Instructions for Science Vocabulary Flash Cards Vocabulary Card

Instructions for Science Vocabulary Flash Cards
Vocabulary Card Sets can be printed from my Axtell ISD website:
Use either method below to construct card sets.
(Card stock or construction paper works best.)
1. Word & Definition/Picture on different cards (Matching).
-> Cut out word & definition/picture. Glue each on separate cards. (For
key/self-check: Lightly, in pencil, write word # on the definition/picture
2. Word on front, Definition/Picture on back (Self-quizzing).
-> Cut out word and definition/picture. Glue word on front and definition /
picture on back.
For either set, you may want to make an additional card with the title of the set on it.
(Note to 5th Graders: Same Vocabulary Words, different order for this school year! The new
order will be: Intro to Science, Physical Properties, Force, Energy, Earth’s Surface, Space,
Weather, Life Science.)
If you do not have internet access, but would like for your student to have the vocabulary
cards, you may write me a dated/signed note requesting printed sets of the vocabulary flash
cards. Paper for construction will not be provided. I will send the sets home in 4 separate
“batches.” You will not need to send me a note for each set.
Thank you,
Marcy Whiddon, 4/5 Science