June School Board Recognition

Board Meeting Recognition—June 5, 2014
We begin each regular Board meeting recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of
students, staff and others in our community who contribute to the success of our
Tonight, we have three groups of students to recognize.
We will start with our art students. We ask that everyone stay seated until all art
students have been introduced. Then we will take a short break.
We will then recognize our IB Diploma Candidates and their honored teachers.
We will take a short break so that IB students and teachers can leave, and the third
group will be invited into the Community Room.
We will then recognize student achievement in athletics, academics, world languages
and music.
We will conclude by recognizing individual accomplishments by students and staff.
DSC Artists (Art teachers read names)
• Three times a year, we have the opportunity to display student artwork here at the
District Service Center. Student artwork on display is a reminder to our Board, our
community, and all visitors that our primary reason for being here is to provide students
with a world-class, child-centered excellent education, including our commitment to the
I want to thank our student artists and art teachers for sharing their work with us. Our
students tonight represent three schools: Excelsior Elementary, Middle School East
and Middle School West.
I’d like to invite the art teachers—Sani O'Brien, Renee Roels, Bill Finnerty and Emily
Swagel—to come forward to introduce their students. Christine Levin from MMW is
unable to be here tonight.
Please hold your applause until all of the students from a school have come forward.
We’ll begin with Sani O’Brien from Excelsior.
Sani O’Brien
o Kola Olsen
o Zoe Dumalag
o Derek Olsen
o Grayson Dumalag
o Kate Stepan
o Ellery Kitt
o Maya Weber
o Regan Kitt
o Porter Weber
o Elli Potter
o Siiri Potter
o Drake Rega
o Ella Klaers
o Bryce Rega
o Danny Klaers
o Joey Brush
o Molly O’Neill
o Kali Engeman
o Kaylee Wanless
Renee Roels from MME
o Anna Sorenson
o Laura Wilkins
o Abigail Widmark
o Nolan Scully
o Cole DeChellis
Bill Finnerty from MME
o Ally Larson
o Micah Daigle
o Lexi Arabanos
o Mariana Rogan
o Afton Aiken
o Sophia Timba
o Peter McLinn
o Jon Olmsted
o Addy Gill
o Graham Caron
Emily Swagel from MMW
o Cole Forsmark
o Megan Frommelt
o Rose Kelliher
o Susie Foster
o Kathryn Benkovich
o Elise Johnson
o Christopher Su
Thank you to all of our honored artists and their teachers.
We will now take a quick break for those of you who would like to leave before we continue
with the IB students.
IB Diploma Candidates
Our IB Diploma Programme, adopted by the Board in 2004, provides students with a wellrounded academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, inter-cultural understanding
and exposure to a variety of points of view.
IB is a demanding, college-level course of study that leads to examinations and potential
college credits.
The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive two-year curriculum which provides a deep,
thought-provoking program of study in six areas during the junior and senior years. The IB
Programme is not for the timid. The program is known for its academic rigor and wellrounded liberal arts curriculum enhanced with an extended 4,000-word essay, inquiry into the
theory of knowledge, research, creativity, action and service.
This year, a Minnetonka record 50 IB Diploma Candidates from the Class of 2014 have
completed the rigorous IB Diploma requirements. They will be presented with a pin and
silver cords to wear at graduation. Please come forward as I call your name:
o Cecilia Anderson
o Leah Johnson
o Eleanor Babcock
o Madison Johnson
o Michael Beauchamp
o Amanda Keegan
o Sylvia Bindas
o Adam J. Krueger
o Elizabeth Borstad
o Harrison Magid
o Meredith Campbell
o William Malina
o Anna Cushing
o Chiara Mazzei
o Angela Davis
o Madison McDaniel
o Aidan Di Giacomo
o Noah Meester
o Elizabeth Ditto
o Nefeli Neamonitaki
o Matthew Dragovich
o Riley Nelson
o Emily Eslinger
o Chelsea Niaz
o Paige Erickson
o Wilson O’Donnell
o Mary Fisher
o Leif Olinger
o Maeto Frumholtz
o Natalie Orcutt
o Rachel Gerton
o Megan Prosser
o Camille Gosset
o Madeline Roesler
o Michael Taylor Hall
o Anne Rogers
o Brent Jacobs
o Kalli Schumacher
o Layla Sethuraju
o Alexis Zimmer
o Madeline Sicora
o Adrienne Irmer
o Grant Steele
o Alex Ludtke
o Abigail Stratton
o Conor McGinnis
o Lauren Sutfin
o Piers Brennand-Francis
o Elza Thayer
o Logan Willits
Now, I’d like invite our Diploma Candidates to the microphone to honor teachers or staff
who have made a significant impact on their lives and education.
