course syllabus - University of Georgia

Course: Math 2260: Calculus II
Instructor: Associate Professor Pete L. Clark, Ph.D.
Lectures: MWF 11:15-12:05 Hardman 101
Problem Session: Th 2-3:15 Boyd 322
My Office: Boyd 502
Office Hours: MWF 1:30-2:30, and by appointment
Course text: The recommended text is University Calculus, by Hass, Weir and
Thomas. It is not required. I would recommend that you buy it only if you do not
like reading text using a computer and/or do not have ready web-access. Otherwise
there are equivalent (or perhaps better?) freely available online texts. The best one
I have found so far is associated with MIT’s wonderful open courseware project:
http : //−18−001−calculus−online−textbook−spring−2005/textbook/
If you search the web for free online calculus texts, you’ll find that there are plenty
but it takes a little time and effort to find a good one. If you do make that effort
and find a text you like, please let me know!
Also, if at any point in the course it is not completely clear to you what is the
corresponding portion of your online calculus text, please ask me!
Topics Covered: I. Integration
a) Review of in/definite integrals and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
b) Techniques: substitution, parts, use of trig identities, partial fractions
c) Applications: areas, volumes, work, and more
d) Improper Integrals
e) Numerical Integration
II. Series
a) Numerical infinite series
b) Power series
c) Taylor series
d) Approximation with Taylor series
III. Vectors in the plane and in space
Course grade:
3 midterm exams, for a total of 50%
homework, 10%
final exam, 30%
class participation: 10%
There will be at least one midterm before the withdrawal deadline. Calculators
will not be permitted on midterm exams.
More on homework:
The homework will be via the WebWork system. Stay tuned for more details.
Late work and makeup policy: Late homework will not be accepted. Rather,
some number of homeworks (at least two) will be dropped.
There will be no makeup exams. Students may be excused from midterms for
grave medical conditions and family tragedies. If you discover that you will not be
able to attend a midterm, please contact me by email as soon as possible. If you
are excused from a midterm, your midterm score will be computed as the average
of the other midterms.
Attendance Policy: The official attendance policy of the university states: Students are expected to attend classes regularly. A student who incurs an excessive
number of absences may be withdrawn from a class at the discretion of a professor.
In this course attendance will be taken by turning in daily (?) questionnaires
handed out in class. Your class participation grade start at 10. You are allowed
two unexcused absences without penalty. After each subsequent unexcused absence, two points will be deducted from your class participation grade. If your
class participation grade falls below zero you should expect to be withdrawn from the course.
The Semester Withdrawal Deadline is Thursday, March 20. Students can still
be withdrawn by the instructor after this deadline, but they must necessarily receive a grade of WF. If you wish to withdraw from the course and
receive a WP, please contact me before 5 pm on Wednesday, March 19.
Final Exam: The final will be on Friday, May 2 at noon in Hardman 322.
The Mandatorium:1
As a University of Georgia student, you have agreed to abide by the University’s
academic honesty policy, A Culture of Honesty, and the Student Honor Code. All
academic work must meet the standards described in A Culture of Honesty found
at: Lack of knowledge of the academic honesty policy is not
a reasonable explanation for a violation. Questions related to course assignments
and the academic honesty policy should be directed to the instructor.
The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the
class by the instructor may be necessary.
1I am told that all UGA course syllabi must contain the following paragraphs.