Processing Errors on ePay

Troubleshooting Processing Errors
When a transaction is processed, there are many different errors that can occur. The following
guide shows some of the common processing errors or how to obtain more information on the
error message.
Failed. The Error Number is :###
This error means a system error has occurred while the transaction is processing. Please refer to
the Analyzing System Errors guide for information on how to obtain the proper error message.
Nodus encryption key service is inaccessible. The inner message is
The Nodus Encryption Key Service is not hosted, the two encryption key passcodes need to be
entered onto the Nodus Key Server monitor. The following guide can assist in hosting the
encryption key: How to Host the Nodus Encryption Key
Nodus encryption key service is inaccessible. The inner message is
The encryption key service is down or unreachable. This would often be due to a change in
network policies or firewall settings. The guide from the above issue about hosting the
encryption keys may be useful, but typically this would require assistance from the network or
systems administrator to ensure the traffic to the specified address is directed to the correct port
(usually 8003) and that the communication is allowed.
Other error messages
For most other error messages when processing, the error message is being returned by the
payment gateway. The payment gateway may have more information on the meaning behind
the error message. Links to the payment gateway error code resource will be provided in the
following section, but please be mindful Nodus Technologies does not own or manage the
1. PayPal PayFlowPro (Formerly Verisign)
a. Common Errors on the PayFlowPro gateway
Declined Result Code 12
This is a very generic message returned by the PayFlowPro Gateway for when a
transaction is declined. The following link should have more information for the
various causes for this error.
2. USAePay Payment Gateway
3. Authorize.Net Payment Gateway
4. Cybersource Payment Gateway
5. Paymentech Orbital Payment Gateway
Please check with Orbital for a list of error codes.
Occasionally, resolving the error from the payment gateway may require reconfiguration of the
Payment Gateway Connection, please refer to the Configuring the Payment Gateway Connection
guide for more information.