IB Honored Teachers & Staff
o Kelley Mosiman
o Ann Swanson
o Sue Sinkler
o Terri Ellis
o Sonja Saunders
o Kelly Bunte
o Barb VanPilsum
o Mary Tingblad
o Lilian Dang
o Emily Rosengren
o Beth Orlowsky
o Tim Schellhammer
o Tim Felty
o Lucas Boline
o Jodi Siegel
o Neil Dejewski
o Sarah Strauss
o Paula Holmberg
o Erik Sill
o Trent Boyum
o Chris Pears
o Aaron Olivier
o Cheryl Duncan
o Doug Kennedy
o Heather Eyrich
o Bryan Dammann
o Grant Hendrickson
o Chet Masteller
o Heidi Thomas
o Sonia Labs
o Lisa Patrick
o Miles Mortensen
o Gwynneth Wacker
o Tim Ketel
o Josh Frie
o Dave Bierly
o Nathan Van Dyke
o Beth Wilson
o Tim Sauer
o Pierre Schmidt
o Sarah Finn-Sommerfeld
o David Zittergruen
o Melanie Mozingo
Congratulations to each of our IB Diploma Candidates and their honored teachers. Your high
level of academic achievement is a strong endorsement of the Board’s decision to begin the
IB program 10 years ago.
We will continue our recognition in just a moment. Let’s take a few minutes to allow those
who need to leave, and invite students in the hall to come into the Community Room.
May I have your attention: We’re ready to being the third part of our recognitions. I ask that
everyone remain in the room for the next 15 minutes until the last group has been recognized.
Adapted Sport State Qualifiers: Floor Hockey and Softball
Tonight we have athletes from “the Lakers,” who qualified for state in two sports:
Adapted Floor Hockey during the winter and Adapted Softball this spring.
The Lakers team is co-operatively sponsored by Minnetonka and Wayzata Public
Schools and athletes from both schools are on the roster.
In Floor Hockey, the Lakers made their fifth appearance in the state tournament.
The Lakers entered the consolation round to face South Suburban. In an exciting
game, both teams traded goals until the end of play when South Suburban came up
with the win by a score of 11-10.
Holden Kowalke had an incredible 6 goals for the Lakers and Casey Steffen had 2
The team showed great athleticism and sportsmanship throughout their season.
In Softball, the Lakers made their sixth consecutive and seventh overall appearance
in the state tournament.
The team advanced to the consolation championship game with an 11-3 win over
South Suburban. The Lakers led 3-0 at the end of the first inning, and never gave up
their lead. Ben Carlson and Casey Steffen each scored two runs.
The Lakers advanced to face Minneapolis South and won that game by a score of 149, giving the Lakers the consolation championship trophy.
Holden had two runs, including one homerun, two doubles, and three RBIs. Casey
had three runs, two doubles, and three RBIs. Ben scored two runs.
The players are here tonight to be recognized for their accomplishments.
Please come forward when your name is called to accept the Board’s congratulations.
o Ben Carlson
o Holden Kowalke
o Casey Steffen
The Lakers head coach for both Floor Hockey and Softball is Sheryl Kleinart and
the assistant coach is Brian Burns.
MMW Quiz Bowl Team
In its first year, the MMW Quiz Bowl team qualified for the Middle School National
Academic Quiz Bowl Tournament in Atlanta in May.
Quiz Bowl is a competitive, academic activity for which players represent their school at
tournaments. Questions cover the entire spectrum of middle school curriculum and a certain
amount of current events, sports and popular culture.
The matches feature a mix of individual competition and team collaboration, since no
individual player is likely to be an expert in all subject areas.
Team members did well for their first appearance at Nationals. This experience has given
them memories and perspectives that will continue to enhance their learning.
Please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations:
o John Beutz
o Parthiv Krishna
o Saahil Chadha
o Grant Ogilvie
Their advisor is Margaret McDonald.
MHS Physics Bowl
Two teams of physics students each earned second place in their respective divisions of the
9-state Regional Physics Bowl Competition.
Each year, approximately 10,000 students take a 40-question, 45-minute timed, multiplechoice test. Exam questions are based on topics and concepts covered in a typical high school
physics course.
Division 1 Physics Bowl is designed for first year physics students and Division 2 is for
second year students.
William MacDonald, who took the second-year test after only one year of physics, had the
highest score in all of Region 9.
Please come forward to receive the Board’s congratulations:
o Kelvin Loke
o Evan Meeker
o Robert Miller
o Eric Bishop
o Connor O'Brien
o Joshua Jansen
o Jesse Thorson
o Trevor Lecrone
o Adam Krueger
o William MacDonald
Congratulations to you and to physics teachers, Michael Varverakis and Kim Hoehne.
