Chavez would kill his victims and steal their ATM cards. This is a rare case of a gai
n killer. Chavez was finally caught by a bank teller ATM video camera. Ramon Jay Rogers killed at le
ast 3 women in the mid 1990's. Roger would kill his girlfriends and collect their body parts. Wayne
Adam Ford killed female hitchhikers in Eureka in the late 1990's. Ford would kill the women and save
their breasts. Harvey Murray Glatman killed and raped at least 3 women in Hollywood in 1958. Darrel
l Rich killed 4 women in Shasta in 1978. Earle Nelson was responsible for the deaths of 22 women in
1926. He would rape and strangle the women. Earle was known as the "Gorilla Murderer".Gerald and Cha
rlene Gallego were a Sacramento couple that killed 10 during the late 1970's and early 1980's. Lawre
nce Bittaker and Ray Norris were another serial killing duo. They killed at least 5 in the 1980's. R
andall Woodfield was yet another "Freeway Killer". He killed all along interstate 5. Woodfield was r
esponsible for 13 deaths in the 1980's. Andrew Uridales was responsible for the deaths of at least 8
. Uridales killed during the early 1990's. Roger Kibb killed at least 2 during the 1980's. Herbierto
Seda killed 3 people in 1992. Seda was a "Zodiac Killer". Seda lived in San Francisco. Seda's plan
was to kill someone from every zodiac sign. Throughout the U.S. the rate of serial killers in the la
st 30 years has increased 940%. There are at least 35 killers loose. By 2010 serial killers will pro
bably account for 11 deaths a day (crime.org). However, in California serial killer deaths have drop
ped from 1975 to 1995. In the 1970's there were 12 serial killers in California accounting for 146 d
eaths. In 1980 there were 10 serial killers in California accounting for 114 deaths. By 1990 the num
ber dropped to 9 serial killers in California accounting for 75 deaths. The FBI plays a large role i
n catching serial killers. Serial murders are incredibly hard for the cops to figure out, and this i
s why the federal government often steps in. Serial killer will have no reasonable explanation makin
g them incredibly hard to understand. The next move is always unpredictable. The FBI developed the C
PRP (Criminal Personality Research Project). The CPRP is an accumulation of past serial killers that
help the FBI understand more about serial killers. The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP
), and the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) were also developed by the FBI
to help end serial murders. february after mexican american california achieved statehood nine days
later gold found california november california ratified october congress recognized state even thou
gh heinous crimes such serial murders exist they were really heard serial murders however have been
around just long regular murders even though serial killers have been around forever name killer onl
y been around since before this killers were known stranger killers name killer came from word serie
s since this that killer kills series schetor have only acknowledged about years acknowledgment came
with jack ripper tend white heterosexual males they tend between ages years dysfunctional usually v
ery self esteem schetor they will also usually keep some sort trophy from their victims identified t
hrough seven characteristics first killings separate there usually cooling periods between killings
last months years will often last until caught until dies least five victims will killed second kill
ings performed occasionally third victims rarely known likewise rarely known their hardly ever previ
ous relationships with their fourth although there pattern motives clear visible rational fifth ofte
n commit before previous victim even found this characteristic obviously only since invention conven
ient travel mechanisms sixth often over kill after victim dead perform sexual acts continue beat tor
ture victim body seventh weapons choice rope knife kill very slowly painfully killed right away birn
es very high scores average looking white males clean background nice family history living urban ar
eas with well paying jobs terrible triad three characteristics children that almost every when young
children after almost always fascinated fire also enjoy killing small animals children london there
types first visionary motive these claim hear voices images that make them kill psychotic second mi
ssion orientated display signs psychosis these family appearing perfect past mission orientated feel
need world whatever immoral these types target gays minorities prostitutes third thrill orientated
enjoy excitement from killing torturing fourth lust sexual pleasure more torture more sexually excit
ed fifth gain person personal gain steal money wallet personal belongings type also personal gain be
sides wealth example popularity ahead work sixth power seekers power enjoy control over want feared
