Human resource management: a case study approach

Human resource management: a case study approach - chapter 16
Quiz questions (answers can be found at the bottom of the page)
1 Which of the following can be described as 'intangible assets'?
a) Customer base
b) Mobile phones
c) Laptop computers
d) Brand name
e) Reputation
f) Systems and processes
g) Company cars
2 Human capital management is about:
a) Thinking of people as assets rather than costs
b) Maximising people's contributions to the business
c) Recognising who the stakeholders of the business are
d) Creating a balance sheet for recording inputs and outputs
3 Mayo (2001) has identified the characteristics that can distinguish between different levels
of performance. Which of the following were identified?
a) Level of educational achievement
b) Extensive work experience
c) Personal attitudes
d) Problem-solving abilities
e) Values alignment with the organization
f) Job-relevant capability
g) Inter-personal skills
h) Productivity/contribution
i) Degree classification
j) Bio Data
4 The Gallup Q12 Survey measures:
a) Levels of employee satisfaction
b) Levels of employee engagement
c) Reasons for absenteeism
d) Reasons for leaving organisations
5 If an HR department adopted a service level agreement, what would it typically measure?
a) Added value for stakeholders
b) Performance standards for their customers
c) Productivity levels of staff in different departments
d) Project effectiveness of the department
6 One of the statements listed below is not a measure of how well HR processes work.
Which one is it?
a) The penetration of the process
b) The success of the process
c) The popularity of the process
d) The time/costs involved in running the process
Quiz answers
1.a. 2.personal attitudes, problem-solving abilities, values alignment with the
organization, job-relevant capability. 3.customer base, brand name, reputation, systems
and processes. 4.b. 5.b. 6.c.