MHS Orchestra
Minnetonka Orchestra students participated in the Minnesota State High School League Solo
and Ensemble Contest in April.
Performing in 13 entries, 22 students received “Superior” ratings, the highest rating possible,
or “Excellent” rating, the next best rating.
Minnetonka’s Chamber Orchestra not only received a “Superior” rating, but also a perfect
score by the adjudicator, and the “Best in Site” award. All 13 members of the Chamber group
will win “Spotlight in the Arts Awards.”
Tonight, the orchestra is represented by two students who are very dedicated orchestra
members and play in the high school’s top orchestra.
Please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations:
o Andrew Sibley
o Reid Rothenberger
Congratulations to you, the entire orchestra, and to your director Sarah Finn-Sommerfeld.
World Language National Exams
Minnetonka High School and Middle School World Language students participate in national
exams which provide recognition for individual students as well as a strong measure of the
quality of our world language department.
National French Exam
First, we have Minnetonka students who took the National French Exam. Once again, our
students performed exceptionally well.
Students are tested on vocabulary, grammar and cultural sensitivity. The exam level
corresponds to the student’s course level.
This year, 34 students placed among the top rankings in the state, including 18 students
who placed high in the national rankings.
Please come forward as I call your name to receive the Board’s recognition.
Level 1:
o Claire Chabin
o Ellen Socha
o Aliyah Busselberg
o Oliver Calder
o Zoe Foster
o Connor Josephs
o Philip Knopp
o Sydney Odell
o Annika Quam
o Lydia Larson
o Natalie Lowry
Level 2:
o Margaux Vereecken
o Cedric Caille
o Kenna McRae
o Adrienne Retzlaff
o Pilar Gonzalez-Crespo
o Elizabeth Isaacson
o Lylian Nguyen
o Carl Ell-Egermeier
o Emily Kasprick
o Bethany Dahl
o Elise McCullough
o Selena Zingsheim
o Kelsey Bailey
o Elise Johnson
o Jordan Schuster
Level 3:
o Maggie Guo
o Alanna Anglum
o Kristine Jecha
o Hannah Ballen
o Martina Mazzei
o Annika Saboe
o India Nelson
Level 4:
o Bastien Ibri
Congratulations to you and to our French teachers Beth Alto, Beth Orlowsky, Susan Campbell
and Nicole Joly.
National Spanish Exam
The National Spanish Exams measure proficiency and achievement of students who are
studying Spanish as a second language.
40 MHS students attained national recognition for excellent performance this year.
Our students earned a total of 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 8 bronze medals along
with 27 honorable mentions.
Senior Jonathon Meyer not only scored in the top 5% and received a gold medal, but he
was also the top scorer in the state for Level 5. Jonathon was awarded with a $1,000
scholarship for post-secondary studies.
Tonight, we recognize those students who attained a gold, silver or bronze medal.
Please come forward as I call your name.
Bronze Award
o Stephanie Buersmeyer
o Chiara Mazzei
o Monica Hanson
o Scott Bohn
o Adam Krueger
o Amanda Bergseid
o Monica Livorsi
o Devin Logan
Silver Award
o Kelvin Loke
o Alex Klein
o Jesse Thorson
Gold Award
o Leah Johnson
o Jonathon Meyer
Congratulations to all of you and to our Spanish teachers Sarah Strauss, Megan Trenda and
Ben Larson, who is unable to be here tonight.
National German Exam
This year, Bailey Anderson received a Gold Certificate for her high score on the American
Association of Teachers of German test.
Bailey Anderson scored in the top 10% on the National German Exam. She was invited to a full
interview in German at St. Thomas University for a final evaluation and a chance to earn a fourweek study trip to Germany this summer.
Please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations:
o Bailey Anderson
Congratulations to you and to our German teacher Angela Fairbrother.
Next, we will recognize individuals who have achieved elite status in their fields.
Sydney Baldwin: Ms. Hockey
Sydney Baldwin, a senior defenseman on the girls’ hockey team was named Ms. Hockey by
Let’s Play Hockey newspaper.
The award is presented to the top girls’ high school hockey player in Minnesota and is based on
academics, community service, extracurricular activities, citizenship, coach-ability and athletic
The career-leading scorer for defensemen, Sydney helped Minnetonka to an unprecedented
three consecutive state championships during her career. She captained the Skippers to the No.
5 ranking this season to go along with a 19-6-2 overall record.
Sydney was a three-time all-conference and all-state honoree for the Skippers. She was also a
member of the silver medal-winning U.S. Women’s National Under-18 Team at the 2013 World
U18 Championship and represented Team USA again in March.