others birnes along stable transient once broken down into seven groups above broken down into stabl
e transient both types characteristics each stable identified first living area long period time sec
ond hunt same local area third bodies disposed same similar areas fourth disposal site collected con
cealment body fifth return scene crime sixth seldom travel transient other type classified seldom st
aying place long period time stay longer than weeks crimes committed throughout large area dispose b
odies random areas disposal sites bodies determined convenience seldom return scene crime travel tra
veling business birnes something helps classify crime scene split into four different organized crim
es organized scenes show planning individual knows what doing organized always planned body moved ac
tual hidden demands submissive strangers personalize shows control over aggressive acts preformed be
fore death restraint kits brought used however evidence never left behind disorganized scenes more h
urried uses materials hand offense spontaneous left death depersonalize evidence left plain sight sc
enes disorganized sloppy messy sexual acts performed death mixed both disorganized could mean than i
nterrupted trying stage atypical above groups decomposed could repetitive patterns could copycat may
hem makes world responsible most united states about reported past responsible least deaths alone pa
trick kearny responsible deaths between kearny freeway extremely neat good looking homosexual male a
rmy veteran kearny would dismember toss them onto freeway garbage bags redondo beach charles leonard
lake deaths torture chamber snuff parlor northern were caught being arrested shoplifting local supe
rmarket jaun corona killed early jaun farm worker yuba city would sexually assault other male worker
s then prevent males talking others would hack them pieces richard ramirez least ramirez night stalk
er break houses rape then party house ramirez turn tape raid refrigerator smoke joints spray paint w
alls randy kraft freeway lives kraft finally caught kraft pick young marines orange county sentenced
september william bonin people bonin another bonin truck driver downey pick teenage boys hitchhikin
g lethal injection william lester snuff anywhere people during late snuff riverside prostitute willi
am beat year daughter parole later went killing spree finally found guilty kenneth bianchi angelo bu
on hillside strangler murdered people late impersonate cops hollywood bianchi buon pick hookers then
provocative positions edmund kemper murdered early kemper hated mother much grandparents find coeds
similar mother kemper heads bury mother yard facing bedroom window burring heads decapitated david
carpenter early carpenter trail side francisco david women dispose along trail side park dorothy pue
nte anywhere senior citizens late puente owned boarding house sacramento bury senior citizens stayed
boarding house puente continue cash social security checks loren joseph herzog wesley howard sherma
nter teens stockton douglas edward gretzler willie luther steelman another team during robert joseph
silvera boxcar murderer sacramento train station herbert mullin nickname mercy santa cruz mullin ge
rald parker orange county bedroom basher parker vaughn greenwood african american vaughn cops smashe
d pills already slashed throats johnnie malarkey seven johnnie kills club fresno barged club just op
ened fire malarkey considered both mass murderer cleophus prince women diego morris solomon female h
itchhikers sacramento ricardo caputo lady caputo women angelas douglas clark carol bundy boyfriend g
irlfriend female prostitutes hire prostitutes along sunset strip carol shoot while performing oral d
oug heads make faces richard trenton chase chase vampire chase four spree blood organs drink jaun ch
avez citizens chavez steal cards rare case chavez finally bank teller video camera ramon rogers roge
r girlfriends collect parts wayne adam ford female hitchhikers eureka ford save breasts harvey murra
y glatman raped hollywood darrell rich shasta earle nelson rape strangle earle gorilla murderer gera
ld charlene gallego couple during lawrence bittaker norris another randall woodfield interstate wood
field andrew uridales uridales roger kibb herbierto seda seda zodiac seda lived francisco plan someo
ne every zodiac sign throughout rate last increased loose probably account however dropped accountin
g accounting number dropped accounting plays large role catching incredibly hard cops figure federal
government steps reasonable explanation making incredibly hard understand next move always unpredic
table developed cprp criminal personality research project cprp accumulation past help understand ab
out violent criminal apprehension program vicap national center analysis violent ncavc developed hel
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