Tramigo M1 Web.

The Best Selling GPS/GSM Tracker in the World.
Tramigo M1 Web.
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M1 Web in Fleet Management
Easy to use
Accessible in almost any platform
Multi user environment
Applicable for larger fleets
How M1 Web Works?
T22 reports through SMS which is processed by the M1 Web service (through GSM modem or
through a third party SMS gateway).
Information in the sms are then extracted and stored in a central database.
Data can be viewed in any web browser (PC, Mac ..) or any mobile web browser
(Android, iOS, Symbian..).
Simplifies the use of T22 by any device with browser such as
PC/Mac or any other internet enabled mobile device such as
the iPhone and other smartphones.
Especially intended for fleet control
Monitor your vehicles remotely
Alerts can highlight important events
Easy setting of your reporting options
M1 Web Initial Hardware Requirements
OS: Windows Server 2003 or higher (Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 can work as well)
Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz or higher
1GB RAM (2GB recommended if database is installed together with the database and gsm service)
2GB hard drive space for website (database might need a lot more than 2GB)
Tramigo is a company of private capital with its headquarters in Finland and subsidiaries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Tramigo
manufactures cost efficiently personal asset tracking devices that are easy to use, useful for the end-users in everyday life and economical to use.
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