a "Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act" draft letter

Representative/ Mayor
Dear Senator/ Congressman/ Mayor etc.
My name is ______________________, I’m the CEO/ president/ manager of ___company____. As a
manufacturer, I am concerned about recent actions from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB),
which will harm employer-employee relations and the ability of manufacturers to create much-needed
jobs and urge you to support the 'Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act'. This legislation will prevent
the chilling effect on job creation from the NLRB's actions and this legislation recently passed in the
The NLRB recently indicated that it would give employers as few as 10 days to communicate with their
employees between the time they learn that a union is trying to organize the workforce and the
election. This proposed rule represents a dramatic shift in union election procedures that have stood for
decades. If finalized, this new regulation would pose a considerable burden on employers.
In August, the NLRB also adopted a new standard in its Specialty Healthcare decision for determining
which group or 'unit' of employees will vote in the union election. This new standard makes it almost
impossible for anyone to challenge the bargaining unit chosen by the union. The decision could divide
This decision represents the most dramatic change in labor law in 50 years and means these 'microunions' could cripple an employer's ability to manage operations in an effective way, resulting in a
manufacturing facility with separate unions representing custodial staff, assemblers, fitters, etc.
H.R. 3094 guarantees an employer's ability to participate in a fair union election process by establishing
a 14 day timeframe for an employer to prepare a case to be heard by the NLRB. The bill also ensures
employees are able to make fully informed decisions in the union and election processes by providing no
union election will be held in less than 35 days. Finally, the bill would reestablish decades of law by
reinstating the standard by which employees vote in the union elections, preventing the possibility of
several 'micro-unions' at one facility.
Please support the 'Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act.' When it comes to manufacturing jobs in
the United States, there can be no compromise. The NLRB's agenda threatens economic growth and
jobs. It would burden manufacturers with harsh rules that would make it harder to do business in the
United States.
Thank you for your consideration.
{F/L Name}