Federal Government Opportunities for: Summer Clerkship, Post

Federal Government Opportunities for:
Summer Clerkship, Post-graduate & Post-judicial Clerkship Employment
(Go to www .usajobs.op m.gov for a m ore comp lete listing of available positions.)
(For Fed eral Fo rms go to: www.opm.gov/forms)
Gove rnment H onors & Internship Han dbook (Published by the U niversity of Arizona Law Sch ool)
This is an online subscription. Please contact Beth Hansen ([email protected]) For the password.
Central Intelligence Agency
Department of Commerce
Ho nors P rogra m - ohrm.doc.go v/job s/Student/info.htm
Department of Defense: Defense Intelligence Agency
Summer In tern Program - www .dia.mil
Equal Opportunity Employment Commission
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Election Commission
Federal Trade Commission
www.ftc.gov/ftc/o ed/hrmo/jobo ps.htm
Department of the Interior
Solicitor’s Honors Program - www.doi.gov/sol/sohonsup.html
Internal Revenue Service
Department of Justice
National Labor Relations Board
Honor Pro gram - www.nlrb.gov/nlrb/abo ut/careers/atty_hono r.asp
Law Intern P rogram - www.nlrb.gov/nlrb/ab out/careers/student.asp
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Honor Law Graduate Program - www.nrc.gov/who-we-are/employment/careers.html#honorlaw
Office of Personnel Management
Presidential Management Intern Program - www.pmi.opm.gov
Depa rtment of State
Securities and Exchange Commission
Trade and Development Agency
Department of Transportation
Summer T ransp ortation Internship P rogra m - www .fhwa.dot.gov/education/stipdg.htm
Ho nors A ttorney P rogra m - www .dot.go v/ost/ogc/org/OG C/ho nors.htm
Department of the Treasury
Lega l Divisio n Ho nors P rogra m Clerkship s - www.treas.gov/legald iv/honrpage.htm