Sydney will continue her hockey career this fall at the University of Minnesota.
Off the ice, Sydney maintains a 3.45 GPA and volunteers her time with the DinoMights Inner
City Youth Hockey Program. She has also served as a Big Sister with Minnetonka youth hockey
In addition to hockey, Sydney was a two-time member of the girls tennis team and was captain
when the team finished in second place in the 2012 state tournament.
Sydney, please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations.
Elizabeth Endy: Gatorade Soccer Player of the Year
The Gatorade Company, in collaboration with USA TODAY High School Sports, named
Elizabeth Endy as its 2013-14 Gatorade Minnesota Girls Soccer Player of the Year.
The award, which recognizes not only outstanding athletic excellence, but also high standards
of academic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the field,
distinguishes Endy as Minnesota’s best high school girls’ soccer player.
She was a finalist for the prestigious Gatorade National Girls Soccer Player of the Year award.
The senior defender led the Skippers to a 17-2-2 record and the Class AA state championship
this past season.
Elizabeth was named Miss Soccer by the State Soccer Coaches Association, an All-American
selection by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and the Minneapolis Star
Tribune Metro Player of the Year.
Elizabeth has also qualified for state in Girls’ Track. She set a new Section AA record in the
800-meter race and will run both the 800-meter race and the 4 by 400 relay tomorrow morning.
Elizabeth was also named Minnetonka’s Athena Award winner.
Elizabeth demonstrates excellence off the field as well. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA, she has
volunteered as a peer Spanish tutor, a youth soccer and track coach and as a freshman mentor at
Elizabeth has signed a National Letter of Intent to play soccer on an athletic scholarship at
DePaul University in Illinois beginning this fall.
Elizabeth, please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations.
I would like to mention that both of these outstanding female athletes contributed to the
excitement in our community that just last week ranked Minnetonka #3 in a national, online poll
for the Best Girls Athletics Program in the nation.
Dave Nelson: Hall of Fame
Minnetonka head football coach Dave Nelson was recently inducted into the Minnesota
Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
Dave has built quite an impressive record during his coaching career, including: 235 career
wins, two state championships with two different schools, and 36 years of mentoring young
men on and off the football field.
His 235-career wins rank him among the winningest high school coaches in Minnesota state
This past fall, USA Today selected Dave as one of eight best high school football coaches from
Prior to Minnetonka, Dave spent 18 years as the head coach of the Blaine football program. He
led Blaine to eight state tournament appearances, four Prep Bowl appearances, and a state
championship in 1988.
Dave came to Minnetonka in 2002 at a time when the Skippers' program was struggling.
The team posted a winning record (5-4) in Dave's first season, and then went 8-3 and advanced
to the section championship game in his second season.
In 2004, the Skippers went 13-1 and eventually defeated rival Wayzata 23-14 to win the state
Since that state championship season, the Skippers have consistently been one of the top 10
programs in the state and they advanced to the state tournament as recently as 2012.
But perhaps more important than the number of wins and championships is what Dave has
brought to Minnetonka off the field.
He started the "Men of Character" program at the high school and is a leader for students who
participate in the Tonka Leadership Challenge, where he provides guidance to live life
chemically-free with care, respect and commitment toward others.
Dave, please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations.
Cindy Andress: Readers’ Choice Award for Best School Principal
We believe all our principals are the best at what they do: they are all outstanding leaders who
are focused on child-centered excellence and building a supportive partnership with teachers
and parents.
This past fall, the local newspaper, The Sun Sailor, asked its readers to cast their votes for who
they think is the best school principal.
When all votes were tallied, Minnewashta Principal Cindy Andress was awarded the Sun Sailor
Readers Choice Award for Best School Principal.
Cindy was also recognized last month with a Minnetonka Employee Award for Child-Centered
Over the last ten years, Cindy has created a positive learning environment for students, teachers
and staff at Minnewashta.
She takes the time to get to know the students and their families.
Cindy has been a district leader in piloting and implementing innovative programs, such as:
o Spanish Immersion
o OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program
o The expansion of Fine Arts, including more classroom time for choir, band and
orchestra students and elementary theater productions.
o Minnewashta Facebook Page, used as a tool to quickly communicate with parents.
o Partnership with Life Time Foundation to improve school lunch nutrition beginning
in fall 2014
o Hour of Code, which has led to the development of K-5 computer programming
curriculum for all Minnetonka elementary schools next school year
Later tonight, Cindy will give the school report and we are eager to hear the updates on
Cindy, please come forward to accept the Board’s congratulations.
That concludes our ceremony for tonight. Thanks for coming, and you are welcome to stay for the
business portion of the meeting.