Range of efficient wetting and dispersing agents broadened

Quelle/Publication: European Coatings Journal
Range of efficient wetting and dispersing
agents broadened
In response to the ever-increasing demand for efficient
wetting and dispersing agents, Kolb has added to its range
of specialised additives. The result is now presented by the
Performance Chemicals Division in the form of
"Hedicol-DA", a further development of its dispersion
additives, based on an innovative technology and primarily
used with specific pigments, although it is universally
applicable. A particular feature is the use with transparent
and conventional oxide pigments such as iron oxide,
chromium oxide, bismuth vanadates and various organic
pigments. The distributor is also launching a range of
wetting agents under the trade name "Hedicol-EM/3xx",
which have better foaming and wettability characteristics
than conventional fatty alcohol alkoxylates.
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