Wireless Antenna
360° Spread
Extends Wireless Range up
to 500 meters
Suitable for DWL-1000AP,
DWL-1500, etc.
Indoor 5dBi Gain Wireless LAN Dipole Antenna
This optional 5dBi Gain antenna can be used to
improve the transmission rate and extend the
transmission range of your wireless LAN
devices.It can be installed in devices such as
wireless Access Points and wireless Internet
gateways. To achieve a desired operating
range and transmission rate, better Gain
Electrical Specifications
— Gain
— Frequency Range
– 2.4 GHz-2.5 Ghz
— Impedance
antennas should be installed at both the
transmission and reception ends.
Transmission distance can be longer if either
the sender or receiver uses a better Gain
antenna. To install, you remove the standard
antenna that comes with the device, then plug
in this antenna.
— Polarization
– Less than or Equal to 2.0
– 5dBi
– Vertical
— Antenna cover
– Polyurethane
— Radiation
— Swivel mechanism
– Omni
– Polycarbonate
– 50-Ohm Nominal
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2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz Frequency Range,
50 Ohms Nominal Impedance