Activity Chart for Multiple Intelligences


Linguistic Intelligence Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Visual Intelligence Musical Intelligence

Activity Chart for Multiple Intelligences

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Use storytelling to explain, conduct a debate, write a poem, myth, legend, short play, or news article on a topic; create a talk show/radio program, conduct an interview; participate in a writer’s workshop, reader’s theater, class discussions, and literature circles; write journals, teach others, use creative writing, use computers Translate into a mathematical formula, design and conduct an experiment, make up syllogisms to demonstrate, make up analogies to explain, describe the patterns or symmetry in …, predict; use Venn diagrams, surveys, and computers; solve puzzles, follow recipes, conduct scientific experiments; practice measuring, outlining, and classifying Create a movement or sequence of movements to explain, make task or puzzle cards, build or construct a model, plan and attend a field trip, bring hands-on materials to demonstrate, conduct scientific experiments, go on scavenger hunts, get physical exercise, dance, use manipulatives and crafts, act out or perform, use computers, read or write action stories Chart, map, cluster, or graph; create a slide show, presentation, videotape, film, collage, or scrapbook on a topic; create a piece of art that demonstrates; invent a board or card game to demonstrate, illustrate, draw, paint, sketch, or sculpt; design and create illustrations of…, make a map of…, observe, use guided imagery, use visuals to explain… Give a presentation with appropriate musical accompaniment on a topic, sing a rap or song that explains, indicate the rhythmical patterns, explain how the music of a song is similar to a …, make an instrument and use it to demonstrate…, create a musical game, research musicians, play music in the background, write poems with specific rhythms and patterns.

Interpersonal Intelligence Conduct a meeting to address a topic, participate in a service project on…, teach someone about…, practice giving and receiving feedback on…, Use technology, make character webs, participate in group writing, teach or tutor others, work in groups and create group rules, use jigsawing Intrapersonal Intelligence Describe qualities you possess that will help you be successful, set and pursue a goal, describe one of your personal values or opinions on…, write a journal entry, assess your own work and learning, create a coat of arms, make a personalized contract, self reflect, put your own spin on an assignment, work independently, write in first person

Naturalist Intelligence Create observation notebooks, describe changes in the local or global environment, care for pets, wildlife, gardens, or parks; use binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, or magnifiers; draw or photograph natural objects Sources: