HooxTM m1 mobile

Secure your mobile workday
HooxTM m1 mobile
Hoox m1 is the first professional mobile
phone with an integrated, native security
protection against eavesdropping of voice
and SMS, intrusion, theft of personal data
and theft of terminal.
Validated and used in government, Hoox
m1 secures not only end-to-end
communications, whether voice or SMS,
but also data stored in the phone such as
the directory, call log or mass memory.
With Hoox m1, your organization controls
its security, and does not depend on others.
Hoox m1’s secure communications are
controlled, hosted and managed by your IT
and security departments. The system also
includes an MDM (mobile device
management) function that allows you to
remotely manage the devices.
Main features
Mobile phone
Voice and SMS communication secure
Secure calls to your internal phone
Undetectable secure communication
Complete control of communication
Encryption of local data
Strong user authentication
Single-sign-on – encapsulated PIN code
Shows which of your secure contacts
are on-line
Terminal lock (security code)
Remote terminal management
Directory administration
Security management
Remote terminal maintenance
Remote data wipe
System architecture
Mobile phone
Cryptosmart™ microSD - crypto
processor and applet
Cryptosmart gateway
Cryptosmart CardManager (PC version)
↳ A natively secure mobile phone
• Protected by design against intrusion, malware as well as
interception of voice and SMS
• Integrated certified security engine
• Designed and developed by Bull in France
Easily integrated in your security and information system
The Hoox solution includes a control
center with a secure gateway and a smart
card manager. Hoox implements a public
key infrastructure (PKI).
The secure gateway is used to
interconnect all mobile devices in the
system, including connection to servers
and the private branch exchange (PBX) of
your organization.
The smart card manager hosts (or
interfaces with) the Certification Authority.
It manages user security.
Hoox m1 embeds a smart cart that runs
the critical security operations.
Hoox m1 requires a standard SIM card
with a voice + data subscription.
Mobile phone
Voice is used for unencrypted calls, while
data is used for secure calls (VoIP).
The gateway uses an internet connection.
Optionally, connections to the internal
network (LAN) are used to access the
servers and the PABX / IPBX landlines in
your organization.
Time Reversal Communications, a Bull
company, offers professional services for
system integration, training and support.
Cryptosmart ™ security
Hardened proprietary operating system - RTOS
G&D smartcard - EAL5+ certified (ISO15408)
HSPA - 900/2100 3G, quad-band EDGE 2G
Cryptosmart™ applet - EAL4+ certified (ISO15408)
Terminal with native security
Integration with existing PKI (X.509 standard)
Music, FM radio and video players
Authentication with remote card (2048-bit RSA)
1.3 Mp camera, 2.2'' 240x320 screen
2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange
112 x 49 x 13 mm, 95 g
Protection against “man in the middle” attacks
Local encryption of user data
Single-use session key for voice and SMS
Firewall (TCP filter, physical and logical port control)
256-bit AES encryption for voice, SMS and data
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