CSI: Handwriting Analysis Guided Inquiry Put a pen in your

CSI: Handwriting Analysis Guided Inquiry
Put a pen in your dominant hand and write the sentence: The gray squirrel and the brown dog fought all day.
Then put the pen in your least dominant hand and write the sentence again.
1. Why is it so difficult to write with your non-dominant hand?
2. What was different than writing with your dominant hand?
Read through the web site http://www.viewzone.com/handwriting.html and answer the following questions
about handwriting:
Part 1
3. What does the darkness/lightness of the writing tell you about the person?
4. Explain the three types of slant
5. Explain the slant and pressure together:
Part 2
6. What does the lining up of words tell you about how that person feels?
Explain the relationship of size of writing and a person’s intelligence
Part 3
8. Explain the 3 "zones" of writing.
a. lower zone
b. middle zone
c. upper zone
Part 4
9. Letter spacing and word spacing - how do people relate to others?
Part 5
10. What three letters are examined to determine general intelligence - what characteristics are examined?
11. What does the speed of the writing reveal about the person?
a. Slow
b. Average
c. Fast